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  1. xEcuToR

    Custom Art Harmony 8.2 (Acrylic)

    Am selling a pair of Custom Art Harmony 8.2 (Acrylic) . They have been used lightly, with not more than 100 hours of on ear usage. I am selling them as I tend to use UIEMs and portable headphones more so in the last 6 months. I am including a pair of Calyx 4 Conductor, 7N UP-OCC Cryo treated 25...
  2. xEcuToR

    Stax Spritzer Mod Bundle (SR 407+SRM 1 MK2)

    This is a rare Spritzer modded balanced srm-1 mk2 PP. It has input switch that can take either single-ended or balanced DAC output. It has been re-capped and replaced with critical resistors, thanks to lots of help from Spritzer. This amp has been well taken cared of. It has a more transparent...
  3. xEcuToR

    Taket-H2+ and Taket TR-2

    This is the Taket H2+ (Thick Pad) and the Taket TR-2 headphone system. I bought it from eBay Japan in September 2014. This is Version 3 of the Taket H2+ as per Mr. Takei the manufacturer and brainchild of this system. As per Mr. Takei this version has the following characteristics "Version3(...