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  1. Kassem

    Millett Minimax

    I'm interested but I dont know what its worth either.  I'd be trying to purchase it.  Please PM me if you get an idea.
  2. Kassem

    Denon AH-D2000

    I have a pair of custom IEMs.  They are Sensaphonic Prophonic 2x-s.  I had them remolded by Fisher.  They are AMAZING.  Never thought about trading them.. but i'd consider it.  
  3. Kassem

    WTB: pci soundcard

    I have an old school EMU-0404 PCI card that is modded by MISTER-X   search it up!
  4. Kassem

    Where would you go from here? Current: Audio-GD compass. Staying with Audio-GD FOR SURE.

    Can't get enough of these guys.  Love everything I've heard/read about them.   I own a compass and am very happy with it.  Would like to try Wolfson 8741.  Seeing as how I am happy w/ the amp on the compass should I go with NFB 3.1 and then amp it with the compass?  OR should I go with...
  5. Kassem

    E-MU 0404 PCI modded by misterx

    Like the title says I have a PCI version of the EMU 0404.  I can find the original box.  Not 100% sure if i can find the original cable but I do have a custom breakout cable that I bought on these forums.  PM me for more info.      
  6. Kassem

    FT: Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm with Pico Slim (preferably EU)

    I have a Heed Canamp for sale.  Got it from a professor at the University of Oklahoma.  It was his office gear, so I assume it would work for you as well.  Just an amp though, let me know if interested.
  7. Kassem

    Heed Canamp for trade - I want something TUBEular

    Like the title says.  Perfect condition Heed Canamp.     Let me know what you have for trade?  I can also throw in cash if yours is more valuable.   PM me.
  8. Kassem

    DAC+AMP for $400

    There is an Audio-GD compass for sale for 200 in the fs forum right now!   Great combo!
  9. Kassem

    FS:CD3000 - with original packaging!

    Trade for Heed Canamp, Van Den Hul Interconnects, and some cash??
  10. Kassem

    Audio-gd C2

    There is one on audiogon
  11. Kassem

    Big head guy

    Sorry, didn't catch some of that.  Are you only able to choose from sennheiser and bose?  Also, some of the options are going to need an amplifier.  What source will you be using?     I have a head as large as you and the AKG k701 is very comfortable.  As are the sennheiser HD650 and HD600.
  12. Kassem

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    I've got a Marantz 1060, love it.  Don't use it much anymore other than for a cheap speaker set up in my other living room.  Used to use it with the HD600 and it was great.
  13. Kassem

    what was the flavor of the month when you joined head-fi?

    Wow I love this old thread.  5 year bump!! lol.   CD3000 and eggo
  14. Kassem

    Audio-GD NFB-12

    How would the NFB-12 compare to the original Compass.  Just wondering if I should look into something newer.
  15. Kassem

    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the amp itself?
  16. Kassem

    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Quote:     Hahaha I love you, Edwin  
  17. Kassem

    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Quote:     Thats what I'm talking about...  
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  20. Kassem

    A humble request to the audio gods (regarding the purchase of an amp/dac)

    Do it and don't look back.  You'll love having a DAC and an AMP.  Also, the NFB-12 is on promo isnt it?  You'll be able to get your money back in the future if you dont like it.
  21. Kassem


    Quote: Yeah.. you can order them with browns, blacks, or blues ( i believe.)  I think I have the blues.