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  1. pancakeplease

    How do I connect my Subwoofer???

    Ohh gotcha that makes sense. So with this method, the low pass filter should work on the sub still right? Im not entirely sure if the low pass filter will work or not.    This is what the SVS manual says about that:    "There two sets of output connectors on the STA-400D. One set (labeled...
  2. pancakeplease

    How do I connect my Subwoofer???

    Wait  Sorry bit confused. If I have 1 stereo receiver/integrated amp, you're saying use the Pre-Out with RCA cables and put those into the sub's line in? I dont understand the high pass to speaker amp's line in part.    Currently I'd have a dac into the integrated amp's audio 1 line in...
  3. pancakeplease

    How do I connect my Subwoofer???

    Sorry i feel like I'm taking crazy pills so someone please clarify this for me. It's about loudspeakers and a sub but I'm sure a lot of you have experience or knowledge with it.    I'm seeing Marantz and NAD is one of the top and most popular selling brands when it comes to integrated stereo...
  4. pancakeplease

    SHURE SRH840s, like new

    Price lowered. $100
  5. pancakeplease

    SHURE SRH840s, like new

    Have Shure SRH840s barely used still have box with all the extra stuff like adapters, leather tote bag, extra ear pieces, etc.  spiral coil cord I didn't use this much at all. music listening time was about 30 minutes every month or two. Immediate bills have come up so I need to part...
  6. pancakeplease

    FS: BRAND NEW Objective2/O2 Headphone amp made by JDSLabs including charger

    SOLD       Sigh, I just received this amp today. I was real excited for it but something came up suddenly and I am in need of a money quick. Which made me realize that buying this amp was not the best financial decision. Unfortunately it's when things are urgent you start to see your...
  7. pancakeplease

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Quote: Where are you located? I ordered my charger off Mouser for $20 shipped and got the good charger. It took them 2 days to get it over here.  The O2 blog details page has the exact models of the chargers you can use so its really not too hard to just look them up. Plus the charger...
  8. pancakeplease

    Headphone Amp and receiver chain

    Current chain:   Computer onboard (via digital optical out) > Denon Receiver > Headphone out.     I'm getting a headphone amp and have a few options on how to add it into this chain.    1) Computer onboard headphone out 3.5mm > 3.5mm Input Line In on Headphone Amp > headphones  ...
  9. pancakeplease

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Quote: I figured it out. It came with 2 sets of screws. I'm good.          On another note, I can't wait to see what his full desktop+usb dac version looks like. This current O2 is said to be better than the new E17 and the M-stage and for $150, it's a pretty good deal, so...
  10. pancakeplease

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Quote: I'm assuming you bought it preassembled? I bought the front panel and a completed PCB and bought the enclosure somewhere else so I dont have to wait until the preorder is up. I got the enclosure today and can't get the screws on... ****  
  11. pancakeplease

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Lucky. When'd yours ship out?  I think mine will be here around Thursday.. can't wait. Quote:  
  12. pancakeplease

    desktop amp under $140

    Quote: check the objective2 thread. Mine cost me $145 shipped.
  13. pancakeplease

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Quote: This is the one he recommends. At least for the cheap price.   Outmeasured the expensive uDAC-2. 
  14. pancakeplease

    So.. does anyone know anything about painting?

    Hmm I might call around and pay like $20 for someone to do it for me or just leave it. It has some scratches and stains and smells a bit odd so I wanted to redo the covering. 
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  16. pancakeplease

    So.. does anyone know anything about painting?

    Anyone a bit of a hobbyist for painting and crafts? Auto repair, whatever, etc.    I'm looking to COMPLETELY strip everything off this receiver's cover/coating and repaint it. It's pretty much gray on the inside (metal) and the outside is black. It's got some scratches and stains on the...
  17. pancakeplease

    Help choosing a portable amp and/or DAC for my Android phone (less than $100)

    The source will be my Android mytouch 4g and I'm looking for a DAC/AMP to listen to music with. I sold my Ipod Classic because the Android phone does all my music. I can't possibly have all my music on 32gbs but I use Audiogalaxy to stream high quality audio off my desktop which gives me access...
  18. pancakeplease

    Get the most of my headphones

    Just came back and read this. Thanks for the thorough reply. Reading the responses again after learning helped clear some more things up for me. Quote:  
  19. pancakeplease

    Why does 1 of my receivers sound worse than the other?

    I have 2 receivers. One is a Denon and the other is an Onkyo. The Onkyo is much newer with HDMI and all that stuff but the Denon sounds better. Noticeably. Is it because the Denon has a better built in DAC? Or can it be due to something else? Btw, this is for both speakers and the headphone out...
  20. pancakeplease

    Maverick Audio A1 Tubemagic Hybrid (Solid State/Tube) Amp (Comes with Factory matched Raytheons, Tung-Sols, and JAN5670 tubes) (Price Dropped)FS

    What are the tubes for? I.E. differences between them? Can these power bookshelf speakers with a 10" sub?
  21. pancakeplease

    Do I need a DAC/AMP? I have a receiver

    Quote: Wish I had a better answer but I've never been able to listen to a really good headphone amp/dac combo. I have computer as source with flac music going through digital optical to my receiver. My receiver however, makes the music sound amazing. it could depend on your receiver too...
  22. pancakeplease

    Burn-in. Real or not?

    Quote: Ah haha sorry for the confusion. Yep in agreement here :)    
  23. pancakeplease

    Burn-in. Real or not?

    Quote: I'm not following. Where's the error in my logic? Its phrased a little weird, I was groggy but I was stating that burn in is real. BurnIn is simply mechanical parts getting older. 
  24. pancakeplease

    To grill or not to grill.

    Sounds different on mine. Polk Monitor 30 Series II. The screen as thin as it is, makes the sound come out in unison and somewhat blended. Without the screens, it's a lot clearer in my opinion.