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  1. noseallinit Payment Now Accepted at HeadRoom!

    this is good! thank you for making it available for us as an option..
  2. noseallinit

    Denver, NC Mini-Meet, February 20, 2011

    glad all of you had fun! really wanted to attend but sick i am. slept off and on all day.    among everything else, i would like to have heard the he6. which setups did y'all listen to them on? how easy are they to drive?
  3. noseallinit

    Charlotte area mini-meet <> February 20

    me too! ..since i'm in need of a set of balanced configured headphones.    with such a nice list of headphones, hopefully it will give me a chance to compare a few with me headroom buda/ udac.   up until now i have only been able to enjoy single ended stock grado rs1 and hf2 with me...
  4. noseallinit

    Charlotte area mini-meet <> February 20

    i will have to take a day off from work but i am in like flynn.. 
  5. noseallinit

    wtb: home module for hr desktop millet hybrid

    wtb a home module for headroom desktop millet hybrid. this module is specific to the desktop millet hybrid.   this may be pretty close to impossible in finding without having to buy the desktop millet hybrid itself. so i am also interested in purchasing a desktop millet hybrid w/ home...
  6. noseallinit

    vitality rca audio cable

    i recently purchased from the cablepro two vitality rca audio cable's to go with my recent purchase of a headroom desktop millet hybrid. the vitality rca cables are links from the udac to desktop hybrid and to the desktop bi-amps.    this recent upgrade to my setup is screaming at me to...
  7. noseallinit

    HeadRoom Millett Desktop Hybrid Amp

    thanks jorge! will do..   headroom is just great to deal with and i so enjoy the products it produces. mike is helping me find a home module to complete the desktop millet hybrid and i sure do appreciate his help!   i'll be glad to know when i can go after work tomorrow afternoon to pick...
  8. noseallinit

    HeadRoom Millett Desktop Hybrid Amp

    well, by chance i have found a desktop millet hybrid.    even though i was hoping, i never imagined i would find one quite this fast and it is brand new. won at a raffle by one that cannot tolerate headphones, this desktop hybrid has never been used and has been sitting in a box for at least...
  9. noseallinit

    found/ wtb: headroom desktop millet hybrid amp

    found/ looking to find a headroom desktop millet hybrid.
  10. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    thank you jorge and travis!    i just needed to hear straight from the horses mouth. i'm not sure where i am heading on me next headroom amp and i wanted this to be an option for later as apposed to now.. 
  11. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    let us hope so but they seem to have been made for one another. words spoken of upcoming products, the ultra micro dac soon to be off the shelves and the possibility of never seeing a new balanced dac. i'm not sure what to think but was hoping headroom might be able to say something on this..  ...
  12. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    travis,    so how long will the balanced ultra desktop amp be in production after the discontinuation of the ultra desktop dac?    thank you,  nose   Quote:
  13. noseallinit

    found/ wtb: headroom desktop millet hybrid amp

    found/ looking to find a headroom desktop millet hybrid. 
  14. noseallinit

    (SOLD) Violectric HPA V100 Headphone Amplifier

    i have read that 1/4 trs connections are used in balanced equipment just like xlr.   three of their amps have balanced inputs. they also have two 1/4 trs headphone outputs.    yet by their site i do not see that they say these amps are capable of balanced output.    was curious..  ...
  15. noseallinit

    desktop bi-amp q:O)

    for a month now i have been enjoying headrooms desktop bi-amps. the desktop bi-amps appealed to me for i have been reducing me stereo footprint around my mac and upgrading the quality of the components. they are a great solution since i enjoy headrooms headphone amps. only wish there were...
  16. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    thank you travis!   i got a udac in monday that i got here off the for sale forums and i am loving it.    i have yet to use the usb connection on any of the two previous hr dac's i have owned so i have not tried the usb connection on the udac yet.    i know i read something about one...
  17. noseallinit


    YoNni22 sold me his Headroom Ultra DAC.    cosmetically it is in excellent shape. 9 to 10. excellent dac by headroom! i myself need to upgrade a couple of weak links in the chain for temporary use until i find a new headphone/ preamp.   shipped in original box and was here by the next...
  18. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    me myself has always like the design of headrooms micro and desktop components over much that i see on the market. very clean design! i also prefer the micro and desktop over their earlier products. that is not saying that i do not see other designs that i like more but most that i do like do...
  19. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    very strange indeed! to discontinue the udac when the buda is still up for sale.    why totally discontinue just for a usb upgrade? for years it is something that ones have wanted on headroom dac's. does the coaxial and optical connections on the udac not handle 192? or does it just...
  20. noseallinit

    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

    i'd like to know what is going on to. what's up?
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  22. noseallinit

    Now at Qables: New Sugden Masterclass HA4 Headphone amplifier.

    sugden's masterclass series is just stunning to look at but this amp confuses me a little.. why balanced input and no balanced headphone out?(if benefits are as good I'd rather not re-terminate me headphones to balanced) if preamp is a feature why would they not put balanced outputs/...
  23. noseallinit


    purchased some cable from Justin and in less than three days it was in me mailbox. I would not think twice about doing transactions with him again. he went out of his way to help me get what I needed! product was just as he said and packed very well for shipping. thank you Justin for helping...