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  1. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    Hi all!   I used to be fairly active here, but haven't done much with HiFi audio for a few years. I'd like to get back into a DIY project, so I'm looking for some suggestions. Please forgive me for the somewhat unfocused post; like many others, when I become excited about a new project, I have...
  2. Marzie

    Millett Hybrid Max Front Panel Express Files for Top

    I've never ordered from front panel express and my design skills are definitely sub-par. I want to make the top panel for a Millet Hybrid Maxed but I can't seem to find where anyone has shared their FPD files.   Anyone have the FPD files for a Millet Hybrid Max? Also, what is the cost to get...
  3. Marzie

    FS: Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB needs new HD

    I have a Creative Zen Vision that I bought here from a head-fier a few years ago and the hard drive died. It will still boot up just won't load the OS from the hard drive. It is the 30 GB model and I found what appears to be a replacement hard drive Here for $72 shipped, you may be able to find...
  4. Marzie

    IC: Sony Playstation SCPH-1001 External Power Supply

    Just want to see if anyone would be interested in a recased power supply from the SCPH-1001. There was a bit of commotion a few years back about the original playstation with the RCA outputs. It was said that the power should be left on for optimal sound but the heat caused problems with the...
  5. Marzie

    Just got some B&W 685s! Help me make them sing! (Amp questions)

    Hello all, Just to go over my head-fi journey over the last year or so: I use a DIYEDEN SVDAC04-U USB dac for several hours a day. I had been going into a CK²III from the outputs, but recently I bought a Cambridge Audio 540c CD player, so that amp went to be with that player. I also have a...
  6. Marzie

    SOLD: DT-770 Pro (80 Ohm)

    SOLD 09-15-08: As the title says, DT-770s Pros 80 Ohm model, purchased October 2007. Great condition, comes from smoke and pet free home. Pictures below. Also for sale, PIMETA home headphone amp. These two work great together, it would make a great starter kit or a work setup. Details on...
  7. Marzie

    FS: Pimeta Home Headphone Amp $160 (Sale Pending)

    For Sale: As title says, I have a Pimeta for sale. Specs and pics below. In some pics, the knob is sticking out from the case. Since those pics were taken, the pot stem was trimmed down so it would sit closer to the case. Also, the LED socket wouldn't stay in the case, so that was hot glued...
  8. Marzie

    Kenosha Micro-Meet

    Last Sunday, Socrates3000 made the trip from Chicago to Kenosha, WI for a micro-meet. When I picked him up at the depot, we went to a nice coffee shop/cafe right on Lake Michigan. Ate a delicious lunch of turkey and roast beef sandwiches on marble rye, with a cup of mushroom Gouda bisque and...
  9. Marzie

    Chicago Meets Kenosha - Kenosha Micro Meet

    Well, I am not able to make the Chicago meet next week, so I was a little bummed out. But when Socrates3000 asked if I would consider selling my PS1 (Playstation 1) I said, maybe, but let's demo it first. Well, now its turned into a full blown micro meet this Sunday. Anyone else going to be in...
  10. Marzie


    jarensberg gave me three intense blue LEDs for Millett Max build, free of charge! Not much else to say, other than he's a stand-up head-fier in my book. Thanks again, Mike
  11. Marzie

    FOUND!!!! WTB/WTT: HD-600 or HD-650

    I am interested in either of the two, any age as long as price reflects condition/age. I am considering a trade for a Pimeta + Tread + cash. PM me if interested or any questions. Found! Thanks to all who replied.
  12. Marzie


    I bought a set of RCA interconnects and a mini to mini from Ryan. First of all, I have to say his communication was excellent, second to none. Every day from the first time we spoke until I received the cables I was able to speak with him, often several times a day. He made himself available via...
  13. Marzie

    Rega Planar 3... Should I take the plunge?

    I have been considering getting into vinyl for a few years and since I am home for the holidays, I have been trying to find my moms old turntable. I figured that assuming it still is in working order, I could test the waters before investing too much money. Well, it probably would take some...
  14. Marzie

    Monica 3 questions

    I'm not sure how recently this came out (EDIT: I see this item was add November 22,) as a search turned up nothing, and there are some very recent threads discussing the monica 2, but according to DIY paradise, the only way to get a PCB for a monica 3 was to have purchased a monica 2 in the...
  15. Marzie

    FS: Grado SR-80s w/ pics *SOLD*

    I am putting my SR-80s up for sale. I bought them September 10th. They have about 100 hours burn in and about 30-40 hours actual use. I am selling them because A.) I like my closed cans better. B.) I don't think I like the Grado sound. In the interest of disclosure, near the Y in the cable, it...
  16. Marzie

    Post Pics of Your Halloween Costumes

    Any of you dressing up for Halloween? Maybe you are going to a Halloween party or just dressing up to hand out candy... My birthday is on Halloween and this is my first year in this apartment complex; they only allow kids from the apartment complex to trick or treat here and they are...