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  1. miloxo

    La Figaro 339

    ^ Great picture!    Can I ask you from who you bought the LF 339? From Yuking/audiophilechina/ebay/others and how much did you paid for it included shipping? (and taxes, what worries me, its really big which makes importing quite expensive I think)   The 339 fits me perfect, dual volume...
  2. miloxo

    D2000 vs HD650 | Comparison & Review

        Quote:     Quote: Strange,.. My HD650 definitely have notches (on my HD650s both sides are 5 notches down ) and also do have a swivel mechanism. The swivel mechanism can turn around for about 20~30 degrees each way without bending the headband.   Good review btw! Never...
  3. miloxo

    Let me ask you guys, how long does mp4nation usually take to ship >_>

    MP4nations kind of sucks with delivery from my experience. I waited 2~3 months (!) to receive a mp4 player from them :|
  4. miloxo

    Unamped HD650: Bass?

    Sorry if i sounded a bit rude, but it seemed to me that you didnt read my post: "Asking a question about unamping HD 650's is just a waste of your time and money"  Its not a waste of money and time because I already did plan on buying a headphone amp. I figured that out before I even bought the...
  5. miloxo

    Favorite Michael Jackson Song

    1. Earth Song 2. Heal the World 3. Thriller
  6. miloxo

    Unamped HD650: Bass?

    ^ thanks, thats what I wanted to hear!   How is the bass amped compared to your HD25? I like my HD25 bass, little bit less quantity would be fine though. How much does the quantity increase if you switch from your STX headphone out/cowon to your asgard?
  7. miloxo

    Unamped HD650: Bass?

    ^ I have done my research, and I DO PLAN on buying a headphone amp, like I have said already.... please read before you post...   Im asking if the bass quantity improves with an amp. Right now they have just a tad more bass then the AD700s, which are very bass light. And I still prefer the...
  8. miloxo

    Unamped HD650: Bass?

    Hello Headfi,   Im currently running my HD650 unamped, straight out my DAC (musiland SVDAC06). I have read that the HD650s needs some serious desktop equipment to shine (im planning on a Lafigaro 339, or even balanced with LD MKVI), but I still love the whole thing even unamped. But one...
  9. miloxo


    I dont own any portable headphones besides the HD25, but these little phones are indestructible. Im not afraid taking them outside, drop them on the floor, play soccer with them, use them in the rain, etc etc. They still look like new even after all this abuse. They sound very good too, and nice...
  10. miloxo

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Inception's Time   I had 6 eargasm's listening to this track, my god. every big piano note thing brought shivers trough my body.
  11. miloxo

    e5 problem/ general noob stupidity question

    The fiio is imo not that much of an amp.. found that its more a bass boost EQ/volume booster device then a a true amp.   And even then, synergy between components plays a role too, but haven't heard the UE's so can't comment on that.
  12. miloxo

    Looking for an upgrade to AD700

    What kind of music are you listening too?   I just upgraded from the AD700s to the HD650s, currently unamped, and I find that the HD650 is much better in the jazz/classical area, and other genres do fine too (including metal).   Quote: The little bit more bass unamped is there. The...
  13. miloxo

    22 Hybrid tube amp (by Elelkit)

    For some reason it reminds me of a modern, minimalistic old locomotive..   But still very sleek at the same time.
  14. miloxo

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Just ordered the HD650    Will use unamped first, and in a few months... Lafigaro 339 is high on my list
  15. miloxo

    Opinions on my Future rig?

    Hello Headfi. You should be sorry for my wallet!   'bout a year ago I asked for some portable headhones, ended up with -look in my sig-   Now I'm looking to make a significant upgrade in the next few months (I always loled when I just started headfiíng at: We are sorry for your wallet...
  16. miloxo

    help picking an amp....for my AD700 to my xbox

    The AD700s are really easy to drive. no amp needed.   A fiio E5 (or a bass boost Cmoy) is maybe a nice thing to have because of the bass boost. but thats just pure preference IMO.
  17. miloxo

    La Figaro 339

    What are the dimensions of the 339? Its quite big.. : )  
  18. miloxo

    La Figaro 339

    How is the 339 compared to the 332s? esp. for driving HD650(300 ohm) and k701(62 ohm), wich im planning to buy next year.        
  19. miloxo

    hd25-1 impressions thread

    I find my hd25's a little bit bass-light. Compared to my AD700s it has just a few more db's in the bass region.. Not bass heavy at all. My thinksound rains have more bass..   Normal?
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  21. miloxo

    After years of faithful service, my AD700 has (died?). repair? replace? upgrade?

    This is Headfi, upgrading is your only choice!         on a serious note: You could your AD700s apart and check of there isnt just a loose wire or something. AD700s are pretty easy to disassemble. (take the pads of and you see a couple of screws.. thats it)
  22. miloxo

    What headphones you plan to buy next

    Probably HD650
  23. miloxo

    steelseries 5hv2 /siberia v2 vs audio technika ad 700

    AD700s by far. Tried the steelseries and didn't come close (very uncomfy for my head too). the AD700s does not have a mic, but a decent boom-mic will do (search headfi for this "boom mic AD700", enough info)
  24. miloxo

    problem with my ad700s

    Hmm strange, mine were a little bit tight but not impossible to open. You tried both directions? Maybe the screws in Japan are different then where you live
  25. miloxo

    Going to buy 2 phones and return 1 - which 2?

    If returning a headphone you dont like is bad thing to do. Whats the purpose of the return policy anyways?