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  1. Whazzzup

    Audio quest Fire XLR interconnects.

    In preview to my new DX music server I took the opportunity to try out some new cables to interconnect my TT and GSX MK2. I have previously Double Helix Chaperone 3 , a no slouch made to order cable. There was a also a distance issue I had ordered .75 M cable that was tight but worked from DHC...
  2. Whazzzup

    The chord company Sarum T Digital Super Aray USB cable

    Had the opportunity to step up to a premium USB cable after doing some reasearch, kept returning to Sarum t digital super aray usb. Considering I have a flagship server from antipodes audio coming I figured the transport to my Chord TT HD USB should be worthy and in my case, an experiment...
  3. Whazzzup

    R&B Soul thread ya thats right soul at head fi, get down with the get down. Maybe fonky even

    lets get it started, i know you are out there
  4. Whazzzup

    Antipodes Audio DX V3 music server roon core, one mans unofficial guide down the rabbit hole.

    Okay I'm happy using my iMac 5k 3 terabyte computer via audio quest jitterbug and high end usb to my dacs, but is there a better HDD streamer that could hold all my iTunes lossless files that would transfer a higher quality file than 320 kps that i use currently. I don't use high res files or...