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  1. bowei006

    Reply to review by 'bowei006' on item 'Grado HF3 Headphone'

    Awesome frank!
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'FiiO FH5 Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors'

    The FiiO FH5 (MSRP $299) is released following the success of their earlier IEM line but this time changes up the game. FiiO joined the earphone market in 2015 with the release of the EX1 and a budget EM3 in 2016. 2017 saw the expansion of their earphones with their popular F9 Series along with...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'FiiO X5 2nd gen Premium Hi-Res DAP'

    Introduction:   The FiiO X5 II is an update to the flagship DAP released almost two years ago.  This time it comes with a PCM 1792 DAC, IPS display, and DSD decoding. The changes may seem small but they are all beneath the hood.   Unboxing:   Taking the X5 II out, I’ve noticed that while...
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    Reply to review by 'bowei006' on item 'SHOZY Alien DAP'

    Nice work man! I dig how clean and transparent the sound is imo. 
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Brainwavz S5 In Ear Headphones'

    Brainwavz S5 Review:  There are questions, and then there are questions that you get asked constantly. One of the most common requests of knowledge from me are on if unit X is better than unit Y. And commonly enough, Brainwavz is thrown into that loop every so often. This is probably due to...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Nuforce NE-700M Audiophile-Grade Earphone with microphone (smoky bronze color)'

    Nuforce NE-700M Review             Introduction: NuForce has always been one of THE companies in headphone audio that you look for for amps and other such accessories. But their decision to dip into the IEM market has been met by many with curiosity. Can they perform? And at...
  7. Astrotec AX-30

    Astrotec AX-30

    Clear Sounding IEM from Astrotec
  8. Fischer Audio TBA-04 IEM

    Fischer Audio TBA-04 IEM

    TBA stands for Triple Balanced Armature, which is exactly the point. 3 armature drivers carefully aligned to work together by proprietary crossover network. In terms of sound, TBA is completely unique in earphone world. Pure monitor at heart, but with focus on richness and correct timbre. Sound...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'FiiO X3 Portable Music Player'

    Introduction: FiiO has been a very popular brand in affordable headphone audio accessories for the past few years. Their line out docks, amplifiers, DAC’s, and plenty of other gadgets have redefined what you can get for your money. FiiO has now launched their first DAP, the X3. This player has...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Burson Audio - Soloist SL - Headphone Amplifier'

    Introduction: Burson had great success with their Soloist discrete amplifier. So following this generation's niche. Let's make it smaller! And so here we have the Soloist SL. Which has one less gain, and input option than the Soloist. It is a discrete class amp. No integrated circuits, just...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Miu Audio MRB'

    Introduction: Here we have MIU Audio’s or Miu Tech’s semi new MRB headphone amplifier. It is in the $100+ USD price range. IT is an intermediate level DIY kit where you put all the parts together. Surface mounts are already done. The op amps just pop in...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Fiio E02i Rocky'

    Introduction: FiiO has just unveiled a new headphone amplifier codenamed Rocky. It is a update to the aging E1 and E3 designs. It features a small size but packed with features. It has a built in headphone amplifier, "High SNR" Microphone, bass boost, bypass option, 10 hour battery, inline...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Project-H'

    Introduction: What is P-H? Project-H is a unit that combines the best parts of the audio world at a low price for people. The main project players were Borisu, Mechy, and I. The idea came to build an affordable unit that would have great sound quality. This review is my attempt at reviewing it...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit'

    Introduction: The legend has returned. The FiiO E7 is one of the world's most famous budget DAC's and headphone amplifier. It skyrocketed FiiO to fame back when it came out. It was, and still is, on the lips of many new head-fi'ers as they come to look for a budget unit for their new setup. The...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'FiiO E12 Mont Blanc'

    Introduction: FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other forums and even letting the fans vote on...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Brainwavz S1'

    Introduction: Brainwavz is quite a popular company in the world for budget audiophiles. Their brand is known for good quality, sound and price and their previous products have not disappointed. Brainwavz churns out a lot of products, and people generally have a wide variety to choose from to...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones'

    See the review post here:    
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Soundmagic PL11'

    Build Quality: Not much to say than a solid IEM. The outside is "gunmetal" it looks like metal and feels like metal, but then again. I have been fooled before. The clip just a clip, no deficiencies or poor moving around from it. The L shaped 3.5mm jack is also good. No weird wiggling...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'SYBA Oblanc U.F.O. Circumaural Headphones with Invisible In-line Microphone, YELLOW'

    Introduction:I want to thank Bobby at SYBA-USA for providing me the review sample for these headphones. SYBA-USA is a large computer device/peripheral OEM in the world. They have recently jump started a new subsidiary called Oblanc to become a new headphone brand. As it can be seen from their...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Dunu DN-17 Crater'

    Build  Quality: The build quality of the Dunu DN-17’s are very good for the most part. The driver casing is metal and reflective. IT does not feel cheap. The driver tip is also of high quality. No problems with the mesh or surrounding parts. However, the opening of the “port tube” that opens up...
  21. bowei006

    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'Dunu DN-19 Tai Chi'

    Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound has been known to have popular budget IEM's throughout all tiers of the level. Dunu now steps it up a notch and has unveiled their Dynamic Flagship IEM the DN 19 Tai Chi ($140). This IEM uses damper's to control the bass, different type tips, and insertion of...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'RHA MA-350'

    Introduction: Reid Heath Audio is somewhat of a new comer to the world of audio. Their main branch, Reid Heath Ltd. is still not very big. However, their company represenatives were homley and their web page yells humble.  They are ambitious in getting the word out about their company from the...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'SYBA Oblanc SHELL Circumaural 2.1 Headphones Treble and Subwoofer Dual Drivers in each Ear Cup, Black'

    Introduction: Oblanc is a new headphone subsidiary of SYBA. SYBA is a big player in computer accessories and parts be it for computer DIY’ers or the average customer. Their new subsidiary/department is ambitious in getting the word out about their product. They have a design, and taste in how...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'DUNU DN-23 Landmine. Headphones earphones'

    Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound is famous for offering well made and accessorized earphones to IEM's to the market. They are popular on Head-Fi and around the world. With earphone offerings from a wide range of features and prices, many can usually find one that fits their needs. Today we have...
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    Review by 'bowei006' on item 'DUNU DN-22M Detonator. Headphones earphones'

    Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound is famous for good price to performance earbuds as well as the amount of accessories they include with their very well built units. Dunu introduces the Detonator as an earbud for phone users so that people can catch calls and talk. This earbud features a...