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  1. thefitz

    SOLD - Drop x Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Flagship In-Ear Monitors with FREE shipping

    I am selling my Drop x Noble Audio Kaiser 10 IEMs, with a whopping 10 drivers per ear. I am the original owner and have the original cable, carrying cases, and tips. I have this and the Andromeda and the K10 smokes it. It's a lot less cranky to drive, too. I'm only selling it because I just...
  2. thefitz

    FOUND : Sennheiser CH800S / Stock Sennheiser 4-Pin XLR cable

    Hello, Looking for the Sennheiser CH800S 4-pin XLR balanced cable, or the stock XLR cable that comes with the HD800S. Will pay $150 USD shipped to Canada. That's the price I paid for the other two I purchased. I'm on my third pair of HD800, hah. FOUND
  3. thefitz

    WITHDRAWN - Schiit Loki Mini EQ (B-Stock)

    Up for grabs is a Schiit Loki Mini EQ that I purchased B-stock. Used it for a few months, but then started to prefer software EQing. $100 USD firm, plus $25 shipping/fees across North America. May be interested in a partial trade for a high quality Audeze XLR cable for my LCD-4.
  4. thefitz


    I've recently purchased the big boy, LCD-4, and am looking to clear out the shelf a little bit (i.e. fund the thing after the fact). Therefore, I'm looking to sell some of my collection that I've priced very fairly. Audeze LCD-3 Fazor - $OLD! They are in great condition and come armed with an...
  5. thefitz

    FT - My Hd800 SDR (w/ extras) for your Audeze LCD-XC

    I'm looking to trade my Sennheiser HD800 with the SDR mod (which makes it functionally an HD800S) for an Audeze LCD-XC. There's some honest wear on the paint, you do on items painted in sparkly grey paint. My HD800 will come with: Original Box Stock Cable HD800S 4-Pin Balanced Cable Stock pads...
  6. thefitz

    FS - Audeze LCD-X with Suspension Headband

    No introduction needed - up for grabs is an Audeze LCD-X. I also have the LCD-3F and prefer it, so I'm looking to sell this one. I'm the second owner, and it has the upgraded aluminum suspension headband that really helps with the comfort. Comes with the stock cable and hard case, no original...
  7. thefitz

    WANTED - Audeze Balanced Cable

    Hello, Long shot, but I am interested in an XLR balanced cable for Audeze headphones, but I would only be interested in a bottom-dollar one. Does someone have a cable burning a hole in their parts drawers?
  8. thefitz

    SOLD - Oppo PM-1 with balanced cable and stand, FREE SHIPPING

    Hello, I have a complete set of Oppo PM-1s - they're fantastic, however I am enjoying other headphones now. I have all three earpad sets, three Oppo branded cables (1/4", 1/8", 4-pin XLR), Oppo branded headphone stand, presentation box, carry case, everything. These are long discontinued and...
  9. thefitz

    Sennheiser IE800 with RCS800 Remote Cable

    I'm looking to sell my 100% authentic (believe me I am an expert and fakes are a major problem) Sennheiser IE800s and the RCS800 remote cable I bought for them. I got the cable new from Amazon, and the IE800s were from Amazon Warehouse Deals. This is the second pair I've owned (third if you...
  10. thefitz

    SOLD - Noble Django 6-Driver IEM

    Up for grabs is a pair of Noble Django in-ear monitors, which feature 6 drivers per side and have a musical sound. It comes with the stock 3.5mm cable and 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable, and a hard case (not the stock one though). No ear tips are included - this is how I got it. Item is in good...
  11. thefitz


  12. thefitz

    SOLD - Campfire Audio Lyra II dynamic driver IEM

    Up for grabs is a very famous dynamic driver IEM - the Campfire Audio Lyra II. It comes with the box, all accessories, and the receipt. I just prefer their balanced armature offerings (of which I have two). I'm looking to get out of it what I paid - the price includes shipping in North America...
  13. thefitz

    ->SOLD<- Etymotic ER4XR Extended Response with a bunch of extra tips

    Hello all, Up for grabs is a set of Etymotic ER4XR in ear monitors, currently sitting on innerfidelity's Wall of Fame. It comes with all of the original accessories and all the packaging, as well as many bonus tips (gliders, more foamies, 3rd party flange tips, comply). I'm the original...
  14. thefitz

    IC - Sony XBA-Z5 with extra balanced cable

    Howdy,   I'm checking to see if there's any interest in my Sony XBA-Z5 flagship earbuds. It comes with the box, original packaging and both stock cables (single ended and balanced), as well as an extra high-quality balanced cable (which interestingly has Sony MMCX connections and plugs). It...
  15. thefitz

    Final Audio Design Heaven VI

    Hello,   Simply put, I'm after a pair of Final Audio Design Heaven VI (6) IEMs with all the tips. I'm in Canada. Thanks!
  16. thefitz

    PENDING - Sennheiser HD800 SuperDupont w/ CH800S Balanced Cable

    Hello there,   Not much explaining needed here - up for grabs is a Sennheiser HD800 with the Superdupont mod, along with a boxed CH800S 4-pin XLR balanced cable. The damn cable alone is $379 USD on Amazon! There's a fair amount of paint wear on the ear cups, and it's priced accordingly. Comes...
  17. thefitz

    WANTED - Cheap (stock?) Audeze Balanced 4-Pin XLR cable

    Simply put, my cheap Canadian ass needs a stock Audeze 4-Pin XLR cable.   I do not believe that cables improve sound quality whatsoever, so I have no interest in fancy cables or custom builds as I think they're a waste of time and money as far as sound is concerned. I want the cheapest Audeze...
  18. thefitz

    WANTED - Used HiFiMAN SMC 4-pin XLR Cable

    I'm looking for a used 4-pin XLR cable for the old HiFiMAN headphones with the SMC connectors, similar to what the HE-6 came with. I'm in Canada.   I am looking for a reasonable deal, so for the love of God, I'm not interested in an advertisement for a custom cable-building business. I can get...
  19. thefitz

    IC - Grado GS1000i

    Hello all,   I'm looking to see if anybody is interested in a pair of Grado GS1000i headphones. Ideally I'd like to sell them, or I'd like to trade up (to an LCD-XC or an Ether, if applicable).   They're in great condition and come with the pizza box. Can upload pics upon request, no...
  20. thefitz

    WANTED - Audeze LCD-XC shipped to Canada

    Hello, the title says it all - I'm after a pair of LCD-XC, reasonably priced, shipped to Canada. Well, maybe the "reasonably priced" bit isn't in the title. So there.
  21. thefitz

    Audeze EL-8 Balanced Cable for Pono Player

    Hello,   I traded my Audeze EL-8 and I have the balanced cable for my Pono player left over. $40 + shipping via PayPal.
  22. thefitz

    WANTED - OPPO PM-2 shipped to Canada

    If you're looking to unload an OPPO PM-2 and can ship it to Canada, please send me a message.   I am definitely not interested in a PM-3, and I think the PM-1 is likely a bit out of my price range.
  23. thefitz

    F/T - My HiFiMAN HE-500 or HE-560 for your Oppo PM-1 or PM-2

    Hello all, As my "buy and try" spree continues, I find myself in an usual predicament. I have both a HiFiMAN HE-560 and HE-500, and cannot decide which one I want to keep. The next headphone I want to try is the Oppo PM-1/PM-2 (they're basically the same anyway), and I already have the PM-3...
  24. thefitz

    WTB - Schiit LISST (Canada)

    Hello,   I recently purchased a Schiit Lyr and would like to make it solid state - if anybody has a pair of LISST that they'd like to ship to Canada, please PM me.