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  1. LeonvB

    did I blunder in my speaker amp choice? (50 watt ?)

    You could try DIY, an example:  
  2. LeonvB

    sound card advice, dead onboard

    IMO the standard Creative cards for the most part simply aren't worth their money. My X-Fi music only became a good value after modding it, before I found the improvement over my on-board card rather disappointing. Out of the box, the Asus STX IMO offers a better value despite their higher...
  3. LeonvB

    rudistor rp-030

    Quote: That's likely for various reasons: 1. PFC. This is mandatory in the EU, and high PFC numbers are easily reached using a switched PSU. 2. Efficiency. A switched PSU often has a higher efficiency, which is about to become mandatory. 3. Convenience. Nowadays it's quite easy to...
  4. LeonvB

    PS Audio Digital Link III vs. Stello DA220 vs. Rega DAC ?

    I own a DA220 MKII. I don't use it anymore, as I've built a TPA Buffalo II DAC in dual mono configuration. I've not listened to the Rega or PS, but did listen to some others. The DA220 is playing at about the same level as a single BII without upgrades like Trident regulators, which means it's...
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    PS Audio Digital Link III vs. Stello DA220 vs. Rega DAC ?

    I assume you mean the Stello DA220 or DA100?
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    ECC or non ECC memory

    Quote: In fact talking about DDR1 theres no that difference in price between ECC and non ECC, probably because theres large demand on nonECC This is nonsense. The PCB is more complex, and 9 instead of 8 chips (72 bits instead of 64) are needed for each rank. So an ECC module is ALWAYS...
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    "The State of USB Audio"

    Haven't read the article, but as far as USB goes: it's good. Is it flawless? No. Right now we have either synchronous or asynchronous transfer using USB. Synchronous mode is capable of resending data that is corrupted during transfer, but it can't get priority. So you need a big buffer to cope...
  8. LeonvB

    Dacs with the new sabre dac chip?

    Samsungs Bluray player BD-P2550 uses the Sabre chip. The Krell S-1200/S-1200U models use it. Wavelength uses it on the Denominator. Peachtree in the Nova. McIntosh uses it in the MCD500. I'm sure there are more, but these were the ones I could find with a simple google search.
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    Help on Components for New Build PC

    Quote: I have fairly clean audio, but cannot hear it, and cannot adjust the volume to a suitable level. I find that hard to believe, but if true you certainly would need a good amp. What kind of headphone are we talking about?
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    Solid state drives v/s Harddisks: Any different in Sound quality?

    We've just tested some SSDs in our notebooks. The current SSDs show vastly superior performance, plus the notebook is absolutely silent. The price per GB is still a problem, but in the past 3 months the prices have been cut in half. If the pricedrops continue in this rate, soon SSDs will replace...
  11. LeonvB

    Query about HDDs

    Quote: dont go and immediately copy like 500gb of data into it. let it run and cycle and few days, similar to how we burn in cables and gear. Absolutely nonsens. HDDs almost never fail within the first few days (<0.1%). If they do, you have found yourself a VERY bad supplier, that...
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    Query about HDDs

    Quote: Not true. WD makes a "RAID edition" (RE) which is an INTERNAL drive optimized for use in RAID arrays. They do have some better specs (like longer MTBF) but nothing speed related IMHO. That being said, the RE drives are not recommended for use outside of a RAID array, as they have...
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    Music Server - Olive Opus No. 4

    Quote: Especially the Sooloos is "just" a simple PC Well, the Arcam MS250 isn't that much different except that Arcam made a custom sound card for it.
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    Music Server - Olive Opus No. 4

    If you run the Slimdevices software the "PC" can be a simple, passive device running a simple OS like FreeNAS. Although quite a bit of work initially, it requires virtually ZERO amount of work afterwards. The cost of a device like this is around €125,- (ALIX board including enclosure, power...
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    Squeezbox Duet vs Classic

    Google on "actiontec router manual". First hit you get contains this link: See a.o. page 33. You really have to do something yourself, like reading the manual.
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    Moving next to a dam - good idea for cleaner electricity?

    I'm just amazed you could hear anything about 300ft away. BTW Did the neighbours complain?
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    Squeezbox Duet vs Classic

    Which router would that be?
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    Slim Devices' Transporter from Logitech

    Quote: Would it make any difference (enhance) if I add a preamp in the K1000 rig? You're mixing things up: the Signature 30.2 has no pre-amp input. So whatever you do, you'll always go through the pre-amp stage of your current amp, unless you swap it out entirely. Quote: I...
  19. LeonvB

    Slim Devices' Transporter from Logitech

    As you can see there's 2 types of Signature 30.2's: Red Wine Audio Products The one with a big extra knob is the one with a built-in pre-amp. There's no bypass for the pre-amp stage, an additional pre-amp with the associated connectors + cable in the chain can not lead to a improvement. A...
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    Just got free speakers, now what else do i need?

    That is almost totally wrong. 1. First order (6db) filtering is difficult. If you try that with delicate units, you'll wreck them. Fi. Ribbons mostly require 3rd or even 4th order filtering. Although domes are tougher, you'll have to carefully select the tweeter (and the mid) if you want to do...
  21. LeonvB

    Just got free speakers, now what else do i need?

    Receiver = tuner + amp. amp = preamp + power amp The preamp stage supplies enough voltage, and regulates the volume. It also acts as an input selector. The power amp stage takes care of the current. Beware you don't buy a power amp: you won't be able to control the volume without buying a...
  22. LeonvB

    Slim Devices' Transporter from Logitech

    I'd use a good coax cable to connect the Stello to the Duet. After that, you place your preamp. Here indeed a good XLR cable should be used. And behind that the power amp. Since the amp isn't balanced, use a very good IC. P.S. does this mean your Stello has arrived?
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    What DAC should i be looking out for?

    Stello DA100 or DA220 (perhaps a MKII).
  24. LeonvB

    Slim Devices' Transporter from Logitech

    I'd try it first before applying an equalizer. IMO a good source going into a pretty neutral amp going to decent phones shouldn't need EQ. Should you feel it does, you've propably chosen the wrong combo. Everyone has different ears and different tastes: you have to pick what sounds right to you...
  25. LeonvB

    Slim Devices' Transporter from Logitech

    I don't think an equalizer is needed. With the MKI of the Stello: yes, but not with a MKII.