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  1. earerror

    Beats By Dre Pro (Do I buy?)

    Quote: Yes, take a look at the ultrasone models.   
  2. earerror

    New headphones

    Check the Shure SRH440's. They do well on most music genres...a pretty balanced headphone.  
  3. earerror

    New headphones

    Hello, and welcome to head-fi!   Which kind of music you like? Are they for home listening? 
  4. earerror

    What to buy - Denon D2000 or JVC FX700?

    Quote: If you're set on buying the D2000's you'll need to spend more than $50 on a portable amp for them. 
  5. earerror

    Audio Technica ATH-M50s - Just Purchased - Wow

    Quote: Yes, they sound better after some "Burn in"  Enjoy!!
  6. earerror

    6moons and Burson have been naughty.

    Quote: why not you start your own company and make a good product then? lol   Lots of people are loving Burson products, if they are not your cup of tea..just stay away, no need to bash another brands.    Oh, and this was taken from 6moons:   "Burson indeed notified me about 2...
  7. earerror

    The Thank You Jude thread

    Thanks Jude,    Without head-fi, my life would be different and boring. This is the place for all headphone lovers, nice forum with fantastic features (oh and nice people too)   Keep rocking!! 
  8. earerror

    Beyer A1 or Meier Concerto with Beyer T1s?

    Are you open to more suggestions? I don't have experience with the models mentioned...honestly. 
  9. earerror

    best op amps

    I think the guys at the DIY section can help you on this. 
  10. earerror

    Looking for a desktop setup Budget 1000$

    Quote: Something like Amp/Dac? Which hp's are you buying? 
  11. earerror

    Which headphones should i get?

    Iem's is a nice option for great isolation. How much are you willing to spend? 
  12. earerror

    Open headphones with powerful bass?

    I've been impressed with Beyers bass despite they are open. My vote goes for them. 
  13. earerror

    Looking for a pair of Headphones $50 or less, for podcasting/audio monitoring

    The Shure SRH240's may suit you. They are closed back = nice isolation.   
  14. earerror

    Is it weird that I prefer my Beyer DT 990 Pro's without an amp ?

    Quote:   X3 let us know which amp/combinations you have used with them. 
  15. earerror

    Suitable amp for Denon ah-d7000?

    Quote: The 160D version from what i know its an improved version of the 160, and if you need a Dac/Preamp it would be a steal for around 1k.    for $400 bucks more, the price is worth.    Imo, the 160 and the 160D are solid performers. You cant go wrong with them. 
  16. earerror

    Audio Technica M50S review - A fine closed headphone.

    Nice review man, definitely a worthy purchase. 
  17. earerror

    opinions on pc gaming headphones other then AD700

    This guide its very useful:
  18. earerror

    URGENT!!! AKG k702 vs k701

    Quote: Release date also    both have similar sound signatures IMO. Op, which source/amp you have for them? 
  19. earerror

    Sennheiser HD555 VS Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    There are threads on similar topics. But if i were to choose between the mentioned models, i'd go for the AD700's. Better soundstage, more comfort. 
  20. earerror

    Klutz Design headphone stands: really cool, really expensive!

    Quote: I bet they are Indestructible!! 
  21. earerror

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Ghost of perdition" - Opeth  
  22. earerror

    Songs from foreign languages

    Japanese songs. Ayumi Hamasaki  
  23. earerror

    Where do you store headphones, amp & DAC for your office setup?

    I rather use unamped cans on my office (maybe a portable amp..but not always) 
  24. earerror

    Best-looking headphones?

    Quote: This ^ or Akg (Quincy Jones)
  25. earerror

    Recomended or prefered music for breaking in headphones?

    Any kind of music...just play the music you like at moderate volumes and enjoy your headphones!!