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  1. DocHamm

    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Condensed FAQ and Info Thread

    I've had the Maverick A1 for going on two years and use it daily from my PC source. I have yet to have any issues with the tubes.   I haven't listened to enough other amps in this price range to answer your bass question but I think you can find plenty listed here on Head-Fi with decent...
  2. DocHamm

    Koss Review Fun

    Just pulled these out of a long forgotten box of headphones and they still work and look like new. Too funny. Definitely not on my list of "2-buy" headphones but you could do much worse for $10-20.   Looks like all these links are dead now as no more Ah well, it was amusing while...
  3. DocHamm

    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Condensed FAQ and Info Thread

    I have the A1 and the D2. Both are connected to a Win10 PC (FLAC) and the D2 is also connected to a Mac Mini (ALAC) and Shanling PCD3000A CD player. For headphones I mainly use Alessandro MS2 and the A1 is ported to a pair of JBL ProPerformers speakers. I've had the A1, with upgraded tubes, for...
  4. DocHamm

    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Condensed FAQ and Info Thread

      I was under the impression that, as an integrated amplifier, the RCA was input or tube pre-out only. Has this changed?   Per Maverick Site ... "~~A1 is also a tube pre-amplifier, therefore, you can connect your Amplifier or even connecting a Sub-woofer to the A1 via the tube pre-output."
  5. DocHamm

    Cincinnati meet November 20. Audio GD Ref. 7 & LCD-2 avail. (loan program)

    Heyas all! I just caught up with this meet/thread. Not sure if I can make it on Saturday. I have to be somewhere in the morning and have no idea how long it will take, but I will try to make it for the afternoon. I won't be able to bring much but I'll try to drag along my Shanling, Alessandros...
  6. DocHamm

    Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds

    I ran across this article, "The Secret Scam Of Cheap Earbuds", that is enlightening on the subject of headphones. I'm not surprised by the article or it's contents. In my opinion, it's easy to see how DAPs and Pods have fueled the headphone revolution. Look around any music store or music...
  7. DocHamm

    For Vinyl Lovers

      Gizmodo: How to Pirate Vinyl Records Gizmodo always seems to come up with fun stuff. Anyone ever try this?
  8. DocHamm

    Impressions- Dayton Wright State Meet.

    Sounds like you all had a great time. Now I'm really sorry I couldn't make it. Ah well, glad it was great and good to see more people made it to this one. Thanks for the info on the gear, some really nice stuff there. I still love the antique look of the Zana Deux. Custom cans? Who's are...
  9. DocHamm

    Dayton Meet on March 27th

    Quote: Originally Posted by Happy Camper Sorry to hear of your family troubles. You can be sorry you couldn't hear the HD 800s Ack! Yeah, it's not my weekend. Family and friends have promised to make it up to me later. Right now I just want a healthy family, my Aless's and a...
  10. DocHamm

    Happy birthday Quaddy, DocHamm, meusickfrek, willisv, Sduibek, PSmith08, Arainach.

    Thanks all! Was a pretty decent day considering the celebration had to be postponed. Happy Birthday to everyone else! Hopoe you have many more and a blast!!
  11. DocHamm

    Ohio State/Columbus/Central Ohio Meetup

    Quote: Originally Posted by SoupRKnowva so to revive an old thread, i wanna have a meet ... any interest left in this one? I think there is still interest, just missing a location. In order for this to fly in Columbus or Dayton, we need someone to find a location there.
  12. DocHamm

    SIGN UP! Zanth's Headphone Loan Programme

    Zanth was supposed to restarted the program back in July, but it appears no one has heard or received anything. Since it's now November, I think it safe to assume this program died.
  13. DocHamm

    I need an excuse to buy toys

    Quote: Originally Posted by Stitch Point 2 isnt valid anymore. Some old maya didn't check his agenda. The world ends in 2208. Has been in the news last week. Agenda? A Mayan using a Blackberry!? As for 2012 .. here's an interesting tidbit from NASA and 2012 News. Apocalypse in...
  14. DocHamm

    Creative headphone use

    Interesting. Weird but interesting.
  15. DocHamm

    I need an excuse to buy toys

    Two approaches ... the real and the surreal ... 1. Put a small part of your money aside in an account just for you (your reward). 2. Spend it all now because the world ends in 2012. Good luck. You have my condolences for such a tough decision. Easy answer for me as I have no money this year.
  16. DocHamm

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Actually I own more than I listen to ... Cambridge Ensemble (x2) Infinity Micro (x3) Infinity Minuette (3ea) Infinity BR1 Subwoofer (x2) JBL ProPerformers Baby Advent II I sold my original Advents years ago when I needed to downsize. Loved their sound but had no more room for large...
  17. DocHamm

    HorrorHound Weekend

    Don't know how many of you are into horror, or are close enough to attend, but this weekend is the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati ... Nov. 20-21-22. Lots of stars including Elvira, Michael Gross, Tom Atkins, Clayton Rohner, Corbin Bernsen and more. Check it out!
  18. DocHamm

    Ohio State/Columbus/Central Ohio Meetup

    I was looking forward to this meet but am certainly willing to wait, especially so more can show up. Count me in on a re-schedule. Can anyone locate a place in Columbus for Dec or Jan? I've never been, so afraid I'm no help. I'm up for the restaurant idea. As I said earlier, Panera has a...
  19. DocHamm

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Yet another wood related hobby I have added to my arsenal. Eat, Sleep, Carve ... and listen to music.
  20. DocHamm

    vinyl albums...

    Online Google search, eBay, and more. Local used shops, pawn shops and sometimes comic book shops stock used albums. I gave away all my albums years ago. While I occasionally miss the turntable action, I won't turn back. Good luck.
  21. DocHamm

    Ohio State/Columbus/Central Ohio Meetup

    Status? OP?? I looked into UC but nothing for free, would have to be scheduled and it's too late for the 21st. If the OP doesn't respond and or we can't get Columbus, I vote go Dayton.
  22. DocHamm

    Ohio State/Columbus/Central Ohio Meetup

    So are we set for the 21st? Location? Time?? Panera was just a suggestion as there are quite a few around, they are cheap and the meeting room does have doors to be closed off from the public. However it would have to be booked soon to get ensure the 21st. I'm fine with Dayton and/or Columbus...
  23. DocHamm

    cnet is dumb

    Quote: Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08 I know I am going to sound really PC on this one but I really do not care: Can we please stop using the word "dumb" to describe what we consider stupid? I happen to teach a handful of people that are not what one would consider...
  24. DocHamm

    Michael Jackson's This Is It

    My economy is tight, so I must wait for the DVD. If I have to pay a show price, I'd prefer to see him alive. I agree on the getting tired of all the posthumous sales but you can't argue he wasn't an extraordinary talent. RiP Michael, and give a kick to those still trying to ride your coat tails.