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  1. oneguy

    SOLD: Singxer SU-1 with mods

    I am selling my Singxer SU-1 with the following mods because I no longer need it with the May DAC. -Sparkos Regulator (mainbaord PSU) -Capacitors -Multi Layer Capacitor Removal -Oscillator - 1PCS (XMOS clock) -NDK Oscillators - 2PCS (main clock) -LT3045 Regulators - 2PCS (XMOS PSU) -LT3045...
  2. oneguy

    WTB: Pro-ject Speed Box S2

    I’m looking for a Pro-ject Speed Box S2 in black. Let me know if you have one you are looking to part with.
  3. oneguy

    FS: MGE T100R-1800 (newer version of Topaz/MGE Isolation Transformers)

    I am selling three MGE T100R-1800 isolation transformers. These are newer versions of the much sought after MGE/Topaz 91XXX—3X isolation transformers (T1 series). I wanted a closer look at one of curiosity but it was a package deal for 3 so here I am. These only accept 60hz or else I’d take...
  4. oneguy

    SOLD: Topaz 91091-31

    Selling my Topaz 91091-31 with 10AWG silver plated Teflon wire and rhodium plated plugs. I’ve never used it and looking to pare down from the seven Topaz/MGE isolation transformers that I currently have for SOLD shipped including PayPal fees. Lower offers will not be accepted.
  5. oneguy

    SOLD: Topaz 91095-32 500va Isolation Transformer

    I am selling my 500va Topaz 91095-32 with 0.0005pF of capacitance because I am moving to Japan in December. The price of SOLD includes shipping and PayPal fees but not insurance above the standard $50 for USPS. Let me know if you’d like additional insurance and that can be added in. Additional...
  6. oneguy

    SOLD:Topaz 91002-32 (2.4KVA) in Custom Case

    I am selling my Topaz 91002-32 transformer custom installed in an aluminum enclosure. All wiring is 10 AWG mil-spec silver plated wire with Teflon insulation. Receptacles are hospital grade receptacles. The IEC is a 20A receptacle. The fuse is a silver plated 20A ceramic fuse inside a military...
  7. oneguy

    FS: DIY Power Cables (Updated 10 May)

    I am selling some of my power cables that I have created over the last year or so to test different theories. More cords will become available as I replace the rest of the DIY cords in my stable. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Insurance beyond the standard $50 for USPS priority...
  8. oneguy

    SOLD: microRendu (2.8) and iFi 9v Power Supply

    iFi power supply and microRendu being sold. The power supply works fine. Th microRendu can be seen by the network but does not see DACs connected with it. The mR was sent to the last buyer working and came back to me not being able to see DACs. It’s not financially feasible for me to send this...
  9. oneguy

    SOLD: microRendu (2.7) and iFi 9v Power Supply

    Selling microRendu with Sonicorbiter OS 2.7 and an iFi 9v power supply. $SOLD shipped to your door anyway in the continental US.
  10. oneguy

    SOLD: Pink Faun I2S Bridge

    I am selling a Pink Faun I2S card. The cost is SOLD shipped including PayPal fees. This is a great addition for those looking to go directly fro their computer to DAC and not use USB.
  11. oneguy

    FT: Black Yggy A2 Gen 5

    I am looking to trade my black Yggy A2 Gen 5 for a Spring KTE or Spring 2 KTE. I am the original and only owner of the Yggy and it was bought as an Analog 2 Gen 5, not upgraded. I am only looking for a Spring KTE or Spring 2 KTE. Please do not contact me about other trades.
  12. oneguy

    SOLD: LH Labs Pulse Infinity

    LH Labs Pulse Infinity for sale. Only the AES input works. Balanced and unbalanced outputs both work. SOLD including PayPal fees and shipping. It will ship with both the cork and gloss black top.
  13. oneguy

    Jade II Discussion

    Thread started to carry the torch on the Hifiman Jade II discussion. Initial cost set at $2,500 and includes amp and headphones.
  14. oneguy

    SOLD: KGSSHV Carbon

    I am selling my Carbon that was only used 6 weeks before I moved back to to the US so basically brand new. This Carbon was received back in May from Soren and I am the original owner. The only reason I am selling this is I need to put a down payment on a T2 build. This comes with an upgraded...
  15. oneguy

    SOLD: Valab Rhodium Carbon Fiber Power Plugs

    I have 3 new pairs of Valab Rhodium power plugs withBarbon fiber barrels. The price is SOLD shipped per pair as a gift. They’ll go out USPS priority mail.
  16. oneguy

    FS: LH Labs USB Cable Separators - $25

    These USB cable separators sell for $49 but here is your chance to get a set of 4 brand new ones for $25. Shipping is included but PayPal fees are not. Please send as “friends and family” or add 3% PayPal fees.
  17. oneguy

    SOLD: LH Labs 1G Micro 1m

    As part of my downsizing efforts I am letting go my LH Labs 1G micro. It’s 1m long and just a solid no-nonsense product. The selling price of SOLD includes shipping Please send money as a gift since the margins are already small on this as it is. Have confidence though as I have over 50 head-fi...
  18. oneguy

    SOLD: LH Labs 2G 1m

    As part of my downsizing efforts I am letting go my brand new LH Labs 2G. It’s 1m long and works as great as you have read from the myriad of sources. The selling price of SOLD includes shipping. Please send money as a gift since the margins are already small on this as it is. Have confidence...
  19. oneguy


    I am selling my KGST which has served me well for the past few months. My reason for selling it is I have recently bought a KGGG amp and currently have a total of 4 amps on hand so I need to thin the herd. The selling price of SOLD includes shipping to the US and PayPal fees. International...
  20. oneguy


  21. oneguy

    SOLD: Emotiva Stealth 8 Speakers

    I am selling a pair of Stealth 8 speakers for SOLD. The speakers are still under warranty until 10 Jun 2019. The warranty will be transferred to the new owner as shown in the photos, one speaker is blemish free, the other has a 2 inch scratch along the top. The speakers will come with one power...
  22. oneguy

    FS: Black Yggy (8 days old)

    Black Yggy for sale that’s only 8 days old. It doesn’t get any more mint than this! Selling because I slightly prefer the Spring KTE and unfortunately I can’t keep both :( The price is FIRM at $2150 + actual shipping + PayPal fees (unless sent as a gift) No trades. No other offers accepted...
  23. oneguy

    SOLD: HeadAmp GS-X Mk2

    Up for sale is a black GS-X Mk2 with DACT. The amp is in 10/10 condition and is set for 115v power. The price is FIRM at $SOLD plus shipping and PayPal unless sent as a gift. It will ship from zip code 96349 via USPS priority mail in a 18”x12”x10.5” box weighing 15.5lbs.