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  1. zip22

    1/8" stereo jack (thick panel?)

    I searched and found a thread I started almost 6 years ago on this same topic.   I'm looking for a beefy 1/8" stereo jack to use in my car.  I ended up buying a jack 6 years ago from radio shack to use for that installation.  As I suspected, it failed after a few years.     I'm on a new...
  2. zip22

    IEM under $100 - Own and like the ER6i, need to replace

    I need to order some new IEMs in the next week.  Budget is $100, but if there is a killer deal for $50 I can obviously spend less.   I have the Etymotic ER6i, but they have seen a lot of use and are no longer working properly.  I'm looking for a good balanced sound.  Should I stick close to...
  3. zip22

    FS 8GB sandisk sansa clip - $52 + shipping

    If there are any international head-fiers looking to get in on the $50 walmart sansa clip, I bought one and I realized I probably won't use as much as I thought. The box was opened, and I updated the firmware, but I didn't use the player at all. I'm asking $52 (includes the sales tax I paid)...
  4. zip22

    New zune features

    Fry's put up a new blue zune along page with a bunch of new features. Quote: Originally Posted by gizmodo “Device to Cloud,” allows users to access wireless hotspots to update music collections, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels (another feature), exchange favorites, and buy...
  5. zip22

    Finally, a product that makes my mp3s and cds sound better than being in the studio

    anyone planning on buying this amazing product? you can't argue with their graph
  6. zip22

    gapless stock ipod nano? i don't believe it. can anyone confirm or deny this? my guess is its not true, simply because i would think someone here would have mentioned it.
  7. zip22

    best brand

    in another forum, someone claimed "Creative were and still are the top of the line in computer soundcard technology". from my brief scan of threads, it is difficult to pin down, but i have found that there are cards that are good with movies and music whilenot as good with games and vice-versa...
  8. zip22

    ISO panel mount mini stereo jack

    i need a 1/8" (3.5mm i think) panel mount stereo mini jack. online im going to be paying at least $6 or $7 for this single part which seems rediculous. if anyone has one lying around, i would really appreciate it. thanks