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  1. TacticalPenguin

    Lost my Ety HF5s, what should I get to replace them?

    I left my Etymotic HF5s on the plane back in April. I loved them and was quite happy with their sound and fit but just haven't had the money to replace them until lately. I can get another pair for $94 from Amazon, but before I just do that, is there something else out in a similar price range...
  2. TacticalPenguin

    Recommend a small cheap flash DAP?

    Been out of the audio scene for a while for various reasons but am heading off to college at the end of august and figure I'll have a fair bit of studying time to sit around disconnected from the outside world. I had a little 8GB Sansa Clip in the past and I liked its SQ and capacity (and price...
  3. TacticalPenguin

    Anyone have ER 6 and ER 4?

    And want to take a pic of both next to each other in comparison with no tips on them? I think I have a general idea but I want to know exactly how big the ER 4 is, particularly in length, compared to the ER 6. I found this image but it only gives a vague idea. Thanks