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    Whiplash Audio

    I placed an order with Whiplash Audio on Sunday for Twag V2 cables that were listed in stock however I haven't got any notification of shipment. I tried calling and e-mailing but no one is responding to me.
  2. user1029

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by matt8268 As a UE-11 owner, how should I take this comment with regards to an upgrade? I really enjoyed my UE-10s when I first got them (won them at Can Jam), and never went back to my Shure se530s. Then I bought the UE-11's, and never went back to my UE-10s...
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    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict That's not fair, I never got to rest in medical school ! hah I cherish those free moments dearly
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    Ipod Touch / Iphone LOD

    Qables Performance Line iPhone LOD offers the best bang for the buck at $45 shipped. PM SACD-Man
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    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Linthicum UE11s transport you. They put you in the middle of the performance. The listening experience is like a mini-vacation. I couldn't have described the experience any better. After a long, hectic day of medical school, nothing beats...
  6. user1029

    Would I prefer the sound signature of the UE11 to what I already own (please read specifics)

    Switching back and forth between the TF10s and UE11s connected to a Predator amp, I find the UE11s to be 30%-40% bassy-er but in an appealing not muddy kind of way.
  7. user1029

    I need custom molds for my UE 10's where to buy?

    I would advise against that because you have to go deep into your ear canal for a good impression to be made and you have to clean the wax out of your ears. If you never had experience with making ear molds, you might risk damaging your ear drum. Paying $30-$50 for a certified audiologist to do...
  8. user1029

    is it worth the upgrade from ultimate ears super fi 5 pro to triple 10 pro earphones

    Provided that you have no fitment problems with super.fi5s, you'll absolutely love the triple.fi10s. But be careful as it is a very slippery slope toward UE11s haha
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    2 Years away, now back for more advice...

    Quote: Originally Posted by dunny8588 Do you know how much Ultimate Ears tend to charge for cable replacement when they're out of warranty? Is it simple enough to buy the components and do it yourself? The UE replacement cable costs $20; just unplug old cable and plug in new cable.
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    4 Driver Universal IEM

    Quote: Originally Posted by pdupiano So I guess our best bet is for someone to first declare a 5 driver custom
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    broken Qables Silvercab LOD for the iPhone

    Hans is sending me a Silvercab PRO cable to replace my Silvercab! Great customer service!!
  12. user1029

    First UE11 Impressions

    U.S. Olympic Basketball Team Equipped with Ultimate Ears Custom-Fit Earphones | Reuters Quote: Earphones Used By Rock Stars Now Choice Of Star Athletes IRVINE, Calif.--(Business Wire)-- Ultimate Ears, leading producer of in-ear-monitors for professional musicians like Madonna and the...
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    My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n I have UE SF-3 Studio, which are good, but sometimes i want the best i can get. *cough* UE11
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    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by TStewart422 Quick question. Do you guys know if UE will make the faceplate the same bronzish color of the Shure SE530s? I love the way that IEM looks and would love for something similar for the UE11s. Any color is possible
  15. user1029

    broken Qables Silvercab LOD for the iPhone

    thanks for the responses guys! My portable rig has never suffered any trauma but it never occurred to me how delicate silver cables are I just want to add one more observation of my dilemma: If I plug the Qables LOD halfway into my Predator input socket, I get sound in both my right and left...
  16. user1029

    broken Qables Silvercab LOD for the iPhone

    I've only used this LOD for 2 months and now there is no sound in my right earphone. I have already ruled out the Predator and the UE11 as the culprit. Is there any way to repair this LOD? Thanks
  17. user1029

    RSA **Predator** A review in stages ** With some "NEW" images on 1st and page 64 . . .

    Quote: Originally Posted by gp_hebert I bet some people will tell the same burn-in BS with the SR-71 so you better get a Predator now if that's what you want. Listen with your ears and don't believe the hype. I wholeheartedly agree. Unless there is a unanimous, unequivocal...
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    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by bozebuttons I recieved my Ue11s back after sending in a new set of of impressions,fit seems good now.How do you ue11 owners find the isolation? I can hear other people talking pretty easily when no music is playing. When music playing no problem. I find...
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    Pico vs Predator, and the winner is....both!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jojoarmani Pico sounds awesome. I want one, but for $500... sheesh, anything perform as well for $350 or less? I'd even sell my expensive bike for pico; good idea! Isn't the Pico without the DAC only $370?
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    amp recommendations for ue-11s

    Quote: Originally Posted by sant430 So after some digging around, I found that thread (among others), and did a really bad thing; I called Ray himself. Man, his personable customer service is unbelievably awesome!! Anyway, to make a long story short, I took a plunge! I'll start a...
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    RSA **Predator** A review in stages ** With some "NEW" images on 1st and page 64 . . .

    I've burned in the Predator for approximately 700 hours now and I can confidently say that the UE11s coupled with the Predator is a match made in heaven! lol The Predator markedly opens up at around 500 hours!
  22. user1029

    IEMs: Love 'em or Hate 'em?

    UE11s - ain't never going back to lesser IEMs or headphones