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  1. solo2

    Lost one of the eartips for UM2s

    Hi all, While ordering dinner over the counter today, I unplugged the UM2s gently from ears, stuffing it into my briefcase. Unbeknownst to me, one of my shure soft-flex eartips came loose and fell off *sighs*, all in the span of a few seconds. I rummaged through my briefcase and even combed...
  2. solo2

    Eartips for UM2s

    Hi all, I've been using the shure's soft flex sleeves thus far. The complies and foamies are out because I just don't like the idea of having to replace them. I have heard that shure's triflange works for the UM2s as well and would like some comments about the nature of sound. Also, what are...
  3. solo2

    About braided UM2 cord

    Hey all, I have noticed that the braided cord can "untwist" itself sometimes, making it appear as if the entwined wires are separate ones; of course the braided cord is still intact. This happens particularly at the joining at the earphone jack. Should I be concerned about it? I have just had...
  4. solo2

    What does bass roll off mean?

    Hi all, As above. I'm not really an audiophile so could someone explain all these technicalities to a layperson? Thanks a bundle!
  5. solo2

    UM2 and Impedance

    Hi all, I've been hearing alot about impedance but is there a bearing on the quality of music you listen to if your earphones have higher/lower impedance than your source? In addition, why is the impedance level for the UM2 and even UM1 greater than Superfis? I'm asking because I'm...
  6. solo2

    Recommend Flash-based MP3 Player

    Hi everyone, This is my first post even if I'm not exactly new to this forum, having been lurking since 2003 Well, my faithful 5gb microdrive zen micro stopped working today I suspect it's due to hdd failure because I can detect faint buzzing noises emanating from the player. The screen...