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  1. wallace


    Anyone in the uk got an unused D4 sitting in a drawer.I want to upgrade my D2+,but can't stretch to a D6.Please help me before i push the button on another thing i can't afford......
  2. wallace

    F/S PA2V2 in UK. SOLD>>

    I am selling my PA2V2,as it is no longer used since i got an ibasso D2.It will come with a charger,Nordost red i/c and new batteries.Shame to leave it the drawer,I would like £35,to include next day postage to uk.
  3. wallace

    F/S in UK My PA2V2

    Can't get the classified to work,anybody in uk want a PA2V2 give me a  pm.
  4. wallace

    Heads up in UK for K518 LE Gift Set Bargain

    I just got a pair of these in Red,c/w hard case,for £39.95 off ebay from hard to find-htfr.Fast delivery,only fault is i can't take them off.Took out the foam inners and put them on .Four hours and no discomfort,they just keep sounding better.Mind you,i think Grado's are comfy.Must be an age...
  5. wallace

    Sony A3000,the lost Gem.!!

    Never mind your ipod,sanza clip etc,!!!I got one of these on ebay a few months ago.Not the most portable,i know,but how many of you go jogging anyway.? For thirty quid plus a tenner for a new battery,if you need one,you can't go wrong. For that, not very princely sum, you get;a 20 gig hard...
  6. wallace

    Help! I need someone in the UK to build my Mini3 Kit for me.

    I have just got a mini3 kit from GlassJar,that i intended to build myself.I can't believe how small the bits are,my old eyes can only just see some of them.I spent most of my life working on contractors plant,the smallest thing i worked on was cement mixers,thou i did repair the odd circuit...
  7. wallace

    Ok How do you get the buttons off 325is's

    Anybody know what glue they use now, to hold the buttons on 325is's.I managed to destroy the plastic grill on my 80i's taking off the button,and then had to replace it with a metal one,much better. I thought it was some hot-melt ,but it must have been superglue!!!.I don't really want to destroy...