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  1. FastAndClean

    What headphones were completely transformed for the better when you applied EQ?

    i use EQ on hifiman he400i 2020, without eq they are ok, but with eq they are unbelievable for the price, so in this case is mandatory to get the best out of them low end planars lack usually in the bass extension with roll of starting at around 50hz, however the driver is powerful and clean so...
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    Reply to review by 'FastAndClean' on item 'Sabaj DA3'

    i use that dac for years with headphone amp, nice little thing
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    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    they look very small, do you have a photo next to other earphones?
  4. FastAndClean

    The discovery thread!

    thank you for your impressions, i will get a pair
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    Tanchjim in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    How Tanya compare to Moondrop SSR or SSP? i am looking for budged dynamic driver earphone with natural timber
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    The Eclectic Underground Dumpster

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    The Eclectic Underground Dumpster

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    The Eclectic Underground Dumpster

  9. FastAndClean

    suggestion? good: mids, discants, soundstage, use:computer, phone. over ear, closed.

    yes topping have good dacs, just choose something in your price range
  10. FastAndClean

    Hifiman HE400se

    why they stopped he400i 2020?!! are they crazy, that was their best seller
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    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    from those pics it looks like you have no problem, the damping material is not ripped of
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    Neumann NDH 20 sometimes loses right audio channel, cause?

    change the cable of the headphone, if it is not helping you have to open the ear cup and see if there is some loose wire inside
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    Your “wow” headphones

    Hifiman HE500, my first planar, i was amazed how liquid and resolving it sounded with amazing extension on both ends, still miss it
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    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    he uses Ifi black label dac amp combo, it is low impedance (under 1 ohm)
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    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    crin first impressions are up -
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    Drop x HiFiMAN HE-5XX,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
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    Post times it paid off to be an headphone hoarder

    beautiful story, you did good giving her the gear, that is the ultimate goal of our hobby, to bring happiness and joy from our favorite tunes