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  1. braker218

    FS: Grado RS-2

    Well I've got a credit card to pay off, so I need to sell my RS-2's. They are in great condition, and I am the first owner. I really haven't used them all that much, and they are kept in a nice storage box (sorry, the box isn't for sale). Anyways, shoot me some offers and I'll decide...
  2. braker218

    What portable amp for $250-300

    Hey all, I am looking for a portable amp to use for BOTH portable and home use, and am looking to spend no more than $300. It will be used for my UE-5c's and Grado RS-2's. I have looked at the Tomahawk, Xenos 1HA-EPC, Supermicro IV, and so on and am not sure what to get. I have heard that...
  3. braker218


    For sale is a 10 day old pair of AKG K81DJ's. They are in perfect conditions and will come with everything that came in the package (1/8 to 1/4 adapter, pleather case). The reason for selling is that they are just too tight on my head (I wear a size 8 hat, so needless to say I have a rather...
  4. braker218

    Just got back from Ultimate Ears

    So, I had previously decided to get some custom IEM's, and was just going to get impressions done and send them in. But I found out that the Ultimate Ears office is in Irvine which isn't very far from where I am in Los Angeles, so I thought it would be better to go down and actually try the...
  5. braker218

    FS: Mapletree Audio Ear+ HD

    Up for interest check is my MAD Ear amp. I have only had this amp for about a week, and the owner before me had it for only 4 weeks (I am the second owner). So the amp is only about 5-6 weeks old. This thing sounds amazing, especially with my Grado's, but I think I am going to get some custom...
  6. braker218

    Going to my first purely computer setup, have some questions.

    So I have to decided to go to a computer based system for the first time, as it just seems so much easier and centralized. Anyways, I have looking at various soundcard options and am kind of lost. The main cards I have been looking at are the E-MU 1212M, 0404 PCI or USB, and the ESI Juli@. I...
  7. braker218

    WTB: Mapletree Ear+ Purist HD or Singlepower PPX3

    I am looking to buy either one of the amps (preferably the Mapletree, but either would do). Amp must be in very good condition, so if you have one of these amps you would be willing to part with, send me a PM with what you would like to get for it. For the Singlepower I would consider the...
  8. braker218

    Amp for K340/RS-2

    Well, I'm pretty sure I am going to give the K340 another shot, and this time I plan on driving them better than I was before. Currently I have a millet hybrid, which I know will not drive the AKG's, so it will be leaving me soon and I need to find an amp to replace it that drives the AKG's, but...
  9. braker218

    Anybody tried the AKG K271S cable from headphile?

    I am pretty sure I am going to be getting this headphone and then uprgrading the cable. What I was wondering is if anybody has got the headphile offering for their replacement cable? I am trying to decide between this and the Zu Mobius, which I heard is very good. The headphile offering is...
  10. braker218

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT770/80

    I have some DT770's that I have decided to sell. The reason for this? Well, I liked them so much I am going to get some Darth Beyers. Anyways, they are in perfect condition, used 20 hours at the most. Comes with the box and the screw on 1/4 inch adapter it came with. I am looking to get about...
  11. braker218

    WTB: Audio Technica W100

    Please delete thread, have decided to go in a different direction. (Please see new WTB thread) Thank you, and thanks for the PM JPopfan sorry for the waste of space
  12. braker218

    CDP w/ DAC or w/o?

    Ok, here is my present situation: I am in need of a new source and I am on a budget of around $350. I have had two thoughts of what I should do and I am seeking feedback on what would be the best option for me. Option 1: Buy a NAD 521BEE and be done with it and not use a DAC. Option 2...
  13. braker218

    WTB: Alessandro MS-2i

  14. braker218

    What headphone/amp would you get?

    So I have been looking for the perfect system for my situation and I would like to hear what you would do if you were me. So, what I am looking for. First, I have about $700 to spend on a headphone/amp combo. The music I listen to is mostly classic rock, with a little acoustic rock and...
  15. braker218

    Amp for AKG K340

    So I am about to purchase a K340, and have a couple questions about which amp I should get. I have heard that these are very hard to drive, so this is why I am a little concerned. Currently I have a milliet hybrid on the way. Would this be a good fit for the K340? I could sell the hybrid, and...
  16. braker218

    tube amp < $300?

    I am looking for a tube amp for under 300 bucks, but I am not quite sure which one to go for. This will be driving a W100, so the amp must be able to drive low impedance cans. Write now I am looking at a Morgan Jones amp, because I have heard the Earmax Pro is awesome for the W100, and the...
  17. braker218

    FS: Gilmore Lite

    I have decided to move on to tube amps, so I will be selling my Gilmore Lite. I actually just bought this about a month ago, mainly because I heard of its synergy with Grado's, but now I decided to sell the Grado's, and with my desire for tube amps, this is being sold. Cosmetically it is in...
  18. braker218

    W1000 vs. W100

    I am looking at purchasing either one of these headphones, but I have a question first. Which of the two, W1000 or W100, would be better suited for rock? I have tried searching, but don't really get the answer I am looking for, so this thread had to be started. Thanks for any input.
  19. braker218

    FS: Grado SR-225

    So, I have decided to sell my beloved SR-225's. I have had these for about a year now, and they are in basically perfect condition. One of the rubber stops is missing, but it does not cause it to fall off. The fit is tight enough where it does not effect anything at all really. The only other...
  20. braker218

    WTB: Audio Technica W10VTG or W11JPN

    I know this could be a long shot, but what the hell. Would prefer the W10VTG, but would seriously consider buying the JPN as well if the opportunity came around. PM me if you have any of the headphones that you might be willing to let go and hopefully we can work something out.
  21. braker218

    Closed headphone for rock shootout.

    What is the best closed heaphone for rock? Simple question
  22. braker218

    Samsung DVD-HD950 any good?

    I am looking at budget CDP's and am looking at this model. Does anybody know if it is any good? I am also looking at the Sony CE595. How does this unit compare?
  23. braker218

    Interconnect recommendations

    What, in your opinion, is the best mini to RCA IC that I could get for under about $30? (links would be appreciated)
  24. braker218

    FS: Go-Vibe Portable Amp

    I bought this a year ago, and have decided that I no longer need a portable amp. Comes with two opamps (OPA2227 and 4556AD(?)) with the latter one being installed in it right now. I will also include a Cardas 6 inch mini to mini (the one available at Headroom) with the amp, a $14 value. It has a...
  25. braker218

    Would a DAC help this setup?

    Currently I am running a Zen Vision:M DAP to my Gilmore Lite. My question is whether or not a DAC (such as a LiTe DAC-AH) would considerably help my setup? Basicly, would it be worth the $200 or so for the uprgrade? Or would I be better of buying a decent PCDP with a good line out (Like a...