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  1. FrozenGecko

    Favorite iTunes Podcasts?

    Adam Carolla FTW!!
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    What is this song?!

    its in the very beginning of YouTube - HOT GIRLS give NOSE JOBS!!! EPISODE 1 I looked up all the songs they have in the more info on apm and couldnt find it... SOOO CLOSE!!!!!!!
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    What is this song?!

    I found out its from but i can't find it :< Grr....
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    What is this song?!

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this already, but anyways. I often hear songs that I don't know the name to. I figure i'm not the only one so post lyrics or a video that has the song in. Here's mine. The lyrics go like this "im ready to go hit the party no staying home are you...
  5. FrozenGecko

    WTB: Sun & Moon OPA for My Compass

    I live in the CONUS and have good feedback on the forums. Looking for new or used Sun and Moon OPA's. Pm me your price
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    SOLD: HiFiMAN EF2 + Ratheon 6AK5 tubes

    SOLD I am curious if anyone is interested in my HiFiMAN EF2. I've only had it since the middle of november. I also bought some Raytheon tubes to go with it since I heard it was a big upgrade. It probably doesn't even have 100 hours on it. I do like it, but I saw a great deal on a Audiogd...
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    18 Gigapixel Panoramic Photo of Prague

    Quote: Originally Posted by XxATOLxX I see a naked woman through a window. I refuse to tell any of you where she is. That's nothing, did you see the couple having sex in a car?
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    Best AMP/DAC combo for office under 500$ for ATH ES-7

    The d2000 are 200$ here. Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones: Electronics I would look at getting them or a ESW9, instead of spending so much on a amp/dac
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    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy logitech illuminated keyboard essential, so one can type in the low light/dark Nice! I got the same keyboard. Although i'll admit I dont use the illumination much at all =p I really like the short keystroke 'feel'. It's a bit deeper than...
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    Music vs Love

    Enough with these silly hypothetical question threads already... =.=
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    focal price, have they gone?

    oh look what the main page had on it!!! Original 2nd Generation Apple iPod Earphone - free shipping too!!
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    How to make an interconnect Step by Step With Pics

    Are radioshack connectors really that cheap(in price) compared to switchcraft connectors? As for the cable, you can use 1 for signal, 2 for ground. 2 or 1 ground, doesn't really make a difference.
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FraGGleR Fraggler, The last 24 out of 26 pictures you posted in this thread that same object in the corner. I'm guessing it's a lamp, perhaps you could take a picture of it and stop teasing us :>? On-topic.... I made a mini to rca-rca...
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    Head-Fi Younguns Check-in!

    I'm 18. I guess i'm a youngun =p I haven't spent that much, but my total setup is worth maybe 700$-800$. Maybe more. I've done lots of a good deals and I've been working since I was 13, so money really isn't a issue.
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    1/4" vs. 1/8"

    Quote: Originally Posted by logwed Nope, the only real difference is convenience. Plus, 1/4 plugs are badass (especially Furutech). x2 1/4" are a bit more durable, but if you would rather have a 1/8" go for it. Not that big a deal. Not much difference.
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    Any experience with Neweeg?

    Newegg has never let me down
  17. FrozenGecko

    FOUND: Switchcraft 3.5mm Right-Angle Stereo Plug

    Do you live in the CONUS? I'm guessing no because under location it says "Roma" so i'm assuming Rome, Italy. I thought I would just check though.
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    Stereo Receiver

    What piece of equipment should I get if I don't need the "tape loop" feature?
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    Stereo Receiver

    It isn't a must for the xbox and my computer to have sound at the same time. Would something like this serve my purpose? DYNACO MODEL PAT-5 STEREO PREAMPLIFIER PREAMP - eBay (item 300370430181 end time Nov-30-09 15:46:53 PST) DYNACO PAT-4 Refurbishing Service - One Year Warranty - eBay...
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    Stereo Receiver

    irivirdude, I don't think that fits the budget of 150$... but thanks for your help. But I will look into pre-amps.
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    So uh, how insane do your friends think you are for getting into the high end headphone game?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hopstretch If I had friends, they would worship me as a living god. This attitude could be why you don't have any friends
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    Stereo Receiver

    Okay, I am currently looking to buy a stereo receiver(I think). I mostly want it for changing inputs to minimize the amount of plugging and unplugging I have to do. I'm assuming that's what I should get is a stereo receiver. I'm not looking to power any speakers, but that function wouldn't be...
  23. FrozenGecko

    Does anyone know where i can purchase USB parts to make a usb cable for my dac?

    I've been looking as well without any luck. You could splice some, but I would personally want a nice clean cable without any splicing. so anyone know :>?