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  1. hifi80sman

    JBL CLUB 700

    Currently on sale for $149, which places it right in the mix with other on-ear headphones. Just picked these up and loving them so far after a day out and about! So far: PROS - Build quality is far above the competition at...
  2. hifi80sman


    Anyone have experience with these yet? They look nice with a sort of industrial style and seem to be the best built JBL wireless headphones to date. I wasn't impressed with the cheesy looking Everest line, which was also cheaply built and felt really flimsy...
  3. hifi80sman

    1More Triple Driver BT In-Ear

    Don't see much about these on the forum. I just picked them up for $79 (original retail $199) and I have to say, these are really good. I found the wired Triple Driver IEM, out of the box, doesn't sound the greatest; it's a little bloated in the high-bass/low-mid area and lacks some air, so it...
  4. hifi80sman

    Archgon Delicato Over Ear Hi-Res Headphones - Impressions

    Just picked these up at Amazon on a whim, and wow, pretty darn impressed. These things sound like a better version of the Sony MDR-1A. I find myself reaching for these cans more than any of the other dozen or so I have. The sound is so well textured throughout the entire frequency range and...