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  1. James3Toe

    Free Stuff: Acoustic Panels, Turntable Covers, Bose headphones

    Continuing to clear the house before our move next month - Some items that hopefully a fellow Head-Fi member can use (one per person for now) Note: Pick up in 92865 only. PM me to arrange pickup. All items are FREE 1. Five (5) ATS Acoustic Sound Panels - 48in x 24 in - 3 in green color/2 in...
  2. James3Toe

    OPPO BDP-103 Blu-Ray player

    Gone to a good home - NO longer available I am in the process of packing in preparation for a relocation for work. I have made a decision that items that I have not used regularly, or plan to use in the near future need to be sold or passed on to someone who can use it. Here I have an OPPO...
  3. James3Toe

    FS: Pangea Vulcan Audio Stand

    SOLD: Black 4-Shelf Pangea Vulcan Audio Stand - $50 Stand is in excellent condition with no obvious marks (although it is a little dusty). About 9 months old. Comes with carpet spikes. from the Amazon Page: The Vulcan audio rack is 32" tall Shelves hold up to 66 lbs each Total rack capacity...
  4. James3Toe

    For Sale: Nad M51 DAC

    SOLD For Sale is a mint condition NAD M51 DAC. Functionally and cosmetically in perfect condition. FW version 1.39 OBM and remote included. $495 inclusive of PayPal fees. Shipping from 92865 - charges on the buyer Local pickup possible pm with questions
  5. James3Toe

    For Sale: Schiit Mjolnir 2

    For sale - Schiit Mjolnir 2 SOLD The amplifier is approximately 18 months old, and is in mint functional and cosmetic condition. Was used sparingly as it was one of a number of amplifiers that I owned. Included is everything that originally came with the unit (6BZ7 tubes) Price: $525...
  6. James3Toe

    Sold: Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso

    SOLD: Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso Headphone Amplifier (PCM 1793 DAC) Used sparingly as part of an office system. Functionally and Cosmetically in "as-new" condition. Unit was originally purchased in Dec 2015. Includes Unit, Remote Control, Power Cord, Manual and Box. $500 + shipping to CONUS
  7. James3Toe

    FS: Schiit Loki

    SOLD; Mint Condition Schiit Loki Used sparingly as part of an office system. Functionally and Cosmetically in "as-new" condition. Approximately 1 year old. Includes unit, AC Adapter, Manual and Box $100 + shipping to CONUS
  8. James3Toe

    SOLD: Schiit BiFrost

    For Sale: Schiit BiFrost - SOLD This is an older model Schiit BiFrost, circa 2011 I am the second owner. It was purchased by me in mid 2012. The unit has the USB input. I am not sure what AKM D/A converter chip is in the unit. The BiFrost unit is in overall, very good condition - a couple of...
  9. James3Toe

    Sold: Schiit Loki

    For Sale: Schiit Loki - 03/30/2018 This unit is less than a month old. It is in as new condition and functions perfectly. It was purchased for my wife's office system, but I bought her a Gungnir so this is no longer required. Priced to sell - $115 - I will take care of the PP Fees, you pay...
  10. James3Toe

    FS: ZOTAC GeForce GTX580 3GB graphics card

    SOLD    I have for sale a ZOTAC GeForce GTX580 3GB graphics card.   It comes with all the original accessories (box, cables, adaptors, manual, CD) etc, and is in as new condition.  This was the previous generation flagship NVIDIA card, and is still considered a very high performance unit...
  11. James3Toe

    SOLD - Pro-Ject Debut III - Gloss Red

    I have for sale a Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable in the Gloss Red color. This has been used sparingly by my wife for the last 6 months or so and has performed flawlessly. The unit is in absolutely excellent condition, with no cosmetic damage of any kind (except for a few very minor swirls on the...
  12. James3Toe

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 headphone cable - for HD800 - balanced XLR - 10ft long

    SOLD - a 10 ft long Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 HD800 headphone cable, terminated with ($125 upgrade) Furutech Rhodium plated XLR connectors.   The cable is in immaculate condition, and has seen very little use. I no longer have the headphones, so the cable needs to find another home.  ...
  13. James3Toe

