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  1. attilahun

    Noble Kaiser Massdrop For Sale

    Hello All, I am selling my almost new Noble Kaiser Massdrop earphones. I've only had these around two weeks or so. The balanced armature sound isn't my cup of tea. My set includes the gold/silver cable ($300), the original cable, the pelican 1010 case and the tip set. One of the tips has a...
  2. attilahun

    Antique English Listening Chair Lion Head and Claw

    Really hate to part with my listening chair, but we just don't have any more room after our recent move. Antique English hearth chair with lion head arms and claw feet. Original fabric is amazingly soft and luxurious. I'm in San Francisco, welcome to come by and check out.
  3. attilahun

    I think apple just killed the ipod classic, ugh

    The ipod classic was there this morning but has now vanished from the website and the refurb area of the store after the keynote. Sadly they didn't release a larger iPod touch with 128 storage. I'm bummed. Edit: and now the store is down again....hmm
  4. attilahun

    Want to buy a mint or new pair of apple EarPods; latest version from iPhone 5/5s.

    Need a cheap quick pair of apple's latest EarPods from the iPhone 5/5s with mic and remote. New or mint please. (I accidentally destroyed mine) Bay Area pickup or mail. Just something easy for calls. Thanks
  5. attilahun

    New video by Tech Crunch: tour of Grado Labs with John Grado Sr.

    Amazing video tour of Grado Labs and interview by Tech Crunch. I already loved Grado and my precious RS1s. But this video makes me love Grado even more. Well done.
  6. attilahun

    One Month Old Hifiman HE6 For Sale

    So I'm in the minority, I tried the HE500 and didn't really like them. Then I tried the HE-6 and I'm not sold either. Got them from Head-Direct about a month ago. Had to wait another week or two for a custom cable, so needless to say, they've gotten light use. Chicago pickup is fine...
  7. attilahun

    Confession and rant: love my rs1 can't love my he500.

    I love my Grado RS1s, they are vintage button and I'm enthralled with their realism on vocals: johnny cash, black crowes, billy Joel. All played via my new second hand Rsa dark star or my old stand by Rsa raptor via bryston bda1 dac via McIntosh spinner. I've tried for two years to fall in...
  8. attilahun

    Anyone buying a new Mac mini with ssd?

    I've been waiting to upgrade to a Mac mini to access lossless files on my nas. Happy to see the new Mac minis announced this week. I was bummed that the ssd drive is not an option of the entry level mini, only the quad core. So the apple ssd mini minimum cost from apple is about $1,100. Do...
  9. attilahun

    Bedini CD Clarifier Spin your cds around and get them clarified!!

    I spent twenty grand on my stereo and all they gave me was this cd clarifier.   Ok well that was a long time ago and this thing has sat in my cabinet for years.   Runs on a nine volt battery and spins the cd around imparting some magic benefits, clarity man.   I used once or twice and...
  10. attilahun

    Rudistor NX-02 sistema sale 250. Like new!

    Let the saturday sale continue.   I bought this for my dad and I think he used it for about 20 minutes and then put it in the closet.   I finally took repossession and used for another 20 minutes and then forgot about it.   Time to sell.   Rudistor NX-02 headphone amp.   head-fi member...
  11. attilahun

    Ray Samuels HR-2 Two Piece Amp

    Today is my day to catch up on selling loads of stuff that's piled up in my closet.   Selling my Ray Samuels HR-2 amp in very good condition.   Unit will include umbilical cable to connect the power unit to the amp but won't include a power cord (just as ray doesn't include these either).  ...
  12. attilahun

    Ray Samuels Predator RSA Lifetime Warranty Amp + Dac

    Selling my Ray Samuels Audio Predator amp plus dac. Lifetime warranty except battery, see Ray's website for more info.  Unit is in great shape and works perfectly. Includes charger. Will ship to USA only via USPS. Paypal fees paid by buyer. $10 flat shipping cost including insurance. 
  13. attilahun

    RSA Dark Star: New thread? Review?

    Has anyone created a new RSA Dark Star thread since the last one was closed? I'm eager to learn more about initial impressions, reviews, etc. I've searched and can't find an active thread, apologies if I've missed something here....
  14. attilahun

    All of a sudden my RSA Predator won't work with my iPad via Camera Kit

    So it's been a little while since I last hooked up my RSA predator to my ipad via the USB camera connection kit. Apple has updated the OS since I last used this combo together. Well, I tried last night and got the disturbing message that the device uses too much power and won't work with the...