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  1. daijobudes

    WTT Sennheiser HD800 for Airpods MAX

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in trading my HD800 with 2 cables - both by Sennhs- balanced 4pin xlr and 6,3 jack for Airpods MAX ( can be be opened no problem) Forgot to add i just changed pads to dekoni velour Pics will follow tonight
  2. daijobudes

    Hifiman HM 801 Multibit DAP w Balanced amp card and reclock custom made card + amazing vol battery

    Greetings Want to sell my hm801 - one of the old days gem of my collection . Boasts BB pcm 1704 on Board one of the best dac chips ever made, Had been modified professionally for the reduced jitter, noise , and clock, which resulted a much more clear sound, with more details, air . The...
  3. daijobudes

    WTB: Denon D2000 or D5000

    Hi i have one 4 sale check my listing
  4. daijobudes

    Shozy BG

  5. daijobudes

    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    Bout the cable, yes, hulk turnednout to be a good match, but. Im still waiting for my toxic to be fixed, silver gold one, this one made miracles on JVC
  6. daijobudes

    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    i've listened to all worth single dynamic earphones, to me 10k is just the perfect way, i guess ,as the jvc is japanese, they never scraap money for a bespoke product,unlike others , that arent japanese, (usewd to live there for 6 mopths and visited for 5) they do miracles on their anniversary...
  7. daijobudes

    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    Got the 10k's, thanx, boys these babies are amazing. The cable tho is a big problem, was thinking about brise audio top, or the crystal cable Dream smth, any advice?
  8. daijobudes

    For sale: Bel Canto DAC2

    Where from EU?
  9. daijobudes

    For sale: Bel Canto DAC2

    What is the dac chip in here and where are you actually shipping from? Regards , D
  10. daijobudes

    FS: Curious Cable Regenlink 200mm

    Hi, is it USB type B?and whats the length?
  11. daijobudes

    Sold: Closed

    Where in EU Are u Located?
  12. daijobudes

    GRADO SR-125/ sr125

    FOR SALE Is my grado Sr125 not "i" or other version, full box with papers etc I have L pads installed on this. Bought them new in 2008 and since then used max 10 times. LNIB condition. Pics will be added later) Cheers!
  13. daijobudes

    Campfire Audio Nova

  14. daijobudes

    * SOLD * Sony MDR-EX1000

  15. daijobudes

    New J.V.C "Wood" 01 and 02

    The best pairing so far is with Monster Audio HiFi ET MA9, man, it's like a juicy amazing steak with a glass of vintage wine.. Superb lively sound!
  16. daijobudes

    * SOLD * Sony MDR-EX1000

    Hey there,   This is a minty pair of EX1000 with FULL Complete package - Case, ALL tips new, docs etc,   It comes with the original cable AND great BALANCED 2,5TTRS Soft Hybrid custom cable made out of 3 different conductors - High purity copper, Silver plated copper and the another type of...