    Shuguang KT88-Z Black Treasure tubes - 1 matched pair - Premium Grade A

    SOLD     I have for sale a matched pair of Shuguang KT88-Z Black Treasure tubes purchased from Grant Fidelity during the second week of July 2010. These tubes come with the "gift presentation" box. They are rated "Premiun Grade A" which are the best quality of tube sold by Grant Fidelity...
  14. James3Toe

    FS: Cambridge 840c - Black

    This has now been SOLD   I have for sale a black Cambridge 840c CD player. The unit is a little over a year old, in pristine condition with no cosmetic defects of any kind. Functionally it performs flawlessly in my wife's home office. Usage has been approximately 5-8 hours a week. I would...
  15. James3Toe

    SOLD: Sony MDR-F1

    These are now SOLD I have for sale, a nice pair of Sony MDR-F1 headphones. I have had them approximately 4 years, but they have been sitting in a closet for quite a while now and not seen any use. They are cosmetically in excellent condition, however the pads should probably be replaced in...
  16. James3Toe

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-W10VTG - SOLD

    A really nice pair of ATH-W10VTG headphones for sale. I bought these from another Head-Fi'er a couple of years ago. They have seldom been used and as such, they really need to find another home. The wooden cups are in fantatstic condition, and I cannot see any signs of damage on them. All...
  17. James3Toe

    FS: MacBook Pro 15.4" MC118LL/A

    SOLD: MacBook Pro 15.4" MC118LL/A - 2.53GHz/4GB ram/250GB HDD/OS X 10.6 This MacBook Pro is approximately 3 months old and in perfect physical and operational condition. Purchased from authorized reseller. The unit has spent its whole life in an incase hard shell, while sitting on my desk. It...
  18. James3Toe

    FS: RSA Apache - CONUS only - ** SOLD **

    For Sale: RSA Apache - Clear Coat/Silver finish Due to changes in my listening habits I have not used this awesome headphone amp very much. It has been relegated mainly to its pre-amp function ever since I added it to my system. However, as my new Mcintosh C2300 arrives next week, I have...
  19. James3Toe

    FS: WooAudio WA3 - (SOLD)

    For Sale - Wooaudio 3 - Silver in color I have for sale, a spare WooAudio 3 that has been sitting unused on my audio shelf for the last 6 months. The unit is approximately 18 months old, and is in pristine condition - There are no cosmetic issues (no marks, scratches, dents, etc) and the unit...
  20. James3Toe

    FS: VPI Scoutmaster or Aries replacement drive belt

    For Sale: VPI (1) Piece Black Nitrile Belt for Scoutmaster, Aries 2.3 and TNT Jr Turntables (may also fit a Scout) - $21 shipped This is brand new VPI part and never used. I no longer have need for it as I have sold my turntable. Paypal preferred - no fee. Shipping included to CONUS...
  21. James3Toe

    FS: Leadtek 7800 GTX MyVIVO Extreme graphics card

    Well my nVidia 8800 GTX graphics card arrived today, so that means my 7900 GTX is going to move to my wifes PC and her 7800 GTX will need to find a new home. The Leadtek 7800 GTX MyVIVO Extreme is approximately 1 year old and has performed flawlessly. It was once the top of the line card for...
  22. James3Toe

    FS: 1m Audience Conductor ICs

    SOLD I have for sale a 1m pair of Audience Conductor interconnects. These are the entry level interconnects from Audience Cable, and are a very nice step up from the usual budget cables from many independent manufacturers. These are about 8 months old, and are in mint condition. Retail...
  23. James3Toe

    FS: Some CD and SACD discs

    As part of my continuing end of summer clearout, I have a few CDs and SACDs for sale. The SACDs are hybrids. All discs are in pristine condition. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. Paypal preferred (no fees). SACD 1. Anne-Sophie Mutter - Tchaikovsky.Korngold Violin Concertos...
  24. James3Toe

    FS: SACDs

    As part of my end of summer clearout, I have a few SACDs for sale. These are SACD hybrids. All discs are in pristine condition. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. Paypal preferred (no fees) 1. Janos Starker - Dvorak Cello Concerto in B Minor (Mercury Living Presence) - (028947566083) -...
  25. James3Toe

    FS: Audio Rack

    This has now been SOLD I have available an Elite EL-471 A/V rack that has been sitting in storage for the last year. It is in very good condition with no physical damage and as far as I can see no cosmetic issues either. I need the space in my storage locker, so I am pricing it...