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  1. courierdriver


    Just a heads up for the Headfi community. About 3 days ago, I received an email declaring I was the second prize winner of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY's Online Sweepstakes International Lottery Program. Numerous other people in different countries have received similar emails, and this is all a...
  2. courierdriver

    Need help hooking up my new CDP to my head-amp I'm finally splurging for a full-sized CDP. My portable just isn't cuttin'-it, output wise, with my new amp (which uses 1/8" mini-ins/outs). The CDP has (as is the norm), RCA outs. My amp only has a mini input. Is there such thing, as a cable that has this kind-of termination combo? If...
  3. courierdriver

    Got my new Maxi Head Signature amp yesterday!

    Ok...I know there are going to be some people around here who will be looking to jump all over this thread, because the manufacturer of my new amp doesn't have a good rep here on HeadFi. I'm talking about Shellbrook Labs' Drew Dunn. I just bought my third amp from him, and have yet to experience...
  4. courierdriver

    WOW! Are these really worth this kind of money?!

    Don't start too many threads, but this caught my curiousity: As much as I love my 225's, I gotta wonder if these heavy looking, no-longer in production HP 1000's, are worth this kind of scratch. I know they are collectable, but...
  5. courierdriver

    IC/FS: SHELLBROOK LABS Mini Head Signature portable

    Silver case, owned by me only, and just coming up on 1-year old. Runs off a single 9-volt rechargeable battery (I have a nice Maha Powerex in it now, which I'll include with the amp), or a wall-wart AC adapter/charger (also included). With Mini ins/outs, it uses high quality parts from Wima...
  6. courierdriver

    Been thinking about buying a REGA PLANET to use with my Grado's

    Does anyone here use this player with their Grado's? I'm looking to upgrade my front-end, and have admired it for years (I have also had a severe-case of buyer's-remorse...since, several years ago; I passed it up for a more expensive Rotel). I like the forward sound of my Grado's. The same...
  7. courierdriver

    Sony MDR-SA1000/3000 and AT PRO700SV...How do they compare to Grado's?

    I'm looking at these 3 cans, which vary in price from $110- $180. Anyone here have, or listened to, any or all three? If you have Grado's in your collection, which of the three, are most like the Grado sound; but with a bit more bass? I like a really lively sound, since I listen mostly to rock...
  8. courierdriver

    FS: Koss Porta Pro (4-months old, about 40 hours)

    I am selling these for $40 US- shipped; to Canada, or within the continental US (if you live outside these areas, and are me with your postal info for a shipping quote). Included; is the little black vinyl drawstring storage bag, a nice quality gold plated...
  9. courierdriver

    Want to upgrade my SR 125's. Which Grado do I go to?

    Any thoughts, folks? I love my 125's, but would like more impact in the bass, and improved clarity (as well as smoothness) in the midrange. Budget is about $300-350 (less sale/trade of 125's). Am considering SR 225 and 325i. Are there big differences between the two?
  10. courierdriver

    Little Dot 1 and 2 Tube head-amps. Anyone ever heard or own one?

    Anyone ever head of Little Dot amplifiers? I stumbled across a company on ebay (orpheansound) that makes them, and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about these. They also make another amp called the Darkvoice THA336. Both these amps hail from China, and are reasonably priced. Any...