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  1. newguru

    Essence STX + AD700's

    I would just go with the one that puts out the volume you like.  I just bought this card today and I have tried my Grado RS-2's on it and it calls for the "normal" setting based on its low impediance but I went with the high output setting (1 above) and it sounds great.
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    Interested in forum?

    What is the best forum (i.e. the head-fi of the vinyl world) for vinyl? I'm interested in reading up as much as I can before making a purchase. Thanks in advance!
  3. newguru

    No, the HD680 isn't coming soon

    Wow. Pop in here and find a nice surprise news announcement!
  4. newguru

    Westone 3 - You asked for it, we listened !

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance hmm westone 3 is most likely to be my next iem purchase When....2010?
  5. newguru

    Ipod Stolen with ER-6i

    Just replace what was stolen from you.
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    More on the infamous Westone 3 paper launch eh?
  7. newguru

    Stop the rumors: it's going to be "HD 800".

    Quote: Originally Posted by greydragon Man, I thought some new revelation about the next Sennies has been posted. Let sleeping threads lie. How is this for a revelation: the OP was full of crap...
  8. newguru

    Westone 3 universal IEM....

    Wow still not out? Talk about a classical paper launch.....
  9. newguru

    What is the best choice for Grado headphone ?

    RS-1 with mods would be my choice.
  10. newguru

    ****SOLD**** FS: RSA Hornet "M" Black

    I can get some pictures up tonight for you. It isn't that old as they haven't been making the "M" models for that long.
  11. newguru

    ****SOLD**** FS: RSA Hornet "M" Black

    ******SOLD******** Amp is in perfect condition. Comes with battery, charger, amp, box, bag, etc. all the normal goodies. Amp works perfectly as well but I'm simply not using it enough to justify keeping it. Perfect feedback here (link in my sig) so you can buy with confidence...
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    Sennheiser Launching New Products at CES!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Well, I'm in my hotel room relaxing now after a day at CES. Had a chance to stop by the Sennheiser booth. One word. Meh. THey had all the new IE's, up to IE7. THey didn't have the IE8 there. But from what they told me they are the same...
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    ***SOLD***: AKG K701's

    ****ALREADY SOLD**** Come in original packaging and box. Sound perfect. Fully burned in. Look and function excellent. No marks, scuffs, or other blemishes. Non-smoker. $210 firm. I will ship through UPS ground with signature and insurance through my office and they will be packaged...
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    IM716 for $49 on Dec 3rd,

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wid I ordered from Buy on the 3rd and still haven't got them in. Ordered mine on the 4th and still not received mine yet either.
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    IM716 for $49 on Dec 3rd,

    I just ordered myself a pair as well. I figured for the cost, it was worth taking a flier on them and trying them out!
  16. newguru

    Which Grado's are a "must-have"?

    The sweet spot from a performance to price ratio is the RS-2 IMO. You can get one used for reasonable money here and it sounds pretty good with all types of music.
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    I'm so there! Someone make sure and PM me once a date and place is setup.
  18. newguru

    AKG K701s a

    They aren't for everyone. I have never really cared for mine either. I should probably list them up for sale and get something I would like better.
  19. newguru

    Who here is waiting for a Diablo?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mogata I've been waiting over 25 months, which is much, much longer than I had to wait for a Xin. I actually don't mind the wait as much as the lack of communication from Larry. The multitude of missed "deadlines" is also a bit frustrating. That said, I am...
  20. newguru

    Singlepower extreme - so many for sale right now, why?

    Don't underestimate the fall off in the economy. I think some are just hard up for some cash right now and maybe an expensive headphone amp is a quick place to get out of debt for some?
  21. newguru

    For around (or under) $100, you'd buy...

    I wouldn't buy any of them. I would save up for a good headphone.
  22. newguru

    Single Power Mini Tube Amp in the House!

    Quote: Originally Posted by It is roughly 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/4". Take a look at the first post. There is a pic of it sitting next to a Micro DAC and an iRiver H140. Happy Listening! Whats the dimensions of the base with the powerpack in it though?
  23. newguru

    Single Power Mini Tube Amp in the House!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover This is not a portable but a transportable amp from my understanding. Even the battery power supply will be for home use. Maybe I'm misunderstanding which niche this amp is supposed to be filling then? How would this be any more...
  24. newguru

    Doge 6210 - another great headphone amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover He loves the amp. He is one of the reasons I wanted to try the 6210, plus I have always liked EL84's. This head-fier with the amp is well known to all of you. I have not stated who he is because I want to be sure he doesnt mind. I could understand...