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    Worst Rock & Roll Singer, Guitarist, Drummer, Bass Player?

    This thread, just as all of the "who's the best" threads, should've never been born. Please let them die... please.
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    Hello Head-Fi! Phiaton offers you free gear!

    The most important quality of a headphone is its ability to accurately reproduce every aspect of a recording, from frequency response to separation of instruments and everything in between.
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    Shure SE530PTH for 300$?

    same place/price I got mine and they aren't fakes.
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    the official "Iowa sucks" thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by fatcat28037 North Carolina is a great place to live. I used to work with a couple of travel techs from North Carolina, but I can't remember what part... if it helps, they couldn't pronounce the name of their native state. What part of North Carolina...
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    FS: SACDs - $12 (USA)

    Allison Krause (April 23, 1951 - May 4, 1970) was an honors student at Kent State University, Ohio, when she was shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard in the Kent State shootings, while protesting the invasion of Cambodia and the presence of the National Guard on the Kent State campus.
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    the official "Iowa sucks" thread

    I "kind of" lived in Iowa for a year, Sioux City anyway. Everybody and his brother thinks he is a UFC fighter in that place, and it smells like a sewer. Hence the moniker, "Sewer City". On the upside they have a free concert every summer called "Saturday In The Park", where there are usually...
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    How long is your journey now with K701?

    Mine ended at about a year and a half, when my ferrets chewed the cord off right at the base. The rest of my K701 is still mint; now I have to figure out where to get them recabled.
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    I really want to like my Shure 530s

    Quote: Originally Posted by ben4345 I am not sure if I should laugh at ipod users or just feel sorry for them. let us know when you have any pertinent info to share
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    I really want to like my Shure 530s

    why so stuck on the ipod classic? The 5.5 gen w/ rockbox is the way to go sq-wise, and it can be modded to have more storage too. Can you explain your aversion to the 5.5 gen, or what you think is better about the classic?
  10. saintalfonzo

    WTB: Recabled K701

    $275 for a recabled k701 sounds like a great deal, assuming it is a quality job. I'm probably going to end up paying more than that just for the recable on mine.
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    List Of Songs That Make Your Headphones Shine.

    AKG K701 Steely Dan - Aja
  12. saintalfonzo

    What Is Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    Allman Brothers by a long shot for me, although I do enjoy Skynyrd from time to time. This kind of reminds me of the Zeppelin vs The Who poll, where I felt the same about Zeppelin being better without a doubt.
  13. saintalfonzo

    Altec Lansing 755A speakers

    I was moving some of my stuff into a new apartment today and decided to get some of my things that had been in storage for years in my parents' basement. I came across a pair of old homemade tweed speaker enclosures that my uncle gave me about 16 years ago; at the time he gave them to me he told...
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    "Bruno": Good or bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tenzip I managed to struggle through about 15 or 20 minutes of Borat before I turned it off and watched something with a higher level of sophistication, like WWE*, I think. You can't judge Borat by the first 15 minutes, but a lot of people did. I...
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    Best Classic Disney Movie?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Where's "Fantasia"? Exactly what I was wondering.
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    How big an impact does album cover art have on you

    Album art is important to me as well, but I don't understand how it could affect my enjoyment of the music itself. I can't really imagine deciding I love an album because it has a pretty sleeve, or not really liking it that much because I don't like the cover; it seems pretty ridiculous to me.
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    Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd versus the Later Floyd

    no contest for me, Pink Floyd only got better after Syd. I think the real question is Waters vs Gilmour Floyd, but I think there was already a thread for that.
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    Musician with the best name?

    Skunk Baxter
  19. saintalfonzo

    Pop Tarts

    Just ate a couple cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts. Yummy.
  20. saintalfonzo

    Billy Mays Pronounced Dead.

    I'll always remember Billy as the guy who COULDN'T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE!
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    Most Natural Sounding 701/2 or the 650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rds Yeah, exactly. There's nothing natural about the sound of an electric guitar. That shouldn't be a revelation to a guitarist. Hmmm... no fooling? I guess you own a lot of albums with instruments that aren't AMPLIFIED through the use of a microphone...
  22. saintalfonzo

    Most Natural Sounding 701/2 or the 650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rds Being able to sound like a PA system is not natural, it's just being able to sound like a PA system. I think the only really way to measure naturalness is in reproducing un-amplified sound. I guess I'll stop plugging in my guitar since I want a...
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    Most Natural Sounding 701/2 or the 650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez I think its pretty self explanatory. Sorry, I thought that "life-like" and "natural" were the same thing.
  24. saintalfonzo

    Most Natural Sounding 701/2 or the 650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez What's the difference between these 2 threads? I guess you emphasized "proper amping" in one, but other than that what is the difference?
  25. saintalfonzo

    Michael Jackson Dead

    I agree with the last few posts, none of us will really ever know what happened. It seemed as though all of the parents involved were more than happy to accept a settlement rather than prison time, which seems strange to me. If I had a child and I was sure he/she were molested I would be out for...