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  1. Brian_the_King

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-M50 (coiled cable)

    Hello all, I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 in like-new condition for sale. They are around eight months old, and have only been through moderate use. They have never traveled. They are in perfect shape aurally and aesthetically, from the pads to the cord, and the cans themselves. I...
  2. Brian_the_King

    Valab DAC a legitimate CDP upgrade?

    I am just a bit confused on how to potentially spend my money, and wanted input from some members with more experience than I have; Currently the source for my stereo set [Denon DRA-395 -> Infinity Primus 250] and my headphones [Grado RS2] is a Denon DCM-280, which I hear mixed opinions on. I...
  3. Brian_the_King

    Sold: Grado Labs SR 225

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a pair of Grado RS 2, and would like to regain some of my financial loss by selling my 225's. They are exactly one year and one week old today, and have been used fairly lightly in that time. They are in perfect shape aurally and aesthetically, from the...
  4. Brian_the_King

    The Beatles "Words of Love" question

    Hey guys, can anyone identify the faint chirping noise that exists throughout like 80% of the song? If you don't know what I'm talking about, just listen to it, it's not that hard to hear. I have always wondered what it is, maybe someone can help my curiosity
  5. Brian_the_King

    How badly do SR225's need an amp?

    Hey all, I am soon ordering Grado SR225's. Since they have a fairly low impedence of 32 ohms, how large of a benefit do you think they would recieve from a [fairly inexpensive] headphone amp? I currently have an iPod [video 5.0]. If I were to buy an amp, it would probably be a Go Vibe 5...
  6. Brian_the_King

    Size of jacks on amps?

    I've just realized something really stupid I should know the answer to. But I have yet to buy an amp, and I'm glad this thought occurred me. How large are the inputs/outputs on headphone amps? Are they 1/4 or 1/8? Because I am soon buying Grado SR225's, which I plan to get an amp for in...
  7. Brian_the_King

    Z-Audio any good?

    I'm looking for an amp, but I'm a little strapped for cash [I was origianlly going for a Headphonia amp]. Is the Z-Audio Mu a good amp for its price? I have Sennheiser CX-300 ear buds.
  8. Brian_the_King

    Holding my rig back?

    Ok, here is my system at the moment; iPod Video 5.0 [30GB]. All my CD's are encoded as AAC's @ 320 KBps [with a few MP3 exceptions]. Sennheiser CX300. I also have a TURBOdock V, to get line out from the iPod to my stereo. Suppose I were to buy TURBO's mini->mini cable, and a Portaphile X3...