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  1. schneller

    Finally! Dynaudio and Oppo Team Up: Wireless IEM "Enco X"

    For those of us Dynaudio fans, we have been waiting for them to do something...a bit smaller. Well, looks they have teamed up with Oppo to do just that! The OPPO Enco X are new ANC TWS earbuds tuned by Dynaudio OPPO has launched the latest addition to its Enco series of TWS earbuds. They are...
  2. schneller

    Recommendations for open cans...

    I'm looking for a pair of open back cans. I find my head/ears get too hot too fast with closed cans. I'm a hot head! My priorities: -Comfort over long periods of time (a few hours maybe). -Mids forward, maybe slightly warm. But shouldn't skimp on the treble or bass. But please nothing too...
  3. schneller

    $100-ish IEM Leader Board?

    What are the current $100 leaders these days? The right headphone of my 1more Triple is failing. I actually do like the sound of these. Not sure if I will just buy another set. I am curious about alternatives at a similar price point. I do not prefer over-the-ear IEMs. I do prefer a mic for...
  4. schneller

    Any Mimby Owners with Eitr?

    Any thoughts or impressions on the addition of Eitr? Can you comment on/recommend a good RCA coax digital cable to connect Eitr and Mimby? Thanks.
  5. schneller

    Seeking: IEMs for Vocal Trance (under $150 USD)

    Hi. Could I please get recommendations for the following: -Under-the-ear IEM -$150 USD or less -Available in the US -Suited for vocal trance music (love to stream -Mic/control for Android Thanks!
  6. schneller

    Problems with Quotes / Signature / Subscriptions

    Where are the main settings? How do I edit my signature? The "Quote" function doesn't work. Quoted text does not get pasted automatically into the reply box. I lost all of my subscriptions. Also, the new layout looks like a$$.
  7. schneller

    IEM Recommendation Pls: $150 with Mic?

    Source is just my LG smartphone. Looking for IEM recommendations WITH a MIC for under $150 USD. I listen to a lot of vocal trance (via   Thanks a lot.
  8. schneller

    Audio-Technica Fans: what other brands/models do you like?

    I have always enjoyed Audio-Technica sound. I currently am using an older pair of ATH-CKM500s after my last IM70s died after a few months of use. Unfortunately, I have come to doubt ATH quality AND I have come to the conclusion that I do NOT like over-the-ear IEMs.    What models, ATH or other...
  9. schneller

    Have you heard all 3? Modi2 MB | Gungnir MB | YGGDRASIL

    I am looking for feedback from those who have had extensive time with all three of these fine Schiit DACs. I am purposefully excluding the Bifrost MB as it occupies the most odd market segment of the Schiit DAC lineup.    Who has done a BLIND comparison of these three?   Who can best compare...
  10. schneller

    Will we sample fresh Schiit at all in 2016?

    So far 2016 has been a quiet year for Schiit. They recently made their MQA announcement. We've had no new equipment. No upgrades for Yiggy, Gungnir, etc. Silence. Crickets.   Has Schiit gotten drunk off of its currently swollen order books and production backlog? Have they decided to stagnate...
  11. schneller

    No Schiit MQA For You!

    Sorry if this is a repost here.   Schiit Clarifies Position on a Proposed Audio Format   (Related: lively discussion at PFM.)        
  12. schneller

    The New Arcam irDAC-II

    Has anyone looked into the new irDAC-II?   Product link.
  13. schneller

    Schiit and MQA?

    Does anyone know if Schiit has any plan to support MQA? Are Schiit DACs even capable through like a driver or firmware update?
  14. schneller

    RCA Output: Bifrost Mutli vs. GMB?

    Many have reported the RCA outputs on the GMB to be substandard compared to its XLR outputs. Has anyone compared the RCA outputs on the GMB to the new BMB? Any chance the BMB is better in this regard? I have no need for XLR.
  15. schneller

    Sony Walkmann ZX2 (CES 2015)  
  16. schneller

    Audio-Technica: Best Current IEM under $100?

    What is Audio-Technica's "best" new IEM for under $100?
  17. schneller

    $2-2.5K for a non-head-phone DAC: Contenders?

    Say I have about $2K USD to spend on a new DAC. Current DAC is the Meridian Director DAC. My integrated amp is the NAIM XS 2 (2013 model). Contenders include... Arcam irDAC ($750) TEAC UD-501 ($750) Schiit Gungnir w/ USB2 ($850) TeddyDAC USB w/ DIN output ($1600) Chord Hugo ($2395) NAIM DAC V1...
  18. schneller

    TomsHardware: What Does It Take To Turn The PC Into A Hi-Fi Audio Platform?

    Most hi-fi audio is stored in digital form. With advancements in lossless compression, bit-perfect ripping/streaming, HD audio formats, multi-terabyte storage, and PC-friendly DACs, has the PC earned a place among high-end audio gear? At what price point?   Continued at...
  19. schneller

    New OPPO HA-1 (CES 2014)

    Called the Headphone Amplifier HA-1, this attractive little unit makes use of the same 9018 ESS Sabre DAC as their BDP-105 player, and features a fully balanced, class-A headphone amplifier. Both XLR and standard full-size headphone outputs are provided on the front while your choice of XLR or...
  20. schneller

    New TEAC UD-301 and AI-301DA DACs (CES 2014)

    Have seen no mention of these but here's a pic:     Here is some info on them.   Info in a language I can't read:
  21. schneller

    Has anyone directly compared the TEAC UD-501 against the Meridian Director?

    They cost $750 and $700, respectively.   I am wondering which is the most musical of the two and would pair best with the NAIM SuperNait2. (I am looking for the best DAC I can for under say $800.)
  22. schneller

    Has anyone auditioned the NAIM DAC V1 vs. the TEAC UD-501?

    I know it's crazy to compare a $2400 DAC against a $800 DAC...but I still want to know if there is ANYONE out there who has heard them both.   Please post your impressions here.   Thanks!
  23. schneller

    Shopping for DACs in the $700-$2400 range...

    Shopping for a DAC seems to be the most difficult part of my upgrade process. There are just too many options at too many price points and too little consensus. My budget for a DAC depends on the price of the integrated with which I will pair it. If I buy, for example, a $4900 NAIM SuperNait2...
  24. schneller

    Nominations for Best DAC under $1K USD?

    Right now both the TEAC UD-501 and Concero HD are on my short list. What else should be on my short list?   Looking to output to an integrated amp connected to speakers in a 2.0 config.
  25. schneller

    Meridian Director DAC: Anyone here own one?

    At $600 from a brand like Meridian it would seem to offer great value:   I could consider pairing one with say a NAIM SuperNait2 integrated amp.   Does anyone here own one? Or own other Meridian products?