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  1. digger945

    FS: HiFace RCA like new: <<<$SOLD>>> shipped CONUS

    RCA plug output connector. Like new, all original packaging. I can find no scratches or signs that I or the previous owner used it. Tweek Geek reciept from previous owner I purchased it from on Agon for $160.51 shipped to him. Driver CD, although the latest drivers can be downloaded from...
  2. digger945

    FS: Musiland 02US like new. <( SOLD )>

      sold!!!             I've owned since the first of the year. Purchased here. I need money for other toys. It is like new and comes with everything just like a new one. I have not upgraded the firmware or software as it works perfectly for me just as it is.   I am...
  3. digger945

    FS: Shure SRH-840 $85 shipped CONUS.

    aaaand sold!(to one of the 2 interested parties )   Shure SRH-840 in pretty good shape. I got these on a trade and don't use them much. Looking for $85 shipped in the CONUS. They do not have original box or packaging and do not have owners manual. They do have the gold 1/8" to 1/4"...
  4. digger945

    Buffalo 24 kit <<<SOLD!>>>

    SOLD !!! Buffalo 24 kit. Purchased from the parts bin at Twisted Pear Audio for exactly what it says, $SOLD plus shipping. I'll take $SOLD shipped and ppal'd CONUS. It's never been used or powered up, and now it's SOLD!!!!
  5. digger945

    Wavetek 188 function generator.

    Wavetek 188 function generator. Purchased on ebay, and apparently in good working order as all waveforms look good on my Tek TDS420. I don't have any extra cables or leads for this, but it comes with the power cord attached. Looking for $OLD shipped and ppal'd CONUS.
  6. digger945

    24x Blackgate 25V 1000uF <<<SOLD!>>>

    24 pcs. Looks like they have had the leads clipped, but no signs of solder. SOLD!, shipped and ppal'd CONUS.
  7. digger945

    6H30 Aikido stuff <<<SOLD>>>

    A quick scan and total from the invoices shows about $100 in parts, including 2 individual 6.3v 3A Xicon transformers. This is mostly everything needed to build a 6H30 amp and one PS-1 high voltage power supply(minus pcb, I only have the parts) and two H-PS-1 low volt heater power supplies(I...
  8. digger945

    2x Dual Earth and 1x Dual Sun.

      All Sold !       2x Dual Earths and 1x Dual Sun<<<SUN SOLD>>>, and 2 extentions<<<ONLY ONE EXTENTION LEFT>>>. $50 shipped<<<SEE POST BELOW>>> and ppal'd CONUS for the lot. I never used them. Worldwide shipping for a spot more. No guarantees on shipping. Feedback link in my sig.
  9. digger945

    ALO Solid Silver 1/8" to RCA.(((SOLD)))

    (((SOLD))) I've used this maybe twice. Solid Silver in teflon, 19.5" long tip to tip. Looks like about 18ga wire. Purchased from here. Looking for $SOLD shipped and paypal'd CONUS. Will ship worldwide for extra shipping, but I won't refund if the package somehow dissappears somewhere...
  10. digger945


    Sold Pauly a pair of Proline 750's. Great communication and prompt payment make it easy to recommend this HF'er to anyone interested. Thanks Pauly
  11. digger945

    FS: 19J6 pair horseshoe getters.

    The last pair I have, horseshoe getters, I think one's a Raytheon and can't remember the other one. $20 shipped for the pair, regular USPS mail. Some pics from photobucket, the RCA and Crosley are sold, the other two are for sale here.
  12. digger945

    FS: Proline 750 **** SOLD ****

    **** SOLD **** Used but not abused. I've owned the 650,750,780, and 900 and these are my fav. $180 shipped USPS and Paypaled. $5 more for CC. ^^^^You get everything you see in this last pic^^^^ Box, inner box, extra pads(2, look unused), straight cable and coil cable. This...
  13. digger945

    WTB : Dynahi PCB's, Toshiba Transistors, Conrads, etc.

    If you have the parts and don't know if you will ever get around to building a Dynahi or Dynamight, gimme a holler. Toshiba 389's, 109's,1349's,etc., PCB's, Conrads, I will entertain all offers via post here, PM, or e-mail. I have put so much time and effort into my Dynahi, I have decided to...
  14. digger945

    WTB : Dynahi/mite Toshiba Dual semi's.

    I have purchased some 389's, but will still offer to buy them as a package with the others I am looking for. Below is a list of what I need yet. 2SJ109BL-found but would buy more. 2SK389BL-found but would buy more. 2SC3381BL 2SA1349BL I will entertain all offers(buy all or nothing, for...
  15. digger945


    I am glad to start tacomaster's feedback thread, kicking his illustrious Head-Fi career off with the purchase of my Predator. Bob is a super nice guy who paid right away, he knew what he wanted and his communication was fast. I really hope you enjoy your amp Bob, oh and BTW, sorry about your...
  16. digger945

    Nevermind, I should have known better.

    I really wanted a Magnum when I posted this thread, however, I have since spent way too much money aquiring other amps, HP's, IC's, LOD's, CD's, and must formerly apologise for any inconvenience, that my lack of maintenance for the thread I started, has caused the outstanding folks here at...