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  1. slinger1182

    DC/MD/NoVa Meet Sunday, April 5th from 13:00 to 17:00 Arlington Central Library

    I can bring my SE530. I would bring my Sony SA5000 too but since Dreadhead is also bringing a balanced pair, it would be redundant. Don't have an amp yet, still researching.
  2. slinger1182

    Amps for MDR-SA5000... No Tubes!!

    I too am looking for an amp for the SA5k. Which tube amps would you guys recommend for around 400-500$?
  3. slinger1182

    SOLD: Corda Cantate, Little Dot MK V

    I am interested in the Cantate, can you put up a few pics?
  4. slinger1182

    Washington, D.C. Looking To Meet and Test!

    Any date suits me fine as long as it is a weekend. I live in Baltimore (Owings Mills) so if anyone needs a ride, let me know.
  5. slinger1182

    A different direction to HD580

    Scompton, I really would like to audition any electrostat setup before pulling the trigger on a set. Do you know of any place where I could do it in the D.C. area? I live in Baltimore.
  6. slinger1182

    A different direction to HD580

    elnero: Thanks for your replies. All the reviews I read on here implied that the Denons have more PRaT and more sparkle than the Senns while having comparable soundstaging. But tiemen and tomb have suggested exactly as what you have so I might have interpreted the reviews wrong. So your RS-1...
  7. slinger1182

    A different direction to HD580

    I have been an owner of an HD580 for the past 5 years as a poor graduate student and I loved it. Now that they have been confiscated by my dad and I have a nice paying job, I am looking for a headphone and a complete setup that I can build around those headphones over the next year or so. So I...
  8. slinger1182

    New Sigur Ros album- free stream on!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ninjapixie I actually preferred the last four tracks to the rest of the album. The last four were very intimate an honest, while the rest sounded too cheesy. I liked the first part of Ara batur but its ending sounded like some chick-flick movie score...
  9. slinger1182

    I am looking for a used car

    How come nobody's recommended a Subaru? OK its an AWD, has a bigger and mightier engine than other cars in its price range. Hence the gas mileage is lower than a Civic or a Corolla (I get 32 on highway and about 27 in the city with my base 08 Impreza) but I guess you'll be grateful for it during...
  10. slinger1182

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Just moved to Baltimore from Utah. Have been out of the loop for a bit trying looking to graduate from grad school. Count me in. Don't have much stuff though. Have an HD580 with a 650 cable and hopefully an SE530PTH. Will check your stuff out and then work 12 hours a day trying to afford that.
  11. slinger1182

    Specific moments in music that send chills down your spine

    Pretty much the crescendos of Godspeed You Black Emperor's Moya and the 2nd movement of East Hastings. Seldom have I heard more frightening and powerful sections of music (but man! do they test your patience!). Oh! And Coltrane's Naima is so starkly beautiful, it makes me cry.
  12. slinger1182

    TBAAM help please

    Heh! Sounds like a faulty conductor somewhere. I think you may just have to replace it somewhere down the line.
  13. slinger1182

    Question About Online Music Services

    Hehe, no. When a song is encoded to a lossy format, some information is already gone. So if you write your mp3s to a CD, it would be the same quality as the mp3. If you encode that to FLAC, it will again be the same quality as the original mp3. If you encode the CD stuff to mp3, it will sound...
  14. slinger1182

    Media Monkey - Anybody using it?

    Does MediaMonkey support gapless and replaygain? I might check it out then.
  15. slinger1182

    I keep coming back to Foobar

    Quote: Originally Posted by luckybaer I dunno why it sounds better. I get to kernel stream with Foobar, and I don't think that's the case with Winamp. No, there's actually a kernel streaming plugin for winamp. (I prefer foobar to Winamp...
  16. slinger1182

    Official Foobar Gallery

    Hey Ace, how did you get the album information on a line above the first track? Care to share the code?
  17. slinger1182

    HD280s... stick with 'em? buy an amp? return?

    Err, Gremlin, I really don't think Kramer was attacking you. Read his post again. He is merely directing his opinion strongly at the headphone and not you. EDIT: And let's face it, HD280s sound far too dry for many people to like them. I loved mine but I can also understand people abhoring them.
  18. slinger1182

    Somebody want to back me up?

    Hmm if it resamples to 48Khz anyway, how does it improve the sound quality?
  19. slinger1182

    iTunes "track number" question:

    Umm I am not sure foobar is the way to go here. I have read tagging incompatibilities with iTunes. ASAIK, foobar follows standards and iTunes does not. Kwitel, foobar is a powerful little audio media player. Try it out.
  20. slinger1182

    Somebody want to back me up?

    OT but LOL 003's 97% of Indians are idiots. You did ask for the rascist tag when you said that, 003. I am sure you are not (and I'm an Indian). You may rephrase that to "97% of Indians who answer the support mails are uninformed idiots". Most of the people who work in those telemarketing jobs...
  21. slinger1182

    Awesome electric Carnatic classical/Jazz fusion: Prasanna - Be the Change

    Confession: I don't know much about "original" jazz that is indigenous to the US. I have not heard any American Jazz greats (though I hope to rectify it in the coming years). I do listen to alot of fusion stuff like Trilok Gurtu and Shakti but still jazz doesn't come very easily to me. It just...
  22. slinger1182

    Cheapest source of HD580 with international (USPS) shipping?

    Nope never tried an HD595. $150 shipped sounds about right for a brand new HD580 shipped even in USA; for international shipping it's a very good deal actually. You may see lower prices from some sites but with S&H, it comes to about the same, maybe 10-15$ lower.
  23. slinger1182

    Koss Hilarity.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mercuttio Sorting out that garbage with Sennheiser would take months. I say keep the cable. They're obscenely disorganized for such a huge company. I wasn't gonna return them anyway. I just thought it to be very stupid of the CSA to tell me that cables...
  24. slinger1182

    Koss Hilarity.

    Quote: Originally Posted by VR6ofpain Run them with both the KSC75 clips and thick is the only way to roll with the 35! Hmm, if KSC35s are laid back, wouldn't the thick foamies make it more so?
  25. slinger1182

    Cheapest source of HD580 with international (USPS) shipping?

    Hehe, no not quite. I can't afford other headphones right now though by the end of year I hope to have a high end Grado with decent amps for both. Just a wondering, where do you want it to ship to?