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  1. zombieDave


    Matthew (eneloquent) bought a pair of Beyer DT770 Pro 80's from me. He was brand new to Head-Fi, but I've got to say, he was the most polite & courteous (always keeping in touch with e-mails + PM's) out of the many people who responded to my FS ad. Payment was sent when he said it was, and he...
  2. zombieDave

    FS: Modded Beyer DT770 Pro/80's

    For sale are my modded Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80's . I am looking for $130, which includes shipping. I am the second owner of these cans. The previous owner used them very little and I've prob put about 50-60 hours on them in the past year. They are in excellent condition and come from a...
  3. zombieDave

    What (70's rock song) is this lyric from?

    It's driving me crazy. I heard it at my brother's and cannot get in touch with him for awhile to ask him what old band/album it's from!!! Here it is: 'Cause late in the night when the lights are all down She slips off her stockings and shoes She makes you her lover And let's you...
  4. zombieDave

    Vampire Weekend - studio version of "Everywhere"?

    Hi all, I'm looking for the studio version of Vampire Weekend's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere". I cannot find a studio (or live, for that matter) version anywhere on iTunes, but I have heard a studio version and I've seen them play Everywhere live in Boston. Anybody have any ideas...
  5. zombieDave

    WTT: My cetoole-built Millet Max

    Hey folks, It pains me to do this, but I must trade my cetoole-built Millet Max. My young niece & nephew are about to invade my home so my wife can watch them every afternoon for the next year and I fear for the safety of my beloved tube amp (I have no place else in the house it can go safely...
  6. zombieDave

    FS: Modest Vintage PCDP Collection (4)

    SOLD is my modest vintage PCDP collection, consisting of: (1) Sony D-321 in very good condition. This is the silver unit w/the aluminum cover manufactured in 1993. I have owned a few of these and miss it each time I sell one. Fantastic Line-Out! (2) Sony D-33 in good condition. This is an...
  7. zombieDave


    Withdrawn. zD
  8. zombieDave

    WTB: Meier Corda 2Move or 3Move

    I'm looking for a 2Move or a 3Move in new or "like-new" condition. Since I don't have a PayPal account, I'd like to pay via U.S. Postal Service Money Order (can be cashed right @ your post office when you receive payment!), so the transaction has to take place within the United States. If you've...
  9. zombieDave

    Other than eBay, where to sell comics online?

    Like the title asks - are there any online sites where I can sell some comic books? I'm looking for a setup like we've got here on Head-Fi, if possible. Thanks, in advance, for any advice.
  10. zombieDave

    MA, NH, RI - Lots of 70's/80's rock LP's for Trade

    My mom is selling her old house. I grabbed all the vinyl she was going to dump, which belonged to dad, sis, & bro. There are 23 albums in all and, because I want to trade them as a set and shipping out-of-state would be expensive and a hassle I don't want, I figured I'd put the call out to MA...
  11. zombieDave

    Am I wimpy?

    So, today I was at the gym talking to my favorite "music friend", Andy. He lent me his iPod while I was on the bike 'cuz he wanted me to hear Peter Gabriel's soundtrack work on the film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" (which I loved). We ofter share music - mostly obscure U2 stuff we come across. After he...
  12. zombieDave

    Real Emotional Trash

    I just bought Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks' "Real Emotional Trash" on the basis of a magazine review (sometimes I do this even though I've never heard of the artist, it's fun). I'm halfway through the album and I really dig it. It's hard to categorize, so Indy Jam Rock will have to do. I've never...
  13. zombieDave

    Sgt.Pepper question

    I read that 3 other songs - "Strawberry Fields", "Penny Lane" & "Northern Song" - were recorded along with the Sgt.Pepper's tracks and originally planned to be part of the album, but then dropped from the list and used elsewhere. It's easy to see how they would have fit in seamlessly with the...
  14. zombieDave

    TURBO Diabolous V13 LOD

    SOLD is one TURBO Diabolous V13 LOD. The cable is not very old - it's all black (shrink tubing, sheathing, dock) - and sounds great. It's TURBO's finest LOD, yet! The only imperfection is that I lightly sanded down the edge of the dock where it plugs into the iPod because I needed a "beveled"...
  15. zombieDave

    RnB "Sky-Blue" mini-to-mini cable

    FS is my RnB "Sky-Blue" mini-to-mini cable. It is approx. 11-inches in length and terminated at both ends with Switchcraft swiveling right-angle mini plugs. The braided cable is sheathed in translucent Tech-Flex and light blue shrink wrap (w/the RnB logo) covers both ends where the cable meets...
  16. zombieDave

    FS:Tomahawk in near-mint condition + LOD

    For sale is my silver RSA Tomahawk (ser#T126) + an all-black TURBO Diabolous V13 LOD. The amp has never left the house and is in near-mint condition. I burned it in (250 hours of pink noise) immediately after buying it from Ray (I'm the amp's only owner) but it sees little use these days because...
  17. zombieDave

    FS: some vintage Sony PCDP's

    For sale are 3 of my vintage Sony PCDP's: WITHDRAWN
  18. zombieDave


    WITHDRAWN. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. zombieDave

    RP21's + DT880 VELOUR pads?

    Everybody knows about the Beyer DT880 pleather/leather pads making their RP21's sound better and feel more comfortable, but I was wondering if anybody has tried and preferred the DT880 velour pads? I like my RP21's and I do think the pleather pads help tighten up the bass, but I'm wondering if...
  20. zombieDave

    Some love for the (forgotten?) Total Airhead..

    I picked up a Total Airhead from HeadRoom back when the price dropped to $99 just because I thought it was too good a deal to pass up, and I'm a sucker for portable amps. I was lucky enough to get one of the cool transparent ones and quickly mated it with a vintage PCDP via the line-out and used...
  21. zombieDave

    WTT: My modded SR60's for your PCDP

    I have a pair of Grado SR60's that I would rather trade for a vintage PCDP than sell outright. These SR60's have been nicely modded. First of all, the stock cable has been shortened to 4-feet and terminated with a high-quality black (w/gold tip) Switchcraft mini-plug. This was done to add to...
  22. zombieDave

    EA RP21 disassemble?

    Has anybody taken apart their Equation Audio RP21's yet? I'd like to break them down and re-paint those horrible-looking bronze-colored earcups, but it's not easily apparent (to me anyway) how to do it. Thanks in advance for any help offered. zD
  23. zombieDave

    Current Bright Eyes tour

    Has anybody seen a show on the current Bright Eyes tour? I'm going to see Conor at Lupo's in Providence, RI on Saturday, Nov17th with my best friend and we've got great seats (although Lupo's is a real dive!) I just wanna know what you thought of the show you were at and what we should expect...