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  1. deathzero34

    Looking for A good sound card

    An asus stx or st xonar would be a good choice.   Poke arround the forum, and compare what ppl   are saying about the different cards.
  2. deathzero34

    Plantronics Pc-Audio 300 Desktop Microfone is deffective?

    There is a microphone boost thing in windows. If you haven't activate, it can sound like that. I am not talking about the boost level.   Assuming you are in windows 7, the custom tab hold the boost setting you should apply.     I am not a fan of plantronics equipement. I must have had...
  3. deathzero34

    pc 360 vs hd 580 for gaming??

    I have a pair of PC360 with a xonar stx. I could never be happier. Sure the bass are not overwhelming but you wouldn't want that in a game anyway. They have a really precise soundstage that can let you pin point footstep and such. The integretated microphone is also a breeze and so natural to...
  4. deathzero34

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    As the bose were 350$ I suspect she is willing to spend that much. 2-3 hours and for music choice, its pretty diversify, might as well consider everything.
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    Best general purpose audio (headset, amp) for a desktop computer. And mic.

    have you considered the PC360 by Sennheiser?   I own a pair myself and they are really well suited for gaming. Extremely comfortable, the microphone is sturdy, ( I always have fear on those bendy straw microphone) the microphone also have the simplest mute system. They are opened so you can...
  6. deathzero34

    Looking for 2.1 speakers other than the Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    I see you up your budget by a good amount. You might be able to find something with better quality at that price. 2.1 setup are usually built from 2 set of monitor and an added sub.   The AV-40 or (the b5x D2) and a random sub is a popular mix in the computer forum. Since the AV-40 are...
  7. deathzero34

    Looking for 2.1 speakers other than the Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    I know this sound kinda redundant but why not buy an other one if you were happy with it.
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    Where exactly is that stated? Was it just a defect product the guys unfortunately received? I have never heard the HS80M have problem with an asus card.   I would suspect the cabl between the HS80M of that idividual to be of poor quality, broken or the jack was broken.
  9. deathzero34

    2.1 speaker system under $100

    Indeed a favorite of head-fi forum are the Klipsch Promedia. 2.1. You can find them cheaper on ebay for 125ish (used)     A lot of ppl recommend edifier speaker and they have a range of 2.1 set for more or less 100$. Although not a whole of ppl have tested them. I think their relability is...
  10. deathzero34

    2.1 speaker system under $100

    Does it absolutly have to be a 2.1 set up?   and what exactly do you do when your headset is off? style of music ?
  11. deathzero34

    Hooking up a subwoofer to my M-Audio AV 40s

    what exactly is the "interface"?
  12. deathzero34

    Another A2 vs AV40 or whatever <$200 speakers comparison

    From the datasheet provided in the manual of the AV 40 :   You can see that the headphone jack is already amplified. I doubt the sound would be better. It would just be amplified, twice once by the circuit inside the...
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  14. deathzero34

    Discrete PC for living room

    Does your laptop have a external sata connector? if so you could connect your drive directly to it.   If not :   This is a cheap way to interface all your drive to usb or Esata.   Im sure you can find a USB dac thread on...
  15. deathzero34

    Discrete PC for living room

    If you wish to rebuild a cheap box that could be used as a big music player the amount you are willing to spend to fix your issue will be required.   and no, a lot of motherboard may come with an optical out but some doesnt and quality will also be questioned if its integrated into the MOBO.
  16. deathzero34

    Another A2 vs AV40 or whatever <$200 speakers comparison

    Some speakers you mention are powered speakers. It is somewhat redundant to amplify the signal that would enter them and in some case could damage the speaker.   or do you mean having an extra line out out of the speaker to plug the headphone?   in order of quality of what ppl usually...
  17. deathzero34

    RSA Predator or?????

    Wouldn the Dacport eat the battery out faster. I know I might be pushing but do you know the difference of the battery life between the dacport vs predator?
  18. deathzero34

    Adam A3X or Genelec 8020A ?

    I`m sorry to hijack the thread (kinda) but I was wondering how forgiving were the Adam A3x if you move around a room a bit. (since they are supposed to be nearfiled monitor.) how well do they fill a room?   And did you find the bass of the a3x lacking. (IE: would you recommend what multiple...
  19. deathzero34

    First set of bookshelf speakers

    I know bestbuy in canada hold the b5x d2 and they have a 7days return policy. You could have the very least try them and return them if they don't fit what you want. Same thing with amazon. (but with amazon you might have to pay shipping back)
  20. deathzero34

    Is my sound card broken?

    Well, an audio card is an audio card. It obviously doesn't have the quality of a 1500$ item but it didn't cost has much. Also what fit for you might not fit for others. IE: if you are unable to spend 1500$ then an audio card is just fine... I also never heard that many bad review about the...
  21. deathzero34

    Xonar Xense: buzz sound when I play video games

    well, at this point I would say to try an other PSU if possible. The PSU got bigger capacitor and can create a lot of interference if its a cheap brand. You could to be 100% sure also switch to an other GPU just to test it and make sure that is the problem. If you feel like being experimental...
  22. deathzero34

    Xonar Xense: buzz sound when I play video games

    try uninstalling or disabling the onboard audio. that could help. Making sure there is no conflict between both.
  23. deathzero34

    NAS device suggestion

    There not much that can be done about the speed. If you consider that the throughput of the disk inside the case is the slowest thing in any computer/network. If you want to gain speed you would need to go for a raid system or SSD and even there the USB connection is not the best for the job...