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  1. penger

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN

    Been away from the hobby for quite some time and realized I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN headphones that have been sitting unused for quite some time. Looking for $500 + shipping. SOLD Pics:
  2. penger

    FS: Head-Direct HE-5

  3. penger

    FS: Head-Direct HE-5

    My pair of HE-5's haven't been getting much use for the last couple of months, so I'm putting them up for sale. They are pretty much brand new. I'm not really sure how much these still go for, so how about $450 + actual shipping + paypal. Reasonable offers accepted.
  4. [No title]

    [No title]

    Amps: RSA Apache, SP Extreme Platinum + 14amp PS Headphones: HD650, ATH-A900Ti Sources: Xbox 360, Sony DAV-S300, Silverstone EB-01
  5. penger

    Apex High Fi Audio Peak and Volcano!!!

    Are we going to have to wait until CJ to see what it looks like?
  6. penger

    Senn HD800 Paired With A Desktop Amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Paganini Alfredo Oh boy, I have NO intentions of getting a balanced setup anytime soon nor will until I have tested one out myself. I just have a hard time believing balanced sounds any better than regular, but of course I've never listened to a balanced...
  7. penger


    Sold my HF-2's to Michael. Great communication and easy to deal with. Wouldn't hesitate deal with him again.
  8. penger

    Sold: Grado HF-2

    Selling my Grado HF-2's. Serial number 354. Asking price $500 + actual shipping. CONUS + MO preferred. Please add appropriate % for paypal. There are some other pictures of the 'phones in the same album. The pinches orignially photographed are no longer as prevalent.
  9. penger

    Sold: Enigma Audio Oracle2 M Sennheiser cable (4 pin XLR w/ adapter)

    Enigma Audio Oracle2 M Sennheiser cable. 8 ft. long, has the 4-pin for balanced and a matching 1/4" adapter. $150 asking price. Shipping is included. Please add appropriate amount for paypal. MO also okay.
  10. penger

    Hifiman HE-5 Orthodynamic Headphones

    Where on the website can you order the extra connectors?
  11. penger

    NorCal Meet Interest Check

    Any of the dates is fine but San Leandro is a bit far for me. The venue at the last meet in August was pretty sweet imo.
  12. penger

    SoFla Meet 12/5/09

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci I am looking forward to pictures that do justice to the event. And "I forgot" won't cut it.
  13. penger

    HE60 adapter question

    Looks like apuresound might. APureSound - Where The Music Is Always Pure - APS Audio LLC.
  14. penger


    Sold Mark my ATH-A900Ti's. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  15. penger

    San Jose or San Francisco meets?

    There was one back in August, but I don't think there's one in the planning stages just yet.
  16. penger

    Hifiman HE-5 Orthodynamic Headphones

    Just an FYI to those who may be considering these. I ordered a pair over the weekend and was told there is a 4 week wait for these headphones.
  17. penger

    High-End Solid State Amps : Overview & Roundtable

    To my knowledge, you need two for occasional speaker duty. Otherwise, I believe one should be sufficient.
  18. penger

    Sold: Sennheiser HD650

    For sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD650's. I am the first owner and they are about 5ish years old. The headband shows the known cracking from wear. Otherwise, the pair is in pretty good condition. Stock cable and original box included. Looking for $260, shipping included via USPS Priority...
  19. penger

    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    Too bad I paid for the amp 2 years ago and it only disappeared after I sent it in for "repair". I doubt paypal will be able to help me.
  20. penger

    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    I have gone ahead and filed a claim with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. We'll see if anything happens.
  21. penger

    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by The Monkey I am going to keep posting this until someone answers in the affirmative: Have any of the aggrieved parties contacted the Colorado AG's Office yet? And if not, why? Since no one else would, I emailed what I believe to be the Colorado AG's...
  22. penger

    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    The website lists MisterX as a contact.