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  1. mpicarelli

    Recommendation needed! Speaker stands for my desktop computer.

    Yes I have seen those actually, looks interesting.....any experience with these? I found the IsoAcoustics online also.
  2. mpicarelli

    Official NY /Regional Spring meet, April 20 2013

    I have never been to one yet nor do I know what to expect, but I am definitely interested! 
  3. mpicarelli

    Head Fi Members I need your help deciding a brand NAME/MODEL of a headphone!

    Hey all, I am a long time Hi Fi reader.  I have a project for school to build from the ground up. I will be developing over the ear headphones that can also be used as a headphone amp for guitar players, they can be switched to either mode for regular music listening or guitar playing (there...
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  5. mpicarelli

    WTB: iPhone LOD

    how much is that running you?