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    SOLD: Audio Technica AD900 (pics!) SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Hi there, i am selling a pair of used ad900's. They have been in a smoke and pet free environment. I owned them for about 4 months. I give them a 9/10 for condition. The reason is because when you hold up the headphones, the left wing will automatically hang down. However, when you put the...
  2. my.self

    Question about DT990

    hi there, im considering going with the 250 ohm version now that i realize i prolly wont/cant afford to get a amp/dac that will drive the 600 ohm version to potential. also, most of my music is not in super high quality flac or anything, so i thought maybe the 250 ohm version will be more...
  3. my.self

    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    hey guys, so im going to get a dt990/600 soon and im currently also going to be look for my first amp/dac to run them properly. ive got them down to 2 of them. the zero dac and musiland 02 monitor. i wanted to get ur guys's feedback on which one of these would be the best for them. ive heard...
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    DT880 or DT990? and which amp/dac for me?

    so ive decided that i wanted to "side-grade" and try different sound signatures and such. ive narrowed it down to between the dt880 and dt990 both 250ohm versions by the way. i will be using them i listen to rock/punk rock/acoustic/rap/hip hop and i will be using them...
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    Should i downgrade from my AD-900's?

    i know that may sound a little bit weird, but ever since i got my ad900's and let them burn in, the sound didnt really meet my expectations, and i paid quite a bit of money for them too so yea. i was wondering if it would be smart to downgrade my headphones (maybe ad700's or something like...
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    i never had a soundcard before, are they worth it?

    so the title says it, i never owned a soundcard and ive ALWAYS used onboard integrated audio. currently my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4. im about to purchase a pair of ad900's and so i thought why not i give this soundcard thing a try. are they really that much better than...
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    What superhero powers would YOU want/wish for?

    so the title says it, im curious to see what minds we have here and which super hero powers u guys would wish for. ill start. personally, at the moment i have two things on my mind: invisibility - just imagine the possibilities with invisibility. i can get a bunch of free stuff, punch...
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    Any way to enchance bass guitar in songs?

    hi there, i kinda doubt this is possible to do, but i play bass and im kind of a in between from beginner to intermediate and i would like to learn how to play some certain songs. its there any program out there where i can put a song file in and enhance the bass guitar? i ask this because i...
  9. my.self

    FS: Sennheiser PX100 (pics inside!)

    hi there, i have a used px100 in good condition. there are no scratches or dent or anything broken of any kind. the sound is the same as it always was. the drivers are working properly and i notice no damage in sound quality. i will include the nice and handy case, the headphones as well as the...
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    Why do people steal things? (not a rant)

    so lately, ive just been curious as to why do people intentionally steal things? i wouldnt necessarily count something u found on the ground and have no clue to who it belongs stealing. is it for them to see the other person frustrated or angered? does stealing things make them feel good? is it...
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    What percent of Head-fi do u think we are v.s other ppl...

    so yes, im curious about what percent u guys think this audio/headphone community is to other people who listen to music through their ipods/stock ear buds and etc.
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    Roller-Coaster/Theme Park - fi!

    so what are ur guy's favorite roller-coaster ride or theme park and state why there ur favorite. =)
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    SOLD: Klipsch Image X10 (w/ pics!)

    hi there, up for sale is a used (good condition) image x10. i decided to sell these because im looking for something with some more mids, not saying that these dont have any at all, its just that there not enough for me. I am going to miss the bass on these tho, truly excellent bass. There is no...
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    Help me get a new Cellphone!

    hi there, i recently got an unlimited texting plan and so i was thinking about upgrading my phone in about 2 months or so. i have AT&T btw. im pretty noob at this cellphone stuff so i dont know much. as i was looking for phones with keyboards/keypads like the blackberry's or w/e. i realized that...
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    Would you not eat for 5 days for ANY piece of audio equipment?

    alright so, i wanna see how crazy u guys would go for audio equipment. i picked 5 days because it isnt super super long, but its definitely long enough to make u suffer. i dont think u can die from not eating for 5 days. you can drink as much as u want. NO canned soups or soup in a cup or...
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    My free eartips have not arrived, AMY or klipsch rep. read this!

    hi there, i purchased my klipsch image x10 no on 11/26/08 with no problem. when i registered for my free ear tips on or...around 12/15/08 i believe. i entered everything in correctly, including shipping address and such. nothing has arrived it. amy or any other klipsch moderators read this...
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    $25 Jlab J2! on amazon!

    yea, this just cam in my email, im not sure if this is a good price nor is it really a sale for J2. all i know is that i hear about them now and then on this forum. i have no intention of buying them but, when i saw the original price and the sale price, it was a really big difference so if...
  18. my.self

    Can someone take pictures of fuze and fiio E5 together?

    the title says it. im trying to look for pictures (real ones) of the sansa fuze and fiio e5, stacked on top of each other, next to each other, compared with other things if possible (quarters, cellphone, calculator, etc). i have seen the size me up or something where its 3d with boxes of each...
  19. my.self

    whats the part number for...

    hi there! i was planning on making a DIY cable for my hd555's and i was wondering what the part number for the pins or a place where i can purchase the pins for the cable for the 555's. thanks!
  20. my.self

    prices go down this holiday season?

    hi there! this is just a general question. since the economy is going bad and all, and ppl expect this years holiday sales to not be as good as before, does that mean prices will be lower? i was thinking about buying myself a pair of IEM's around mid december or so and i thought it would be...
  21. my.self

    just a general questioon...

    hi there! this is just a general question. since the economy is going bad and all, and ppl expect this years holiday sales to not be as good as before, does that mean prices will be lower? i was thinking about buying myself a pair of IEM's around mid december or so and i thought it would be...
  22. my.self

    Who can make custom LOD?

    i have a ZVM and i was wondering who can make a custom LOD for it? i know qables has a 6 inch for 60 bucks but anyone do it shorter? and whats cryo LOD? is the sound quality on cryo's better than non-cryos? thanks!
  23. my.self


    hi there, i am in search of a IC for my zen vision M to a penguin amp im gonna order soon. i WAS thinking about the mini-mini on the practical devices website where they sell the xm4/5 for 24 bucks shipping included but then i stumbled upon meier audios's line of IC's hes the only person...
  24. my.self

    Refurbished cans need burn in or no?

    so the title says it. i recently got a pair of hd595's and im not sure if i need to burn them in or not since there refurbished. i have less than 50 hours on them for sure.
  25. my.self

    What is your FAVORITE headphone brand???

    so, the title says it all, i thought i and im sure other head-fiers would be interested too in what ur favorite headphone or earphone i guess brand is and why u chose that brand? i personally and unfortunatley have not experienced too much with headphones in my life so far. but..i guess i can...