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  1. DrummerLeo

    WTS/WTT Sony IER Z1R & FiR M5

    Want to sell both IEMs or trade for Desktop DAC/ Full Size headphones. Z1R: $1200 M5: $1700 price include shipping. If you are buying both then fees will be covered as the combo discount. Z1R: There is a damage on the outer paper case, see below: M5:
  2. DrummerLeo

    FS: Noble Khan V1 with EA Lionheart Big Price Drop!!!

    For sale is Noble Khan V1 with EA Lionheart in OK(7/10) condition. Come with third party leather case, no other accessories. Price $1500 $1000 , shipping and pp fees included.
  3. DrummerLeo

    FS: Vision Ears VE Erlkonig

    Up for sale is VE Erlkonig is excellent, mint condition. All accessories are included except 2 ear tips which were replaced by newly released SpinFit CP100(small and medium). CP100 fits a lot better than original, as a matter of fact, VE will replace the old stock tips by CP100 in future...
  4. DrummerLeo

    Bryston B135 sst2 Integrated AMP

    Up for sale is Bryston B135 sst2 integrated AMP, I used it for headphones system and it sounds great! The bass is super solid and clean, the soundstage is just enormous! It has sufficient power to drive both Susvara and Abyss 1266, and they sound amazing together! Just like any other Bryston...
  5. DrummerLeo

    Burl B2 Bomber DAC with Dante Connectivity

    Up for sale is B2 Bomber DAC with Dante connectivity. Purchased in 2018. This DAC sounds phenomenal, and it is probably one of the best Pro DACs can be used in HiFi setup. The Dante connectivity provides extremely low latency and low jitters which no other connectivities(SPDIF, AES, USB, I2S)...
  6. DrummerLeo

    FS: qdc Anole VX, the newest flagship, mint

    FS is my qdc Anole VX universal fit, this is one of the best IEMs I have ever owned. I have published a full review and comparisons with many TOTL IEMs on head-fi. I have ordered a custom fit, so this universal fit need to go. They are in mint condition. Original packaging, all accessories are...
  7. DrummerLeo

    FS: Hifiman HE6se

    Mint Condition HE6-se, this is the newer limited edition he6. It is in great condition, used maximum 100hrs. It is much more comfortable and a lot lighter than the original, a huge improvement! It has a slightly more forward sound in mid, and slightly easier to drive. Great bass and treble...
  8. DrummerLeo

    FS: Kennerton Thror Flagship Planar Headphones

    Kennerton Thror is the newest flagship from Kennerton, it is one of the best headphones I've ever used. Personally I owned 1266, diana, d8000, lcd4 all these over $3000 msrp headphones, Thror is my favorite. I'm selling them because I'm going to purchase Thror's stabilized special edition and...
  9. DrummerLeo

    FS: Ultrasone ED5 Unlimited With Extra $600 upgrade cables!!!

    FS is Ultrasone ED5 Unlimited version with 1. YFS Super 30 pure copper 4-conductors duo 3-pin balanced cable(2m). 2. Moon Audio Silver Dragon 3.5 cable(5 feet) 3. Original package and accessory, the stock 6.35mm cable is missing, but the 3.5mm cable is included. The headphones is in mint...
  10. DrummerLeo

    FS: Brand New TH900 MK2 Green Limited Edition

    For Sale is a Brand New TH900 Green Limited Edition Headphones. The Headphone stand is not included, all other accessories are included and unused. The original packaging is included as well. The headphones are sitting in the box, never taken out. Price is $875, PP fees and shipping is covered...
  11. DrummerLeo

    FS: T1 MK2 mint condition

    FS is my T1 mk2, purchased in March this year, from authorized dealer. They come with original packaging and or other stuff. Two additional option: Plussound pure copper 4-pin balanced cable 5ft,--$150 purchased May this year. Impact Audio 6ft 4-pin balanced cable -- $80 The price for T1: $675...
  12. DrummerLeo

