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  1. chesterqw

    need help with opa1612

    from TI's website, i conclude that it is a bipolar opamp. read on tangentsoft that bipolar opamps will cause high DC offset if something is not designed properly? now i am afraid of using it in my P3 or replacing the opamp in my ordnance :x is it possible to measure DC offset at the headphone...
  2. chesterqw

    Help needed with little dot II amp

    yes, little dot II, not MK. i recently purchase it second-hand and i tested it out yesterday. the whole amp was vibrating! i thought i must be high on caffeine but i check again and indeed it was vibrating! i am no expert in electronics and electrical stuff. what do you guys think is...
  3. chesterqw

    any chance of a digital pot portable amp?

    hello ibasso, any chance of you guys having an amplifier with a digital potentiometer ? or are you keeping them a secret?