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  1. Podtweaker

    Can someone explain to me what a troll is & it's intended purpose?

    I guess I've always been curious about this from the time I started visiting forums. It appears some of us get pretty upset if they suspect one. My other question is why should someone even pay that much attention to something they consider nonsensical or ficticious ? To my knowledge the "Truth...
  2. Podtweaker

    So, how far away are we from seeing 64g CF cards that are reasonably priced?

    I'm kind of torn between doing a HDD to CF conversion or going to a larger HDD drive. The larger HDD route has'nt been as easy to accomplish as it first appeared. The CF conversion appears to be a lot less trouble! The only thing is a lot of what I listen to has been averaging about 2gigs per...
  3. Podtweaker

    Zif cable for Toshiba HDD 1813 mk1231gal?

    Has anyone had to get a 40pin zif cable for this HDD? Which one did you get & where did you get it from? (Ones that were sucessful fits, Thanks!)
  4. Podtweaker

    Changing a HDD to cf flash in portable player;Who's done this?

    I have this phonomenal little player called the Korg MR-1 that someone mentioned that they switched over from the 20g HDD to a 32gb cf . Could someone walk me through how to do this?
  5. Podtweaker

    Can you put mutiple Libraries in iTunes?

    I'm having a mental block trying to figure out how to do this. Is it even possible? Let's say I've ripped 15 or 20 CDs to my library & I want to swap out this library w/ numerous other 15 or 20 CDs folders on my PC as I don't need(nor do I want,I only rip & load lossless) to have more than this...
  6. Podtweaker

    Replacement Earpads for AKG K-701s?

    Do I have to get these from AKG or can I get them elsewhere? I need 2 pair of them. (Don't Ask!! I don't readily admit to mindless things I may have done, the dog ate them just like he ate my homework many years ago & I've never owned a dog) Thanks!
  7. Podtweaker

    A little help please; How do I publish pictures from my computer to a thread on this site.

    Sorry to bother everyone , but I would really appreciate it if someone could walk me through sending in some pictures from a folder on my PC. I got to a point where the web publishing service wanted a password but this was my first use of the service & I just made one up that it didn't like so...
  8. Podtweaker

    I'm considering getting a NOS Sony D-25;How quiet is the linestage out as it will be used with a portable amp.

    I've been tossing this back & forth for a short time now, as I seem to recall that the sound from a few of the last available portable CD players, while nice sounding dynamically,were unacceptably noisy through the Shure IEMs (e4c or something) I was using at the the time. I no longer use IEMs...
  9. Podtweaker

    Quick easy travel case for Denon AH-D5000 HPs(other cans might work also)

    Hey guys, nothing earth shattering here ,but by chance, I discovered an easy way to carry these phones around w/out banging them up(not that I'm not fanatically careful anyway.) All I did was take the cradle insert that was holding the cans in the Denon box & put it in a 'Case it' 30 CD travel...
  10. Podtweaker

    Denon D5000 cans for portable use;Anyone using them this way?

    I guess I should really call the way I listen "transportable" because when I decide to listen I become stationary while I'm listening. My current setup consists of my Zunes(more than one)/a Zen Head ZH1 port. amp & a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770/PRO 80s. I suppose I'm being a little fanatical in...
  11. Podtweaker

    A little tip for easier removal of tight fitting 9v batteries

    I decided to switch to a lithium 9v battery in my Zen Head portable amp instead of using an alkaline 9v. The lithium battery is very slightly longer about 1/64" longer but (which is actually the more critical dimension as there is no room for play in the compartment) it appears to be almost a...
  12. Podtweaker

    Westone UM2; Just how rolled off are the upper frequencies?

    The reason I ask is because this appears to be a first rate product. I don't buy any music that I don't think has well above average sound engineering quality. I started this practice in my vinyl buying days & it still works pretty well for me. Given that most recordings are flawed(at least a...
  13. Podtweaker

    Does the Sony NWZ-A829 support WMA lossless (or any form of lossless for that matter) ?

    This player looks pretty interesting to me,but information on lossless file support is non-exsistent. No support for lossless in any of these players is an absolute deal breaker for me. Thanks!