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  1. kumar402

    FS : Tubes of 6922 Family

    Following Tubes are on Sale. The tubes works fine with Schiit Valhalla, Liquid platinum or any amp that accepts tube of 6922 family I can bundle in below tubes along with default tube 1. 6922 NOS Amperex Holland Made Goldpin matched pair by VALVO 1960, I will put in the bill. - $120 - Very...
  2. kumar402

    FS: Liquid Platinum

    Hi, I have a mint condition liquid platinum available. I’m looking for $400 net to me. PyaPal and shipping on you or $450 with free shipping and PayPal fee.It will come in original box and packaging. I bought it in 2019 but then I ended up getting several amp at same time and hardly used it...
  3. kumar402

    FOUND : Intel NUC 8 i3 or i5 Tall for Roon ROCK

    Hi, I am looking to get this used to build my Roon Core. Let me know if anyone wants to offload one.
  4. kumar402

    FS:on Hold: Massdrop THX 789 in India

    Hi, available for sale is my Massdrop THX789 amp. Please PM me if you are interested. Local Pickup available in New Delhi. I can bundle it with Massdrop Airist R2R DAC with Schiit PYST RCA cable for end to end system. Please do let me know we can work out this Combo price in Indian currency.
  5. kumar402

    sold : Meze Empyrean - Sold

    hi, Up for sale is my Meze empyrean. I have babied this headphone to a degree that I never put them on headphone stand. I am no longer able to use Open back headphone at home and as a result I have to let go of this wonderful headphone. This is packed in It's suitcase for past 1 month. Will be...
  6. kumar402

    Massdrop THX789 + Schiit Gungnir A2

    hi, I am will willing to let go 2 of my favourite items as bundle. Schiit Gungnir 2 is available individually for $950 As a Combo I'm ok to sell it at $1350(950+ 400). Both are almost brand new and are only 3 months old. PM me if you are interested. This doesn't cover shipping and PP. You are...
  7. kumar402

    SOLD: New Schiit Gungnir A2 Gen 5

    Hi, I have to part ways with this DAC even though I am in love with it as soon I will be moving out and this is 110V Gumby for NA and Canada. If you love dense tonality in Vocals, 3D Soundstage, layering look no further. This is latest version and I bought it from Schiit just 5 months back...
  8. kumar402

    Found: Metrum Acoustics Onyx

    hi, Please let me know if anyone is looking for sale. I’m interested in trying out R2R DACs.
  9. kumar402

    SOLD :SMSL SU-8 v2 DAC

    Hi, I’m planning to sale this DAC I got few months back. This is 10th anniversary edition. It will come in original packing with Remote and USB cable. Also this is a balanced DAC. It’s not even used for 10 hrs. As good as new. Since I have Qutest and Gumby so I don’t really need another DAC. I...
  10. kumar402

    [WTB] ZMF Aeolus

    let me know if anyone is planning to sell. You can PM me. Shipping Location : USA