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    Positive feedback: Long he responds quickly and accommodated my timing and location. Very nice guy. The headphones are fantastic and just as promised were BNIB. Thanks Long! You have my highest recommendation.
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    This week I bought Puming's X-Can V3. The amp was in mint condition, with absolutely no issues, just as he had promised. The amp was very well packed. He shipped it at the first opportunity and emailed a confirmation and tracking number to me right away. Nothing more to say than this was an...
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    SOLD: Meier-Audio Corda Cantate.2 Dac/Amp!

    I think some people north of the border might be interested. Just saying. Anyway, nice items.
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    FS: Sony MDR V6 with Beyerdynamic pads $55 obo

    Ooops, your mailbox is full! If they are still available, I would like to buy them. I am in Toronto, Canada and will pay extra shipping. Cheers, Christos
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    Bose and friends.

    The comfort and fold-up engineering of the Bose On-Ears is better than any commuter-class non-IEM phones I had used. Sound is, well, debatable. But the rickety subway and bus system is a great equalizer. The comfort and hyped bass were actually advantages, in that the cramped and noisy...
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    Der Wichtel

    Positive feedback: I sold my Bose Triport On-Ears for parts to Der Wichtel, a new user in Germany. He paid by paypal and I shipped CanadaPost small-packet international airmail. Unfortunately, it did not include tracking (and the service that included it was too expensive). And this was in...
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    Ignorance is Bliss (Bose OE Vs AKG K81DJ)

    I just bought a pair of K81DJs from Larryminator to replace my Bose OE in which the right channel just stopped working (look in the For Sale in the next few days...). Anyway, I agree 100% with your assessment. I used both as headphones for the subway/metro and I can add that the K81's provide...
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    The non-musical, very neutral studio headphones

    Have you tried the AT M40fs? Also, I liked what I heard recently out of the Roland RH-300 and RH-200; both seemed pretty "neutral". The 300 was nicely built and more comfortable than the 200s.
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    Recommendation Needed for Closed, Detailed Oriented Cans

    Are you looking for studio-monitoring-stye detail? If so, the Sony 7506 are industry standard (V6 is consumer equivalent), though I don't they're quite non-fatiguing. Similar would be the ATH-M40fs. Sorry, I wish I knew the models you refered to in your original post.
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    Is There A Closed Alternative to K701?

    You might want to listen to less metal. Sorry, couldn't resist. The K271s have the basic higher end AKG sound and are closed. In addition, the headphone stretch thingy activates a switch, so that when you take off the headphones, all sound to the phones is cut off. It's a headphone meant for...
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    inexpensive portable headphones, non-IEM

    95% of people here hate them, but the Bose OE (ON EARs) collapse into a flat plain about the size of a CD and 0.75" thick. Easy to stow/comfy to wear/isolating (esp. socially...d'oh!) / non-fatiguing though def "non-reference". I've seen used ones on ebay for less than 100, and new ones around...
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    Best active noise cancelling phones??

    Excellent thread, gents!
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    Do all AKG's sound this bad

    +1 that the K27i doesn't really sound anything like their (even slightly more expensive) studio or reference headphones. Really, it's a night & day difference. The difference between, say, K701 & K601 or K240 and K271 are subtle compared to the monstrous difference the K26 and the K601.
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    Bose QuietComfort 3 AnyOne??

    The OEs I use on the subway are actually very well -- and very cleverly -- constructed. Even for the price (at an ebay price, even better).
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    Bose QuietComfort 3 AnyOne??

    Quote: Originally Posted by M0T0XGUY Actually he asked for specific reviews of the Bose QuietComfort 3, and then added that he'd be using them on an airplane. Oh you're right. Damn troll.
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    Post your great deals!

    ATH-EC7 for $20. Hey wait a minute, you don't suppose they're ... phakes? But, you know, they somehow do have the classic AT sound signature.
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    Bose QuietComfort 3 AnyOne??

    Quote: Originally Posted by M0T0XGUY No offense, but there have been so many troll attempts lately, that I definitly cannot take your thread seriously at all. I don't think he is trolling. He has asked about noise-cancelling headphones for airplane use. Sounds legit to me. For...
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    Bose QuietComfort AnyOne??

    Dudes, he just wants to use them in an airplane. When I fly I put in foam earplugs then cheap Phillips around-ears. I can hear the movie, I can basically hear music for my ipod. I can read the flight attendants' lips and then make the international motion for scotch-on-the-rocks. When the...
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    Help! Bose ae or Bose oe?

    Quote: Originally Posted by flamerz Well you guys can get it for cheaper than the prices we do if you just buy off the FS forums here. You're right about that. Unfortunately, and maybe understandably, the vast majority of the ads are CONUS only. BTW, took me a while to figure out...
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    Sonic Impact Technologies Class T Digital Amplifier

    Just got the Trends last week. I had given up on my bookshelves, Axiom M3Ti, which sound lifeless connected to a Denon HT receiver. With the Trends they have a new lease on life... suddenly they have a wide, tall, and deep soundstage. Imaging is spot-on and stable. Amazing. I thought that the...
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    Help! Bose ae or Bose oe?

    Yeah, our American cousins don't realize how good they have it. On the plus side, you have Richer Sounds and Thomann, which sometimes have excellent deals. Great memories of buying clearance hi-fi from Richer Sounds when I was living the student life in Shoreditch (when you still could afford...
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    Help! Bose ae or Bose oe?

    What's your intended use? I use the OEs for subway travel, where the infinitely better sound of my K701s would be absolutely lost. Buy a new pair of OEs on ebay for less than half price (at least in Canada) and then I'd say they're worth it for the isolation, comfort, and folding design (folds...
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    Tried the Marshmallows, cant handle the isolation, need suggestions on new portables

    From my own experience, I got used to the footfall sounds with (non-iem) isolating headphones. By that I mean, the sound was still there, only less intrusive when I noticed it. An analogy: if you wear glasses, when you buy a new pair you can't help fixating on the frame edges. With time you stop...
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    Nina's Garden, a Japanese Headphone Blog

    From the look and description, the Roland seems to be some kind of rebadged Sony 7506 or 7509. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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    How Old Are Your Oldest Cans?

    K240M I bought in 1990 to use in my "home studio", the configuration of which has changed over 30 times since then. The AKGs are the only constant, and they're still in use (although they've tajken a back seat to the K701s).