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  1. penger


    Sold a pair of HD650's to Sp0rkG0d. Communication was excellent and paid promptly. It was a pleasure.
  2. penger

    Sold: Audio Technica ATH-A900Ti

    Thought I would use these more often, but I've realized that I just don't. I figure I've held onto them long enough and someone else should get a listen. There are a couple scratches on one of the cups, but they may have been there when I got them, since I've never dropped or rubbed them...
  3. penger

    SOLD: Electrocompaniet ECD-1

    Need to free up some funds so I've decided to sell my ECD-1. The unit is in very good condition, and I believe I am the second owner. There are no scratches to my knowledge. I have the original box, but it's looking a little beat up after I received it. Buyer can chose whether or not to...
  4. penger

    Sold: SAA Equinox Balanced for HD650 + SE adapter

    I'm selling my SAA Equinox cable for the HD650. It's 8 ft. in length and comes with a 1 ft. adapter for single ended usage. Age... about 1 year. Original pricing is ~$150 for the adapter and ~$410 for the cable. Asking for $350 + shipping, non-CC paypal included. Feel free to PM me with...
  5. penger

    SOLD: Moon Audio Black Dragon HD650 cable

    10ft. length, terminated with a Furutech 1/4" plug. The gold on plug seems to have faded a bit with use. Asking $175 + shipping and paypal.
  6. penger


    Jason bought my Apache. There was excellent communication and payment was prompt. Would not hesitate to deal with again.
  7. penger

    Ultra Desktop vs. Ultra Micro Amp/DAC combo

    Other than size, what are the main differences between the two? I see that the Ultra Desktop probably has an Alps RK50, but what about the Ultra Micro Amp? Thanks guys!
  8. penger

    Sold: RSA Apache (Black)

    Bought this from Sleestack just a little while back. Why selling so soon? Some things came up where I might need the funds. The unit is US voltage and has the latest op amp upgrade from Ray. It will also come with a Cobalt Cable Ultimate Power cable. Will come in original boxes as well. Pics...
  9. penger

    Current vs. Voltage Output DAC

    I've been searching around and can't seem to find the answer. What's the difference between current output and voltage output DACs other than the obvious? Is one better than the other performance wise? Or is it just a difference in implementation? This might belong in DIY, but I wasn't sure...
  10. penger

    piano jazz

    Sold my Gilmore Lite w/ DPS to Lou. Great communication and the transaction went very smoothly. Would not hesitate to do business with him again as he is a great guy!
  11. penger

    FS: Headamp Gilmore Lite w/ DPS

    In need of some funds, so I'm looking to let my Gilmore Lite with DPS go. I do have the original boxes and will package it to the best of my ability when it goes out. I purchased it around this time in 2007. Looking to get around $425 not including shipping (we can discuss method etc.)...
  12. penger

    RSA HR-2 or Headamp GS-1

    Thinking about going up the SS upgrade ladder so I've been searching around the forums for a comparison between these two amps but have not found much if anything. How would you say one stacks up against the other? I would say they are in the same price bracket and was wondering if anyone has...
  13. penger

    Question about ipod

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it so I'm just going to ask. When you connect your ipod to an external amplifier (i.e. RSA Hornet or something), how does that affect battery life? And does it matter if you did it through the dock or the mini jack...