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  1. Bonthouse

    W7 on laptop + D10 = Glitchy sound..

    So.. I got me an Asus 1101HA for school. I installed Windows 7 RTM on it and whenever I use the D10 the sound is glitchy.. the motherboard sounds good, not glitchy, not crackling or whatever. Only the soundcard via USB glitches. Not just with Media Player Classic, also with iTunes and...
  2. Bonthouse

    WTB: Bose Triport Around-Ear

    Yes, I know.. But my girl desperately wants to have them because she likes the design and the sound(?!). I've tried to talk her out of it, but she's stubborn. As am I So, if you have one in decent state, please drop me a PM with a quote incl shipping to The Netherlands. Thanks!
  3. Bonthouse

    Trouble with the mail from the UK to NL

    Hey all, I'm experiencing immense trouble with the UK Royal Mail.. I bought like 11 CD's from eBay sellers in the UK, the first being bought in late April, a fellow Head-Fi'er send me something, last week I bought some opamps from diy (also an eBay seller) and nothing has arrived...
  4. Bonthouse

    D2000 soldering temperature?

    So I recabled my Denon D2000 with some Cryoparts The Wire today and Markl modded it while I was at it. Now I have a problem.. the right side gives more bass and more highs. It even occurs when the cups are not attached. It's only very slightly, but I think I messed up the voice coil by...
  5. Bonthouse

    Upgrading Behringer BCD2000 project, need help/advice

    So let me introduce you to the project. I got around to disassembling this "thing" last night. I bought it several years ago for some fun MP3 mixing, I know, I was young. So when all the parts were laying there in all their nakedness, I decided to take a loupe and take a look at the parts...
  6. Bonthouse

    FOUND: Grado SR60/SR80

    Like the title says, if you got something you don't longer need, shoot me a PM Got one! Thanks!
  7. Bonthouse

    FS: One deliciouls LOD

    Three delicious LODs! Lets start with the first: It uses 0.5mm DNM Reson Solid Core Copper for signal and 4x 0.5mm Mundorf Silver/Gold mixture for ground. Sounds great, looks weird and packs a very detailed punch. Flexible and will take the shape you bend it to without a problem...
  8. Bonthouse


    I build a low-profile LOD that was just 1 ~ 2 milimeter too short for my liking, so I decided to give it away for free to a new and rising audio lover. Compicat is a beginning Head-Fi'er and it was great helping him out like this. Transaction was quick, communication was smooth and overal a...
  9. Bonthouse

    Edit Music For A Film

    Ever heard so many songs that you're itching to put them in a good mix yourself? I had that and I got busy.. then I discovered a very rare UNKLE album.. and it was exactly what I was dreaming about. It contains all kinds of music, it's mixed THAT good, keeps my head nodding and my feet tapping...
  10. Bonthouse

    SOLD: Silver/Gold iPod LOD

    SOLD I'm selling a LOD I made, but don't longer need It's made out of three Mundorf silver/gold wire (99% silver, 1% gold) braided together, protected by a "sophisticated multi threaded black sleeve" (the same sleeving Qables uses for it's cables). The connectors are both heavy duty parts...
  11. Bonthouse

    RJD2, DJ Shadow, UNKLE.. Need more plz!

    Hey, Currently I'm pretty much in the whole instrumental hiphop/downtempo (or whatever their styles are called) thing with RJD2, DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist and UNKLE as favorites So, do you have any other recommedations for me?
  12. Bonthouse

    WTB: Grado SR60/80

    Please pm me with your offers Also note that I live in The Netherlands, so if you would be so kind to include the shipping (around $20 most of the time), that'd be great!
  13. Bonthouse

    WITHDRAWN: Sansa Clip 2GB Black

    WITHDRAWN Got a Clip for sale. It's in great shape. The Clips add-on clip has been superglued to a white FiiO E3 amp, so it's a pretty decent on-the-go set with some power. It comes with a super small low-profile mini to mini. I'll post some pics tomorrow. I am interested in trades...
  14. Bonthouse

    FOUND: Sennheiser HD555

    Looking for a HD555 in decent condition If you have something, please PM with your price incl shipping to The Netherlands. Thanks!
  15. Bonthouse

    3G Shuffle vs Sansa Clip > SQ?

    Like the topic title says, which one sounds better? I currently have the Clip, but it doesn't have gapless playback.. C'mon, it's 2008. Any respectable player should at least have gapless playback. I listen to alot of DJ mixes and other gapless album, and the Clip kinda ruins it. So...
  16. Bonthouse

    WTT: iPod Classic 160GB + Universal dock for Shure SE530

    I would like to trade my iPod Classic 160GB + the Universal dock for a Shure SE530 My iPod is in perfect condition preformance wise, and 8.5/10 cosmetically Both come with all box contents, but sadly() no iBuds. The iPod has warranty until November-ish or something. Feedback is in my sig
  17. Bonthouse

    WTB: iPod Shuffle or Sansa Clip

    If you got something, please PM me
  18. Bonthouse

    Shure SCL4: Genuine or not?

    Here is why I'm a bit concerned: The earpieces don't have the shure logo. The y-splitt says patents pending From the y-splitt the wires are kept together by a piece of (what seems to be) black heatshrink. However, the tubes are normal, with the new collar that keeps the tips in place...
  19. Bonthouse

    Shure SCL4 without Shure logo on them?

    Is it normal that the Shure SCL4's have nothing but the L & R printed on them? No Shure logo? Because there is a number ingraved on the plug, but nothing on the earpieces themselves.
  20. Bonthouse

    Building custom HD25 cable, what material?

    I'm really willing to build my own custom sennheiser HD25 cable, but what material should I choose? I like the bassy feel of the HD25 and their highs (not harsh). Any suggestions?
  21. Bonthouse

    WTB: Black Q-Jays

    I'm looking to trade my SE310-K's for some Q-Jays. PM me if you have something Info about the SE310-K's I've babied them since day 1 and look brand new. I can't include the olive M, since they're worn out, and the triflanges have been cut down to biflanges. Except those, all assecoires +...
  22. Bonthouse

    Quick Denon AH-D2000 question

    How deep are the D2000 cups compared to the Sennheiser HD555/595's? I had the 555's and sold them because my ear was touching the driver protector screen all the time, which ofcourse became uncomfortable So before I buy this one and go trough the motions again, can anyone comment on this?
  23. Bonthouse

    Big ears and headphones

    I'm planning to buy a Denon D2000, but I'm a little afraid it won't be comfortable, since my ears are quite big, and I simply need a deep earcup. The Sennheisers and Ultrasones are all not deep enough. And that makes them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. So my question is...
  24. Bonthouse

    FS: iPod LOD Silver with Switchcraft plug

    Putting up an iPod LOD with silver cables up for sale. Works great and cosmetics are 9/10 Tip-to-tip is about 10 cm/4 inch Asking $35 including shipment in the EU. +$3 for international
  25. Bonthouse

    Koss KSC75 driver in Bose Triport housing : Possible?

    Hey, Yes, don't verbally beat me to death for owning a Bose triport, I know. It's very very bad of me BUT here's the upside! I want to replace the drivers with Koss KSC75 drivers, since the Bose headphone is soooo comfy, but the SQ is that bad. Are the KSC75 drivers capable of producing...