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  1. JohanK

    Why does mainstream America not care about food?

    2 hours of TV a day? Oh I can't imagine how the US would look if that in fact the case. Creativity among the general public and fitness might jump up through the roof. The real number is in fact a staggering 30 hours/week. See for example this article: Average home has more TVs than people -...
  2. JohanK

    Will a pre-amp improve sound quality?

    A headphone amp basically is a preamp that can drive low impedance loads (that is headphones) too. Hence most of the higher end headphone amps also offer outputs to a power amp to enable it to function as both a headphone amp and a preamp in the same system. if you want an example of this...
  3. JohanK

    Just when you've finally made it to Summit-fi...

    If we are talking about the minimum set up: Portable: IAudio X5L or equivalent (let's say 300 USD) Westone UM2 (250 USD) Home: ATH-ESW9 driven by my laptop (300 USD, computer excluded of course) This totals 850 USD. I am perfectly content with just using my ESW9s at the moment. I...
  4. JohanK

    Does anyone agree with this RS1 review?

    I own both of those headphones and find that comment about the soundstage a bit odd. The RS1 has more of a in your head presentation than the HD600 IMO, but you the fact that the RS1 works as a circumaural headphone for me when using bowls might play a role. Then again, I also hear a huge...
  5. JohanK

    Balanced VS Electrostatic-Which do you prefer

    This old thread sounds like a candidate for being mentioned in this thread:
  6. JohanK

    Do you listen to your music or do you listen to your equipment?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TSi how do u listen to ur equipment without music =P By using the music merely as a mean to hear the capabilities of your musical system, and then to primarily enjoy how well the system is able to present the music and not the musical content. Example...
  7. JohanK

    Many AV Receivers/Stereo Integrated amps do NOT use opamp powered headphone jacks

    Quote: Originally Posted by tfarney I still don't get it. Perhaps it's because I don't know what the "V" is. But I get input and output. At either end, the signal from the source is running through a nest of resistors. If that sucks out detail what is the difference. And talk real slow...
  8. JohanK

    How Much Music Do you Have?

    Quote: Originally Posted by soundboy I find the difference between the 2 websites quite extreme Have you considered the fact that the people on this website are significantly younger than the people who hand around on the typical audiophile website? I don't feel particularily...
  9. JohanK

    Zana Deux vs Singlepower Extreme

    The Zana deux only uses one 6SL7 so that the exteme uses one 6SN7 hardly makes the Extreme cheaper in terms of tubes. The fact that you can only roll one tube in the Zana is in a way a bonus for me, as I would rather avoid spending too much hunting down different tubes and comparing them. If the...
  10. JohanK

    Online Resource: The Eastsound CD-E5 European Edition

    Unfortunately it seems like I have to bring this thead back to life. Somehow my player that has worked perfectly for the last 18 months or so just seems to have developed a problem with reading my CDs. When I put in a new CD pushes the "open/close" button, I get the message "clos" (normal). So...
  11. JohanK

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Your hard work getting the site back online is certainly appreciated.
  12. JohanK

    If I'm a Grado fan, which Sennheisers will be right for me?

    If you only own an MS1, it is probably better to atleast try a Sennheiser and possibly other headphones. That would prevent you feeling incredibly stupid after buying an expensive Grado only to then try another brand and finding the experience superior. Face it, any serious hedphone discussed on...
  13. JohanK

    AKG K701, first impressions

    On the discussion of what is hi end: I personally would class, as examples, the HD595 and the SR225 as mid-fi, the DT880/K701/SA5000/RS1 etc as high end and the R10/HE90 tc as extreme high end. To classify the current flagship cans (the RS1 used to be it until last year, it has hardly become...
  14. JohanK

    Why is it funny when people suffer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx Pretty funny: And nice recovery. The timing is beyond hillarious. The cay calling in had just answered "jerk".
  15. JohanK

    Should I give up on Grado already?

    You sound like a case for these: It could be worth a try. I prefer my SR225s with them, as it gives some more slam to the my metal, particularily poorly recorded albums which have no tactile feeling whatsoever with the stock bowls...
  16. JohanK

    One side bass, one side treble?

    If this occurs consistently on different recordings, somethings is indeed wrong with your earphones. The balance between the channels might differ between recordings though. If , for example, one bass guitar (which is rare but might happen) is only heard in one channel, then the two earphones...
  17. JohanK

    WHAT... is the difference in Beyer...

    Actually there really is a DT880 Pro nowadays. I noticed it when I looked around on beyer's site a few days ago. It looks like a 2005 DT880 with the older more robust headband and a somewhat differemt colour scheme as far as I can tell...
  18. JohanK

    Just survived my first heart attack - anyone else here had one?

    Ehh... That sounds... unpleasant. According from what I remember from my introductory anatomy course, you just had a blocking in one of the main arteries supplying the heart with blood. That could get really bad, as it would affect a very large portion of the heart. Which means that you must...
  19. JohanK

    sound quality vs music poll

    Picked 64 Kbps. I don't listen to pop music, and hence I want to hear the instruments. I am almost oblivious to the lyrics themselves, but rather listen to the voice as a part that together with the rest of the instruments form a whole. I have to read (and do that if I am intrested in them) the...
  20. JohanK

    Newbie needs help with EQ settings E500

    I am not certain of what your beef with the soubd is, but if its dark/dull, you could try the clear tips. On my E5c:s, using the triflange is like asking for a very muddy sound. Switching to the clear tips tigthens up the bass considerably, together with bringing out the mids and highs. This...
  21. JohanK

    Has Prolonged Headphone Use Negatively Affected Your HEARING?

    Not really, and I strongly suspect that it won't hurt much either as I am really sensitive to loud noises. I can't go to a concert, or some other place where they play loud music, without ear plugs. Heck, I once found myself standing some 15-20 meters away from the speakers and began to feel...
  22. JohanK

    Semi-Poll: What's your job?

    Currently my primary occupation is medical school. 1 year done, 4,5 to go... I didn't work this summer, but will do it next year, I might find some minor small things to do during the terms as well. It is not like I felt particularily challenged last year, heck, as usual in school I rather...
  23. JohanK


    I bought some headphones from him. I got a reply to my PMs quickly, the phones arrived in good condition and he overall seemed to be a nice guy to do business with. I would certainly not hesitate to buy from him again if I found out that he was sellingsomething that I was interested in.
  24. JohanK

    College Students: Portable or Dedicated Rig?

    Of course the true head-fi answer is get both. If one really has to make a choice between the two, it will depend on how you spend your time and the location. For example, I have been using my portable rig as my home rig during the majority of the summer. I can't really move around the home rig...