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  1. yoyo59

    NEWS: Meridian Releases The Explorer Pocket-Sized USB DAC

    is it possible to use the explorer with my M audio speakers? with 3.5mm to XLRs? through the line in
  2. yoyo59

    NEWS: Meridian Releases The Explorer Pocket-Sized USB DAC

    just ordered this meridian explorer brought from US $149 + postage + import tax   still cheaper than £249 here..   hope its a good replacement to my asus STX as I move to mini itx build   :)
  3. yoyo59

    Asus essence STX replacement or upgrade?

    Hey guys im going to be moving to a mini itx build soon and won't be able to use the soundcard due space etc not sure what to do.. or what to get.. im thinking its time for an external option? headphone amp / dac? anyone got any good suggestions? also how would I connect it to the computer...
  4. yoyo59

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    not sure what im doing wrong then :-\   they dont sound good to me but I know they have potential   maybe im comparing them to the X1 too much ..
  5. yoyo59

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    hi guys just wondered if anyone had experienced these with the XONAR STX? i can't help but feel these feel lifeless & very bright, I can't find a track which does anything for me   let me know guys, it seems like the Phillips X1 work very good with the STX
  6. yoyo59

    mac route or pc route for good quality sound output via headphones/speakers

    currently use pc with the essence st, but thinking of getting a yulong d100 dac   I don't know which route to go down..either mac and use fedilia or amarra as a music player or another alternative or keep my pc and carrying on using foobar & wasapi even though its abit flaky in windows 7...
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  8. yoyo59

    Sony NWZ-A865 Release Date?

    I have been seeing this new model pop up here and there, since I sold my X series awhile ago, im very eager to get this model to try out. on sonys website it says its the best of the best sound quality, also its sporting an OLED screen again! I have no idea when they are going to get...
  9. yoyo59

    headphone amp or dac?

    £500, I was thinking maybe an apogee duet? not sure though?
  10. yoyo59

    HD595's: Still Meh

    i didnt like the 595s either but then i got the 600s :)
  11. yoyo59

    denon ah 5000? not impressed

    maybe I need a different amp other than the auss essence st?
  12. yoyo59

    denon ah 5000? not impressed

    like what amp? know any which would suit it well?
  13. yoyo59

    denon ah 5000? not impressed

    recently bought some denon 5000 to pair with the asus essence st, though I was going to be blown away..pretty dissappointed, I prefer ie8 with Sony X which costs way less   any suggestions :S?
  14. yoyo59

    Xonar Essence ST Sneak Peek

    can anyone reccommend me op amps? also what they do as in .. some deliver warm some deliver neutral etc etc thanks
  15. yoyo59

    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    is there any way to increase  the soundcard to its full ability? like better power supply & move it to a better pci slot etc?
  16. yoyo59

    Xonar Essence ST Sneak Peek

    my card always makes poppin noises when starting up and shutting down and also when doing some config in asus centre.. its normal
  17. yoyo59


    my friend is a beatboxer and hes after some good speakers he'll be using shure SM58 mic and is after some speakers which have very nice bass   his budget is 250 pounds   im not sure if he needs an amp too maybe to power the speakers?   all help and suggestions much appriecated
  18. yoyo59

    Denon AH-D5000

      Quote: could you explain your impressions of the d5k when paired with the essence? thanks!     Im after warm/deep bass / crisp/ good soundstage  which I hope the d5k deliver
  19. yoyo59

    good upgrades

    i got some spare cash around 1.5k pounds   if you guys could advise me on things which would make my listening experience better   currently got asus essence st & sen hd 595s & m audio bx5as but hardly ever use the speakers   thanks     if i cant find anything to buy which...
  20. yoyo59

    Sony X or Hifiman 602

    well I got the sony x and it has been great but I seen hifiman have released a new player   so the real question is, is it worth the upgrade from my Sony x?     Thanks!     also will the hifiman be able to play Flac?
  21. yoyo59

    Have no idea..

    i noticed when i went into control panel and turned the quaility back to cd quailty it sounded better than studio quailty? anyone else experienced this? studio quality sounded muddy on my speakers, also in foobar when i select primary driver it sounds a tad louder and clearer then when i use it...
  22. yoyo59

    Have no idea..

    Ok got my asus ST, foobar2000, and running vista.. not a clue what asio or what wasapi is or how to work it.. ive read countless threads and im still clueless, ive downloaded wasapi but dont know what to do with it? also does wasapi make the sq better or somthing? could someone please run me...
  23. yoyo59

    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    so got my ASUS essence ST, my Senheiser hd595s , and my bx5as...hooked everything up, everything sounds good, but the speakers really nice, just wondering if i could tweat some settings to get more out of it card? just using foobar2000 v1.0.3   and using vista  , heard something about ASIO4ALL...
  24. yoyo59

    Headphones/headset to get the most from Asus Xonar Essence STX Card

    well i heard people have problems with hd 650s with the highest gain etc, id suggest some hd 595s on lowest gain  
  25. yoyo59

    connecting BX5a

    ok i payed an extra 10 pound to get it next day delivery.. waited in all day yesterday nothing... arrived just this morning.. and they sent me the ST not STX.. i've just opened a claim agianst them on paypal so pissed off, its a offical website but i payed through paypal luckily.