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  2. zip22

    Which lossless codec uses least resources on iPod?

    My guess would be the hard drive access would be a bigger drain. ALAC files are significantly smaller so the hard drive wouldn't have to spin up as much.
  3. zip22

    Zune questions

    yeah, but it doesn't seem perfect Lost Gapless Playback After Updating to 3.1 | - Thread
  4. zip22

    dual boot - best media player for library managed on another installationl

    I am trying out the Windows 7 RC. I have my iTunes library managed through my XP installation. I was wondering what the best program to use on Windows 7 would be. I don't want to change the library at all, just monitor the music folder that iTunes uses through XP. My plan is to keep...
  5. zip22

    I've just created a NW-HD7

    5 grams is all it would take to make them equal. Code: nw-hd5 88.7 x 59.9 x 14.2 mm 135g (stock) ipod classic 103.5 x 61.8 x 10.5 mm 140g I'm not meaning to belittle your mod, just correcting a bit of the bragging. also, explain how the ipod classic would be more vulnerable to drops...
  6. zip22

    I've just created a NW-HD7

    The case is actually larger than the ipod classic - 75 cm cubed vs 67 cm cubed. also, i'm guessing the weights are very close with the addition of the adapter.
  7. zip22

    DEAL ALERT - Sansa Clip 8GB $49

    Quote: Originally Posted by roebeet The pitch on this v2 Clip is way too slow for my ears - I noticed it, right away. what do you mean by the pitch is too slow?
  8. zip22

    sos! zune headphone jack in two!

    if you can't find a jack that fits inside, you could always just extend the leads and have sort of a tail jack as a last resort.
  9. zip22

    Zune LOD

    technically, the ipod has been out 7 years 4 months and the zune 2 years 3 months.
  10. zip22

    Is the iPod Touch 3G coming anytime soon?

    1st gen: Sep 5 2007 (32GB added Feb 5 2008) 2nd gen: Sep 9 2008 iPod Touch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. zip22

    FOUND: 4GB/8GB Sansa Clip

    I sent you a PM, but I have an 8GB clip I got from walmart last week on impulse that I don't really see myself using. $52 + shipping.
  12. zip22

    Any Zune owners out there?

    release schedule so far Code: 30GB zune Nov 2006 80GB and 4GB / 8GB zunes Nov 2007 120GB and 16GB zunes Sep 2008 They could change it up, though.
  13. zip22

    About WMA lossless

    yeah, just because a player supports WMA does not mean it supports WMA lossless. as has been stated, very few players support WMA lossless
  14. zip22

    Zune might be dying soon. Be wary.

    also Microsoft shifts execs to Windows Mobile, gears up for ... something - TechFlash: Seattle's Technology News Source "Zune executive Joe Belfiore and Windows Home Server GM Charlie Kindel have shifted to the Mobile Communications Business" things are definitely shifting around at...
  15. zip22

    iPod Touch 32gb Availabilty and updated firmware question

    amazon and both have it in stock
  16. zip22

    256 MP3 vs. 256 AAC (or Which DL Service- iTunes or Amazon)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Waveblade Although AAC might have a smaller file size no, 256kbps will create the same file size no matter the format. 256 kilobits per second - so no matter the format, if its 256 kbps it will take up 256 kilobits for each second of audio...
  17. zip22

    Cowon S9 or Apple I-Pod Touch G2

    overpriced? your n810 is $360 for 2GB (not to mention twice the size & weight and 1/3rd the battery life)
  18. zip22

    Zune 120 Does it work with Mac

    after the beta expires, you won't be able to do anything with the zune unless you purchase an actual copy of windows. you should be able to still have your music (not sure why you would need to recover anything - I think you can even reverse sync the zune), but you will still be stuck in need of...
  19. zip22

    Apple Lossless conversion

    iTunes will do it as well. select the files and click Advanced > Create AAC version (This option will use whatever you have set as your input option, so you may need to change that to aac)
  20. zip22

    Does an iPod Remote exist?

    they exist, but they use the dock connector, so you may be out of luck. Ideally, you would want something like this but with the Vcap inside, right?
  21. zip22

    Sansa fuze vs clip: for jogging

    I don't know if better signal processing is that high on a priority list while jogging. The player that I would be thinking about for jogging is the new Sony W series. It'll be $70 in April. Not sure if it will fit what you're looking for, though, since it lacks FM. Quote: #...
  22. zip22

    Helpppppp.......I think I just bricked my Zune

    did you try resetting the device? hold the back button and up at the same time.
  23. zip22

    Gapless transfer

    Is the magnavox a gapless player? gapless has something to do with the codec you use, but most players will not play gapless regardless of the codec. the transfer program you use should not affect the gap.
  24. zip22

    The Zune Can't Handle A Leap Year???!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Signal2Noise Yeah, but if this had happened to an iPod you'd have to go and buy a new one. It's the way Apple works. yeah, but microsoft kills puppies. see - i can make stuff up, too.