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  1. nickdawg

    Who sings this song?

    Amy Winehouse-"Rehab".
  2. nickdawg

    Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket.

    Wow, I love how someone is branded a "troll" because they like Skullcandy. Nobody's ears are the same. One headphone may sound good to one person and sound like total crap to another. Please, do post a review once they come.
  3. nickdawg

    Smokin' Buds vs JVC Gumy

    I'd get the Smokin buds. JVC gumy phones are crap. They're about the same as ibuds(open). At least the Smokin offer some isolation and are much more comfortable since they are in ear.
  4. nickdawg

    IEMs for a child?

    Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 Totally agree - still very young for such level of isolation from IEM's, and potential hearing damage is a very real issue to consider, IMO. Exactly. Even some grown adults here dislike IEMS/canalphones. How can you assume a kid is going to...
  5. nickdawg

    IEMs for a child?

    I'd say KSC 75 or Yuin buds would be the best in this case. Not sure how in ears would work for someone that young...
  6. nickdawg

    MSN article: Why Skullcandy Is SO Hot

    Quote: Originally Posted by playingwithfire but seriously guys, why is Skullcandy the only company marketing towards that demography? It's a gold well right? Exactly. Take any high end can that wouldn't get a second look by someone in the Skullcandy demographic. Put on some skull...
  7. nickdawg

    Kids and mobile phones

    It's insane!! Last time I was driving by and there were kids getting out of school I was shocked to see elementary school kids with cell phones, ipods, etc. When I was in elementary school(I sound like an old man!) cell phones were still pretty much "brickphones" and the most modern phone was...
  8. nickdawg

    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis DDE (The) Exploited
  9. nickdawg

    What's your preferred headphone for Michael Jackson?

    One that covers his mouth!! (and maybe what's left of his nose = couldn't resist!)
  10. nickdawg

    Bose In-Ear Headphones

    The problem with BOSE is they are bad, for their price range. But if the "price" of the BOSE is FREE, then it's fantastic!! Anything other than cheap, stock earbuds for free is a win! And jonathanjong is right, sell them and buy something better. You can probably make a good profit by...
  11. nickdawg

    Britney v. Christina

    Who do you prefer? Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Why not just ask if we prefer Diarrhea or Vomit?
  12. nickdawg

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I saw a dude today at my university's student center with a pair or Dr. Dre "Beats". Now these are supposed to be CLOSED, noise canceling headphones. But I could hear them from over 5 feet away! I heard it coming(and assumed it was someone with ibuds) and I heard it long after he passed.
  13. nickdawg

    Skullcandy Smokin Buds earbuds.

    Smokin Buds really are not that bad. The Skull Candy earbuds are actually good, for their price. And especially since the OP wants a "throw away" pair for the gym, these are perfect.
  14. nickdawg

    Koss porta pro opinons?

    The 80s called, they want their fuglyphones back!!
  15. nickdawg

    Katy Perry

    You're right, she needs her own thread. The awfulness that is Katy Perry cannot be contained to the "Lyrics that Suck" thread.
  16. nickdawg

    New Look to Head-Fi

    I don't like it. It's harder to read posts with user information between each post. Plus, when you throw in some of those 25 line signatures, followed by name, avatar, member info, it disrupts the "flow" of the forum.
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    Okay all you Xtreme athletes

    I'd rather get a pair of in-ears. With silicon tips, they keep sweat out and stay in place.
  18. nickdawg

    News: dual drivers, 5 flanged IEM from Teac

    x2. I don't like those tips because they don't go in deep enough. Looks like they would either fall out or not seal well. Not as well as something that goes in deeper. Plus, wouldn't that make the occlusion effect worse with a shallow seal?
  19. nickdawg

    How to wear IEMs with backpack

    Why wouldn't it work in the summer. As long as it's clipped to a shirt, it would work. Only problem might be sweat on the cable if it is hot, though.
  20. nickdawg

    Are headphones bad for your hearing .. no matter what?

    Quote: Originally Posted by m0ofassa theyre bad for you Quote: This is why I have Canalphones. I can reduce my volume to less 40% and still enjoy the sound and protect my hearing. No they're not. Listening to music with the volume reduced 40% because you're blocking...
  21. nickdawg

    Are headphones bad for your hearing .. no matter what?

    Quote: Originally Posted by m0ofassa headphones arent 'bad' for your hearing. IEMs are. The sound is. Try using the search feature, relatively experienced in the area. Have made detailed posts more than once. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Was that clear enough? IEMS...
  22. nickdawg

    Most popular IEM?

    Ipod stock earbuds. That's what I see the most of on people!
  23. nickdawg

    The Bacon Explosion!!!!

    They don't show it in my link, but on TV they actually made one of those and took it around in a local mall giving out "samples". Scary thing is most of the people liked it!! All I could think is how foul that looks. Too much bacon. :barf:
  24. nickdawg

    Skullcandy? Seriously???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 its a very productive idea. i also support it. maybe we can make a 'Bose suggestion' thread and discuss what we can advice bose on to do with their product range. if they are passionate about sound..they mite listen. I'm for it...