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    Denon AH-D7000 For Sale - Pristine Condition

    I am looking to sell my Denon D7000s.    I bought them new from an authorized Denon dealer in December (2010). Since I have been at school, they have seen little use.   They are in absolutely pristine condition and will come with all original packaging inside of the presentation box. ...
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    Question for an EE

    How does a dac work?   No really, I mean does it function essentially like a summing operational amplifier?   If yes, would it be the number of voltage inputs into the operational amplifier that affect its bit depth?   If yes to the above question then doesn't the additional 8...
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    (Sold) Boutique Soloz Audio Master Series 1/8th to RCA Interconnect

      For sale is a mini-RCA cable, it is the resolution master series by Soloz Audio (16 conductors) that is 2 feet in length terminated with Cardas SLVR plugs and a Canare F12. The cable is made of Cardas wire wrapped in Teflon.   I am asking 60$+shipping for this beautiful boutique...
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    Amp /DAC Combo Recommendation

    So I am pairing my gear down to my HD600s with a cardas cable and was looking for a nice amp and dac unit (read the amp and dac in the same unit like the headroom ultra desktop offering) to complement them.   Currently I am looking at: (Company Model - Price w/ Shipping) Headroom Desktop...
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    (Sold) AKG K701 With Upgraded Cardas Cable Direct Mounted by Soloz Audio

    For sale are mint condition AKG K701's that have been upgraded with a 10 foot y-split ultra premium Cardas Cable that has been directly mounted to both drivers by Soloz Audio. Mounting the cable this way reduces the number of solder joints in the signal pathway and eliminates the uneven signal...
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    Ultra Desktop Amp Question

    Hey guys,   I was looking at your new Ultra Desktop Amp with the built in dac and was finding mixed information about the chip you built the dac component around.   Some are saying its the ESS 9008 others are saying its the Cirrus Logic CS4398   Mind clarifying which chip it is?  ...
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    Boutique 1/8th to RCA - Soloz Audio Resolution Cardas Cable

    For sale is a mini-RCA cable, it is the resolution master series by Soloz Audio (16 conductors) that is 2 feet in length with Cardas SLVR plugs, a Canare F12, and is Cardas wire wrapped in Teflon.   I am asking 50$+shipping for this beautiful boutique cable.    Shipping US only
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    K1000 worth while on Millett Max?

    Hello all, I have an interesting opportunity to get a k1000, and was wondering if it would be at all worth while on a Millett Max, the specs on the amp are: CA2: Black Gate NX, 1000uf 25V CA7: Black Gate NX, 680uf 35V CA8: Vitamin Q's, 0.22uf 100V CA9: blank (Wimas elsewhere)...
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    HD600, Cardas Cable Review

    Let me start by describing my listening setup. All my tracks are from clean cds ripped into ALAC and transported (WASAPI) via Monster THX 1000 Optical to a HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC, fed via the SA Cardas to my Millett Max. Here is the story: I had my tubes on for a few hours doing some...
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    Redundancy Alert: HD600 Cable

    Sorry guys, I searched around but didn't find a conclusive answer to my question, so here goes: I currently have an Ultra Micro DAC and a Millett Max and am looking at picking up a stock pair of hd600s. I was looking at re-cabling options, specifically the APS V3 and the Cardas Cable, and the...
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    Hello all, This may not be the best forum for this but I'm curious of you opinions nonetheless. This question is specific to shoes to be worn with a polo and shorts. Do you guys/girls think it is okay to wear casual loafers with a polo and shorts? For example: Lets hear what head-fi...
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    Sold: 2006 Headroom Micro DAC (56k warning!)

    Hello all, A 2006 Headroom Micro DAC, which can also run on two nine volts to become portable, as well as off of AC lines with the included stock 120V Wallwart - SOLD - for $240 shipped (PENDING) -SOLD- This DAC sounds great and is in like-new in box condition. No scratches, marks, or issues...
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    Mosfet output

    Okay all, I am having a Millett Max built and was curious as to what differences the mosfet output stage has over a bjt diamond buffer stage. Specifics on the one I am having built are currently: Can't Miss MAX Build #1 CA2: Black Gate NX, 1000uf 25V CA7: Black Gate NX, 680uf 35V CA8...
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    06 Micro DAC vs Ultra Micro DAC

    That's it, I've heard quite enough. Just got the Ultra Micro DAC and been listening for about two hours now and all I can say is wow. The unit came in to replace my 06 Micro DAC (dated 8/20/07 but its the one that can take 2 9v to be portable) and I actually didn't realize time had passed. I...
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    BNC male to dual RCA female?

    Hello all, I need a BNC Male to Dual RCA Female adapter for a pulse generator, I suspect 30 ohms to match rca plugs would be the best impedance. ideas? Dave
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    Interconnect Impact on Electrical Waveform Lab Support/Donation Thread

    Hello all, In my previous post here - I discussed an experiment I was interested in conducting. Unfortunately, I am unable to supply the various interconnects I need for the experiment and have sought help in you, the head-fi community...
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    Any input on devilsound DAC?

    Hello, I was just taking a look around and found the devilsound DAC and was wondering if anyone had any input on it. devilsound labs - DAC - digital audio cable Interesting design to say the least. Dave
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    Excited about my Order!

    Over the course of a large number of e-mails with Jacob over at Soloz Audio, I have placed an order for my k701 to be recabled to dual-entry with cardas wire and a cardas plug. Also in that order I am getting a boutique Millet Max with blackgates and vit-qs all wired up with cardas magnet...
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    Guitar + Headphones?

    Hello all, Out of curiosity I have a Dean Exotica Spalted Maple Electro/Acoustic that has a 3 equilizer amp that has a potentiometer on it. It has a 1/4th out to go to an amp. Now what I was curious of is if I can plug my k701s into the 1/4th out and use the onboard potentiometer to meter the...
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    Hello Everyone, Here is a place for self-proclaimed (or family and friends proclaimed as in my case) tea-aholics to post their favorite brew and music combo. I guess i'll start it off and say right now it would have to be a nice cuppa two leaves and a bud assam (I love the malty flavor)...
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    1/8th Plug Opinions

    What do all you DIYers out think, Neutrik, Canare, Switchcraft? Other Options? Let Me Know! Dave
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    K701 Re-Cabling

    Hello all and cheers to the first post ( I Hope this is the right section of the forums for this) I Have been using a pair of 701s for six or seven months now and have been enjoying them but feel there is something "lacking". Spending some time on the internet (mostly this forum) has clued...