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  1. choariwap

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    my christmas gift to myself, isnt she pretty? an earlier purchase i made:
  2. choariwap

    Omega watch advice?

    try vintage omega, if you can find one with a larger size (36mm) here are mine: modern vintage:
  3. choariwap

    List your top 3 best looking amps

    certainly not as polished as the others here, but i love that big 'ol brute
  4. choariwap

    Portable balanced amp (single 9v)

    but what source would you use with it? iare there any balanced portable sources around?
  5. choariwap

    Insane addictive flash game.

    my personal best
  6. choariwap

    what is the history of your headphone(s)?

    with all the buying and selling going on here, it's interesting to know how far peopl's cans have gone, how many owners it has had, modding history and any unique events. my k1000s were bought from ttvj in 2005 by some1x, sent to moon audio in 2006 to be blue dragon hardwired, sold to seacard...
  7. choariwap

    Do your ears a favour!

    i'm blessed with dry earwax (i saw a short clip on nat geo once that asian folks have more dry flaky earwax vs caucasians who have pasty thick wax). never builds up for me, just falls out of my ears naturally
  8. choariwap

    rod y gab: man! wish i could have seen this live! yowza! she doesnt even look like shes touching the strings!
  9. choariwap

    Head-Fi Podcast Episode 001

    alright! interview podcasts! if only you could record what the rigs sound like
  10. choariwap

    Alessandro MS2i or MS Pro?

    supermicros are tiny
  11. choariwap

    Help! Living circumstance dictate upgrade to sealed can from HD650. budget ~1500

    how about closed woodies for the hd650s from headphile?
  12. choariwap

    Tomahawk or XIN Super micro

    it did pretty good, but i didnt use it for long. i remember cranking it up to almost max volume, but didnt hear any distortion, hiss or clipping. dont think it would be ideal though... but some folks in xin's forums say it sounds good
  13. choariwap

    Tomahawk or XIN Super micro

    didnt try it with alkaline. lithium would put out too many volts, no? dont they do 3.6V? ni-mh are the way to go they have a lower impedance than alkalines and some people say they sound better than alkalines for xin's amps. if you dont plan to listen to more than 12 straight hours in a...
  14. choariwap

    Tomahawk or XIN Super micro

    supermicro uses AAAs not AAs i use a 1000mah sanyo rechargeable, i've had it run for at least 12 hours continous use, a break of a week, then a couple more hours ~3. if you mod it to take a AA, it'll probably last forever seeing as how AAA can power it for >12 hours, AA would do around...
  15. choariwap

    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    Quote: Originally Posted by EliasGwinn Well, the question of "good enough" is relative to the application, and what you expect from the interface. If you expect bit-transparency, then they are not good enough. The units I tested had low-distortion, but not bit-transparent. Also, at...
  16. choariwap

    DIY offerings for the k1000

    nightfire has built an F1. its a challenge, look around his posts he has a big thread on it.
  17. choariwap

    Ultra Super Tiny Mini Meet (Only 2 Head-Fiers)

    Quote: Originally Posted by nickknutson As for custom IEM's, I have not desire to go there universals have resale value. ah but with customs, you'll never need/want to upgrade or sell them
  18. choariwap

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    i found this on amazon, also uses 4 AAs or this:
  19. choariwap

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    i bought that during one of my trips at dubai airport duty free.. i think you can find it online, brand is logic3, a UK company. it works using rechargeables too i did have to make the hole at the bottom of the case bigger to fit the dock. not too hard, used one of my angled cutters that...
  20. choariwap

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    my imod rig: very compact, i love how the supermicro fits exactly on top of the battery pack. i get >20 hours with this setup, plus the pack uses AAs so i can swap fresh ones in indefinitely (got to love those eneloops!)
  21. choariwap

    iMod vs 5G iPod comparison. Anyone experience?

    imod. just buy it, you know you want to
  22. choariwap

    To Zanarkand

    i have the 20020220 album and the more friends one. i prefer the arrangement of the tour de japon of the three albums. recording quality is better on 20020220 and more friends followed by tour de japon (some low level hiss/noise/whine on some tracks) but tour de japon version has more...
  23. choariwap

    Another disadvantage to APPLE LOSSLESS!

    did you use itunes to encode? dbpoweramp ALAC doesnt agree with ipods
  24. choariwap

    My iMod/Tomahawk Portable Rig - Pics!

    is there a gap down the middle of that neutrik right angle ? it looks like it has a split in the pics...