    FS: The Bit Opus #2

    FS is a great condition the bit opus 2, it is flawless with no wears or damage at all. The screen was protected with screen cover all the time. It is the play only, no original box or accessory. Price: $700 shipped(NA only) with fees covered. Consider trade for Hiby R6 with additional cash to...
  13. DrummerLeo

    WTB UM Mason V3 or Mentor V3

    Please PM me if you have a mason V3 or Mentor V3, only consider V3 not V2 or else, thanks!
  14. DrummerLeo

    FS or Trade: AAW W900 Universal

    In great condition, just received from another member this week, used for about two days. Reason for sale: sounds similar to my Rhines Stage 7, I mean not the same but in the similar genre, and my stage 7 is a custom, so I decided to sell w900 or trade for other IEMs in the same price range...
  15. DrummerLeo

    FS: *price dropped*Aqua La Voce V2

    For Sale is one of the best R2R design DAC in the price range: Aqua La Voce V2. It is in Great condition, with all accessories, original package. Some intro for the sound: La Voce is a super refine and smooth DAC. It gives all the details you want, and express every note in a very artistry...
  16. DrummerLeo

    WTB: Eddie Current ZDS or BW2 or WA5 V2

    As title, looking for good condition ZDS or BW2 in the US(120v).
  17. DrummerLeo

    FS: PS audio Perfectwave Mk2 DAC

    Up for sale is a like new condition PS Perfectwave mk2 DAC. This is a super clean and powerful dac, which may have the best sound stage in this price range. It does not come with remote control or network bridge, but it come with the original packaging. The Shunyata DB platinum power cord is a...
  18. DrummerLeo

    Price dropped!!!Denon D7000 $385!!!

    Second, Denon D7000. $385 firm. Headphones come with original packages, however, I would rank this headphones on fair condition, but the sound and drivers are perfect!!! No issues at all. There are some wears on the top band and cans. The cans main surfaces are perfect with no wears. The earpads...
  19. DrummerLeo

    FS: UM Maestro (Mason) V2 Universal, TOTL IEMS, Great Condition!

    Up for sell is my beloved iems Maestro V2, a very balanced natural and detailed headphones, very comfortable for long time using. In the Headphonelist, Maestro V2 was ranked at No.5 among all the TOTL iems. In my list it was ranked at No.2, No.1 is U18 and Legend X, No.3 is Jomo Samba, No.4...
  20. DrummerLeo

    FS: *Price Dropped* Earsonics S-EM9 with Free Extra cable

    Hi, I have a S-EM9 up for sale as well, they are in mmcx connectors. It comes with one extra Linum BAX cable. They are in mint condition with no wears, no issues at all. I’m looking for $950, price including US shipping and PayPal fees. Accept reasonable offers, no trade pls. This item is also...
  21. DrummerLeo

    Rhapsodio Solar Universal

    Hi, I have a Solar Universal fit up for sale, over all in great condition. No issues. I think everyone is familiar with how good they are. I want to sell them for $800, price including US shipping and fees.
  22. DrummerLeo

    WTB Opus#2 or Plenue 2 or Plenue S or ...

    Hi, I'm considering upgrade from cayin i5 to a higher level DAP. I'm a metalcore/djent fan, basicly 90% metalcore+ 10% instrumental jazz. Therefore, Opus#2 and Plenue line, seems ideal for me. Looking for B+ (8/10 or higher) condition. If you have any of those mentioned plz contact me. Other...
  23. DrummerLeo

    WTB Bakoon HDA-5210mk3

    Looking For this amp, I know it's hard to get, but let's try.
  24. DrummerLeo

    FSorTrade BHA-1 AMP Mint

    Excellent condition $830+3.5% shipped, you know how heavy it is right? Trade for some warmer amp. US only. Sold.
  25. DrummerLeo

    A Schiit Gumby USB Gen5 or a used PS PWDii?

    When price reach 1000-1500 so hard to choose a dac!